Monday, November 17, 2014

Email home November 10, 2014

now that we all know who the best team is!! In the pac-12...... All that
matters is the outcome at the end! And it was a blow-out! Hahaha
Oregon goin' all the way!! Hahahaha! Any who I love you guys!! Tanner
told me that it was close until the 4th quarter then Mariota just went
off.... Any who sorry, but I knew it all along!! Who all went to the
game? But Utah is in the top 25!! That's good!! This has
been a good week! I'm going to mail you details of the week! So I'm sure
you got a letter in the mail about Christmas gifts, and I'm sure you
want to know what I would like!! Well here is a list to EVERYONE, who
would like to send me something (that's because I don't want to send it
to multiple peeps, so just share it with anyone that wants it) all I
would like is......... :#1 a sick Oregon shirt, #2 some sick ties, and
#3 anything else y'all can think of cause that's all I can think of!
Hahaha! Any who! Just some office stuff would be good! Anyways I love
you guys!! Tell Will good luck for me on his job interview!! I'm sure he'll kill it!! And
I'm glad Brianne liked that stuff!! Anyways! I'll be sending you all a letter this week so be ready!! LOVE U GUYS!!!!!

(FYI- if anyone reading this blog wants to send Carter something for Christmas it has been requested that it arrive at the mission home no later than December 8th! THANKS!)

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