Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Email home December 15th

Yes 10 days away! I'm excited to skype! We will finalize plans Monday for when we are gonna do it! And we probably can't do morning because we need wifi! So I will probably Skype you latter in the
day! But I'm not sure cause I'm getting transferred! Which makes it tough to say! But we'll see what happens! Also I'm training my new companion! Well he's been here for 6 weeks, but I'm finishing his training! So that is exciting! But I'm super nervous! Anywho it's exciting! Everyone is saying I'm on my way to AP..... but I don't know! That's a ways away! Also I got the package! I loved it! There was some great stuff in there! It's funny though cause I'm packing it all up to move! Hahaha It's a weird feeling to move! I don't know who my companion is gonna be and I'm probably not gonna know too
many people in my new area! But lucky the Lord will help me! I'M SO GLAD MARIOTA WON THE HEISMAN!!!!!! He has deserved that award from the beginning!!!! He's such a good player! That's good that he sounded good in his speech! He's a great guy!! If there is a commemorative shirt..... That would be great.... Hahahaha I hope they win the title! They are da best!! Who is Utah playing???? I bet they win! That's cool your having a party for the Utah bowl! I'm excited for ya'll!!!!! So I had a good week! I got a fire stick! Here's the story behind that! In my area there is world class fire knife dancers. Like world champs! They are polys that do that fire dancing!!! They gave me a practice stick, and I'm getting good!! It's gonna be dope! Hahaha and I have to leave the family I have been teaching, but it's okay! Elder Bagshaw will take good care of them I'm sure! I love you guys and can't wait to skype soon! It's gonna be great! Thank you for the packages! They make me super happy! Tell the Dewitt's that I loved the package and it made my day! I love all you guys so much! Thank you and talk to you soon!!
Much Love,
Elder Crismon

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Email home December 8th

Yeah so I'm not gonna get the package from you until the 19th cause that's when they are handing out all the Christmas stuff! Although I got the package from Grandma and Grandpa Boo, and Heather and such! I loved it! I'm not gonna open the stuff until Christmas! Don't worry! And also I got a kettle ball, not sure from who, and if I was supposed to open it!! I'm super thankful though! Love it!! 

Our song was great! We killed it! We harmonized and everything! Apparently I have a good voice! I don't know what's up with that!! Glad you liked the card! I thought it was funny! But yeah! This is been a good week! We worked hard! Second week of biking! Gotta love it! Hey I can almost ride with no hands! Also we get the car this week! So pumped! Thank you for those quotes! They make me happy!! I love Elder Uchtdorf! It's pretty freaking awesome!! 

I have a hunch that we aren't gonna be companions come Tuesday!! But I'm okay with that!! Bishop is a great guy!! I'm glad he likes his card!! I'm working hard and I can feel Christs love for me!! It just keeps growing! 

Elder Pyle saw an alligator! 

So guess what? One of our investigators is from Haiti, and her Ex's mother is in to voo-doo. That stuff is nuts, and it is real. We had to call our mission president to see what to do! But we think we will be okay! Just pray for me if I get into a "sticky" situation!! Love you guys!!! Y'all are the best!!! We need to get our Skype plan- See you in 18 days, not like anyone is counting!!;)


Christmas Card 2014

We received this Christmas card on December 6th and were SO EXCITED!! We loved it! Merry Christmas to you ALL from Orlando Florida!

Tracting and Singing

 This is a photo that a family sent us in a text! It's a family that has committed to baptism that they found while tracting door to door! What a wonderful blessing!
This is a picture that was text to us at his Ward Christmas party! Apparently he SANG a Christmas song! :)

Letter home December 5, 2014

Mom & Dad,
             How are you all doing? I bet your doing good! I know all I've really said about missionary work has been good! But I must tell you this is HARD! I have never felt so lonely, disconnected and sad in a while. Now I am not depressed or thinking about coming come! This is just hard! Every week my list of peeps who email me gets smaller and smaller. It was only 7 this week, pretty rough. Also I miss football and normal music! Goodness! I already hear songs I do not recognize! It's crazy! Now I love it out here and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else it's just tough out here! So pray for me I guess!Pray that I get a good companion these next transfers! Haha! Any who I love you guys! Keep praying! Never stop! The Lord provides! He has for me! I love you both so much! Tell the whole family I love them!

Elder Crismon

PS- Pray for someone you can share the gospel with- that stuff works! Haha

Monday, December 1, 2014

Email home on December 1, 2014

Hey mommy!! The family that called you on Thanksgiving was the family we are teaching!! They are awesome! They are gonna get baptized on January 17th!! So that is pretty exciting!! I'm glad you all had a good time on Thanksgiving! We had fun as well!! I loved those pictures!! They made my day!! We biked this whole week, which was tough!!! We just about died a couple of times!! Did I tell you that I broke my pedals? I also stripped the thing that the pedals are attached to!! The guy at the bike shop said I'm too strong!! hahaha It was pretty funny!!! We probably biked 100 miles this week!! Did I tell you that we are singing on Saturday too!! We are singing "Angels we have heard on high"!! It's gonna be great!! We are doing it for the Christmas party!!! Send me a video of you guys singing!! Good for Will!! I knew he would be good at driving stick shift in the car!! Is he gonna get his license right when he turns 16!? So guess what I watched last night??? The Father Tanner story!! So crazy!! I love that video!! Can you believe that the prophet of the dispensation of the fullness of times made that promise to our ancestor!!! Like that is a promise to us!!! So awesome!!! Any who!! I love you guys!! That's awesome grandma put up that picture of me at Thanksgiving BTW!! I was there- just in spirit!!! hahaha I LIKE TURTLES!!!!!! Talk to you later!!! Love you guys!!!!

I forgot to tell you that we had a tornado warning!! So crazy!!! It freaking rained so hard this week!! We got caught in it like several times!!!! hahahaha We got soaked!! At the top of my phone it says IMMANENT THREAT hahahaha pretty funny!! But it was kinda scary!!!!

Much Love,
Elder Carter Crismon

Letter home on November 29, 2014

Dear Family,
       I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Y'all are the best! So missionary life is good, it's tough but good! We are having tons of fun out here! I don't have much time but I will tell you that I love you all so much! My 3 month mark is roughly one week away! Can you believe that?! CRA CRA! I love you all! Remember to hold to the rod! CLING TO IT! The Lord will bless you!

Much love,
Elder Crismon

PS- How is everyone doing back home?...........TURTLES! :)

Another wonderful surprise!!!

On Thanksgiving Day while sitting at the table eating dinner Chan's cell phone rang with a number we didn't recognize and it was from Orlando, Florida! On the other end of the phone was a sweet woman and her and her family had just hosted Carter and his companion for Thanksgiving dinner! She told me he had a great time and that they enjoyed so much having them in their home! It was unbelievably kind of her to call and let me know he was okay and had a great day! Then she sent a text with this photo and said what a great kid he is! Made my day! I couldn't have received anything better! What a great gift! And what thoughtful people! We are feeling VERY blessed! :)