Monday, October 26, 2015

weekly Update 10/26/2015

Dear Family and Friends,

                    Well what an eventful week. A tough one but eventful. Once again Elder Egan and I went hard in the paint! We taught a lot of people, found some solid people to teach, and got
people to church! So we were pleased with our efforts there. It's been a particularly hard week for me for one reason. Last Monday while playing basketball I Jacked up my knee... LOL. Nothing to bad so don't freak out Mom, but just enough to be annoying. I guess luckily I know how to take of of that stuff. So it's getting better and better. Now I'm almost back to full strength. Just throughout last week it was annoying, and I couldn't go full speed. Which REALLY sucks. But I didn't let it hold me back #Savage and we still just freaking killed it.

                  Well I guess one of the cool things that happened this week was we had MLC or Mission Leadership Council. It was weird because the whole time I was sitting next to Elder Johnson, who is my best buddy. It was also his Year Mark! #Congratstohim #HUMPDAY It's just funny to think we've both made it this far. And now we're both in leadership, just leading the mission! Who would have thunk it!? It was a good meeting. The spirit was felt as four missionaries bore their testimonies of the Gospel. One of them, Elder Stewart's Was really good. He was my first district leader, and really the first friend I made out here. I'm really gonna miss him when he goes! The meeting
focused on how we can help our missionaries move forward. Good discussion was made, and plans where set! Now hopefully we can just get this mission going! I love MLC because you get to see all of your mission buddies in one spot basically. Like got to hang wit my boi Elder Doman as well!

                  Alright Miralce time, so on Thursday Just Before a dinner with some less active members. Elder Egan and I where doing some finding. Our teaching pool had been decreasing for the last
couple of days. So the first door we try a dude from Brazil answers and his roommate! Well next thing yah know and we are teaching and testifying on the spot! They both gladly accept the invitation to come to church. Only one of them said he'd be out of town. So we told them we'd come back two days later. So we text them two days later to make sure we are good. And apparently we had the wrong number cause the dude on the other end was telling us he worships Satan... So that was
Creepy... Anyways we go over there anyways! and they were there and waiting for us! Wahooo! Taught them again. Then the next day the roommate named Jose came to church!!! #Miracles. So now we are starting to find solid people to teach! Finally. I would ask that you all keep praying that my companion and I keep finding them!

                 Funny story time, so the other day we went to a driving range with some members for a couple minutes before a lesson. He wanted to show us his new golf club he got at 2 dollars... Hahaha
so we went there and he was giving us try's at it! I need to practice more... Haha but on my last attempt I was feeling pretty good. I really put some power into it and the head popped off the driver....
It actually flew farther then the ball did!! Hahaha they weren't mad at all which is good! But it was freaking hilarious! Now they all me the club killer.... #Golfordiedude

                 Went on two Exchanges this week! One with Elder Hoskin, one of my old companions! And one with a guy named Elder Chidester. Probably one of the best guys I've ever met! He's from Lone Peak, he went to Lone peak High in Utah. We are a lot a like, and he plans on going to Utah State. Which is where I plan on going, or at least for now. We had so much fun! We both love the same kinda music, and we had a ball just going hard in missionary work! We also had lunch with Grandpa that day. Grandpa is nuts, but I absolutely love him! He's one of the best guys I've ever met! He really takes care of the elders here in Daytona. The only thing is he's a little vulgar and he's just crazy. Anyways Elder Chidester and I went hard in the paint. Then we decided that our Zone Mascot is Kanye West. Hahaha Anyways, thanks to the hard work we put in 4 people came to church for us. So that was great.

               Well that was my week in a nut shell. It was tough for a couple of reasons, but like I said last week, it's not meant to be easy it's meant to require something of our souls as missionaries.
I'm just grateful for the chance I have to serve. It's awesome. It scares me to think I have only about 10 months left. Time is flying, and I'm starting to feel I don't have enough. Out of all the resources
in this world time is the most precious. It's something we'll never get back. The cool part is I've learned more and grown more from my time here then I could have anywhere else! Well I hope you all have an amazing week. Thank you for all of your support. I hope to hear from some of you who I haven't heard from for a little bit! That would be nice! Hana shout out to my mommy for always emailing me! I've noticed that sometimes other missionaries Moms for get to email, but not
Andee!! WAHOOOOOO!! Have an amazing week!!!! LOVES!

