Monday, October 27, 2014

Email home October 27, 2014

It's been a good week!! We had a great time!!! I am glad you are all doing good!!!! I'm so proud of Will!! Like I can't even begin to to explain!!!!!!!!!!!! How is Brianne doing???? I'm proud of her as well!! She is awesome!! Love you all so much!!! But yeah we had 2 investigators at church this week!! It was awesome!! Can you believe it!! I was pumped!!!!!!!!! Any who we taught a lot this week as well!! I got the packages too and I LOVED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! They made my life!! I was having a tough time and they really made my life!! Although I'm trying to go on a diet and its making it tough!! hahahaha but thank you!! Just so you know I wrote you today!! And I sent a letter for Mariah!! So if you could deliver that that would be great!! How is Oregon doing!!???? No one told me this week!! I was so mad!! hahaha but just let me know!!! Also can you send me a flip book of pictures of family and friends?! Having and ipad is great!! I love it ! I have most of the Mormon messages!! I have a Family Home Evening for you guys!! Watch "A testimony of the Book of Mormon", it should be by Elder Holland!! It's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it!! Like how it is the keystone of our religion, how it has impacted your life, Etc. How did the young woman lesson go?? If you need any ideas email me!! I got you!! Any who I love you all!! Expect a letter soon!! The work is amazing!! We have like 6 Gators Right now!! (His nickname for investigators) They are all awesome!! One has a date for baptism!! I'm so excited!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!! GOD LIVES SO DOES HIS SON JESUS CHRIST!!! THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE, AND THROUGH THIS GOSPEL WE CAN LIVE WITH OUR FAMILIES AND HEAVENLY FATHER FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is the truth!! Never ever forget it!! I love you all!!!

 Pictures from Carter's adventure at "Wild Florida"!

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