Love, Elder Crismon

 "Grandpa" in some Halloween get up!
 Carter and Jaden! (Elder Johnson)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekly Update 10/19/2015


Dear family and friends,

                      What a week!!! Another one that I can proudly look back upon and say that I did everything I could to make it great. Key indicator wise this is probably one of, if not thee best week I've ever had in my mission! Something that I can truly be proud of. The high point this week was yesterday, WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!!! How amazing is that! I'll go into more details about that glorious experience a little later on. Our zone killed it as well. They taught the most since I've been here in Deland! Our zone is just moving forward. Which is what we love! Now we just have to establish this as a standard here in this zone. So WAHOOOOOO!!! As for now I'll go through some of the cool things that happened this week!

                       As A zone leader we get to go on a lot of exchanges. That just means I get to switch comps for a day and go to a different area. It's a good learning experience for both of the
missionaries! This week I went on two. The first one I went on is with a great elder named Elder Lindsay! He is a Spanish missionary, and he came to Daytona with me! While Elder Egan and Elder Harrison stayed in Spanish work for the Day! It was a great time! Elder Lindsay has been out six more weeks then I have, so I got to learn from him a little! It was a good time! Then on Saturday I got to go on an exchange with a guy named Elder Chugg. He's only in his 8th week of the mission, so
that was fun to help him! I even learned from Chugg a little bit. It's cool how the Lord sets it up! Both sides learn from the exchange, even if I'm a zone leader and he's a trainee! Something I'm pretty pumped about, cause I still have lots to learn!

                      So this week in Daytona was Biketoberfest.... It was absolutely nuts! Seriously thousands of bikers came flooding into the area from all over the country. The traffic was horrible around Main Street too. It kinda sucks though because all these bikers just come in and basically get drunk for a couple of days- like a mobile Babylon! Haha!!! Elder Egan said at one point, "I bet there is a lot of sin going down right now..." Haha!! Sad but true! We were informed that it would
be best for us to stay away from all that mess. So we did. Nothing to crazy to report! Although a week ago Elder Egan and I did teach a drunk woman. A member referred us over there saying that she was a member. Which she is, but apparently is going through some hard times.
When we got there she was three sheets to the wind.... Haha! But we talked for a little and shared a scripture! I'm not sure she'll even remember. I just thought it was interesting that she was drunk on a
Monday night! Haha oh well, we'll just pray for her!

                    So yesterday was a great day!! Our investigator Brandi got baptized!!!!!
WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what an amazing day! It was kinda stressful leading up to it, but it all worked out in the end. The baptism service outline was put together my the ward. So it was kinda frustrating because it got done at the last second. If we were able to do it, it would have gotten done a little faster and all would be well. But hey it worked out! My favorite part about a baptism is the spirit you feel during one. It is unmistakable, I absolutely love it! It makes all the hard work and dedication pay off. Brandi was
super happy because she had waited over year to be able be baptized, due to certain circumstances that prevented her from it! But now that she was in Florida she could!!! WAHOO!! I'm very grateful that as a missionary you get a front row seat to watching people's lives change forever. Nothing is more rewarding, and fulfilling!

                     Well that was my week! Really other than the baptism that took place yesterday, nothing too crazy to report. So I guess this will be a smaller one. My companion And I are doing amazing, I love Elder Egan. Just a humble guy who works hard. Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing week this coming week! I'll be praying for you all. Elder Holland said something I think is very true, "As
missionaries we are proud to say we are disciples of Jesus Christ and we are, but mark my words you must be prepared to walk something of the path he walked, to feel something, a little of the pain he felt." I really feel that line is true! I mean I've felt sorrow on my mission more so than I've felt so far in my Life. But I can proudly say that I now know that this church is true, and that Jesus Christ did in fact feel my pain and my sorrows. Because he has helped me, and lifted me to places I never before thought was possible. This Church is true and I will proudly Declare it! Wahooooo!!! Loves!!!

Love, Elder Carter Crismon
             A.K.A.- Donkey Brolic

 Carter with Brandi and Elder Egan at the baptism!
 Daytona Beach from a balcony they were at recently.
 This is true Carter form! LOVE IT! haha!
 Enjoying a burrito I am guessing! I requested more pics so I'll take what I can get! Haha!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Weekly Update 10/12/2015

WEEKLY UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      Well what a crazy week! Just another normal one here in Daytona! Couple changes though! I have a new companion! His name is Elder Egan! He is from Pocatello Idaho! He's been out on his mission for about 9 months. Here's the crazy part, I've only been a zone leader for 1 transfer. Elder Doman trained me on how to do it! Now Elder Egan is a brand new zone leader! I have to train him! It's not hard, but it's just hard to believe that President would trust me with a new one right off the bat! So I'm kind of leading it out here in the Deland Zone and I love it! This week was our First ZTM as well and the crazy part is neither of us have ever ran one before! I'll talk about that more a little later! A great week though full of fun miracles here in Daytona, Florida!!! Wahoooooooo!

                     So I guess first I'll talk about our ZTM (Zone Training Meeting). It was crazy because I've never had to run one before and here I am, all of the sudden the senior companion, planning
one! Kinda scary! Luckily Elder Doman and I already had a pretty good idea of what needed to be said! So Elder Egan and I just went to work and planned it officially. Another funny thing is the night before the AP's called saying "Hey guys, we just realized you have never planned a ZTM! Haha We were wondering if you had any questions?" We didn't, but we were pumped! We killed it! It was a great ZTM! We just helped missionaries learn how to find people to teach, apply it, and gave
them motivation to do it! It was great! The training I gave was the very last one. It was the motivation part! It was entitled "Fear God, Not Man" apparently it was great! One of the STL's said it was a tear
Jerker! Haha it was great though! I'm grateful I did so well! It was the best training I've given so far!!

                      So funny story of the week! We went to help one of Grandpas friends install a computer, and do some other things. Grandpa is crazy as you all know! He's an 85 year old man, and knows he can get away with anything pretty much. So after the person we helped decided to take us to Texas Roadhouse! Now I'm not gonna complain about that, everyone loves that place and so so I! So as at most Texas roadhouses there are cute waitresses, and we had one. She was very nice and doing a good job. Now grandpa being the way he is just couldn't leave her alone with out messing with her a bit. So he ordered a grilled chicken salad. He expected it to be like chicken salad that
you put on a sandwich, well it wasn't! So he said something to the waitress. She felt bad and asked what she could do to make it better. And grandpa says "You could sit on my lap" LOL!!!! We all died!!!! That was the last thing we were expecting out of his mouth! Luckily she was laughing too, because he's 85. She offered him a hug, and he took it!! Hahaha freaking hilarious!!!

                       We had a great week here in Daytona. Lots of cool little miracles. I want to thank all of those who prayed for me! It truly was felt. I feel that Heavenly Father just blesses me more
than I ever deserve! All of you that prayed for me and my companion this week really helped so thank you! This next week will be a tough one, we are gonna have a lot of real heart to hearts with our investigators. No one is progressing, it sucks real bad!! Hopefully some people decide to make some changes in their lives!! People please don't be stubborn, just let God work his magic and make you who he needs you to be. Crazy miracle. So on Friday night we got a call from a guy named Bill in Utah! His less active sister was in the ICU of the Daytona Hospital and things were not looking good. So we went straight way to go and give her a blessing. She was visiting for Biketoberfest.... Haha Her non-Mormon boyfriend was there as well! Great guy named James. I guess before we got there she had been talking to her Dad, who had been dead for 5 years. So they were very
scared. We gave her a blessing and I was the one who said it. I guess right after we left, the doctors came in and told them that the problem had started to stop, and that she would make it!! #Priesthoodpower Probably one of the coolest experiences of my mission. The spirit was strong and you can't stand in a situation like that and say there is no God.

                     Well in closing a HUGE miracle!!! So this a couple of weeks ago Elder Doman and I were supposed to have a baptism. Her name was Brandi, but before she had to go to New York for a killer job opportunity. Well as it turns out she couldn't leave, unknown to us, and then she got pneumonia! Well two weeks later we finally called her, cause we hadn't heard anything! She told us that she was staying a while longer and would actually return to Daytona after a month in New York!!!! So SHE'S GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!! We are so very excited and it's a huge miracle. We are so very pumped, so please Pray for Brandi and us as we approach the day. They call the last week before the baptism the Red Zone!!!
Well thank you for all the love and support! Shout out to iPod!!📱

Love, Elder Crismon

We received this picture along with the following text last Saturday before his weekly email:

"These two just gave my sister the most beautiful blessing. Thank u" 
 What a wonderful blessing to US to hear him tell the story and to receive a thank you from the family he served! So blessed! :)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Weekly Update 10/05/2015

Weekly UpDaTe

 Well this week has officially been an emotional roller coaster. With lots of ups and triumphs to some of the saddest moments on my mission. To start this week was MLC and or Mission Leadership Council of which I'm now a part of. I'll expound more on that later! It was also super depressing cause on Saturday Elder Doman and I found out that we will no longer be companions. That
he's getting transferred! Talk about depressing. I truly feel like I've found my long lost brother. We were pretty sad. So I guess I'll just go into my week!!!

                           So I guess I'll start with MLC. The Mission Leadership Council is dope. It's like that popular group in high school almost! Lol. It's comprised of all of the zone leaders, the sister training leaders, the assistants, and president Berry! So there was about 25 people there. It was way fun! We sat and discussed things that would help the mission progress forward. I also loved it because
most of my closest friends I've made in the mission field are a part of the MLC. Elder Johnson is a part of it as well! So that was cool to see him! Elder Doman and I had a very good time and took a lot away from the meeting! Now this coming week we get to take what we learned and teach it to our zones in Zone Training Meeting! That's this coming week! I'm super pumped for that! Elder Doman said its the closest thing to game day! Haha I'm excited to help lead my zone by training and motivating them! I'm most likely going to give basically a pump up speech and act like a coach! To really motivate these elders and sisters to get things moving!

                            So cool miracle for the week! We have been meeting with this guy named Brother Spurlin.  He's a less active that I've mentioned before. We met with him a couple of times this past
week. With it being general conference we were hopeful for him to be able to make it! As we prayed that he would make it he committed to come to the priesthood session of conference on Saturday night. Elder Doman and I waited anxiously for our Friend to arrive! And finally he did! He actually got there 10 minutes early and we were able to talk with him for a while! He enjoyed his time at the priesthood session! It was a very cool miracle that we were able to witness! Another cool miracle happened as well. Some of you may remember a woman named Brandi who we used to teach. She was supposed to be baptized but had to move due to job opportunities. Well turns out she didn't move and this week we got in contact with her!!! We are now going to start teaching her again, and she wants to be baptized in this ward!!!! WAHOOOOOOOO so hopefully that means a baptism coming in the next two weeks!!!!

                          So as I mentioned before Elder Doman will be leaving Daytona come Tuesday. It's been an amazing six weeks that truly feels like it's been cut short. Not once did we fight, or argue!
He's become one of my best friends! Being a zone leader with him has truly been a pleasure! I'm grateful for the chance I've had to serve with him! It's been the opportunity of a lifetime! It's gonna be kinda crazy this coming Tuesday cause I'll get another compadre! Who knows who it will be! I'm pretty nervous though cause it could be a new guy! I'm not only taking over an area, now I'm pretty much taking over the zone. Well at least for the first week or so. Kinda scary, but kinda fun! It's gonna be a great learning experience!! WAHOOOOO!!

                          Well I also hope everyone enjoyed conference. I sure did!! It was a good one and an exciting one! Especially with three new apostles called! I learned a lot from watching! I just want to bare my personal testimony of the savior Jesus Christ. He lives, I know he does. He stands at the right hand of the father and is an advocate in our behalf! He loves us to the bitter end, and sustains us when we feel all else has failed! As a missionary sometimes I feel completely inadequate for this work At which I'm attempting to accomplish, but the nice thing is that this is his work. That means that it will get done, and that he will qualify me to do it! As I watched conference it was reconfirmed to me that this is the only True and Living Church upon the Face of the Earth! I say it boldly because it's true. I mean just think of it for one second! With all the rules and regulations of a missionary you'd think I'd be miserable, but I'm not! I have this gospel to thank for it! I hope everyone has an absolutely amazing week! I'll be praying for you all! Hopefully I hear form some of you as well!!! Wahoooooooooo

Elder Crismon