Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekly Update 8/31/2015


             Another week down. It's crazy just how fast time is flying by. Well for those of you who haven't found out I got transferred from my old area in Buena Vista. I also got called up to be a zone leader. Which is a very cool opportunity!! How exciting, but also nerve racking! So my new area is.... DAYTONA BEACH!!!! WAHOOOOOOOO!! Within my area is the Daytona speedway, and the beach. My new companion is Elder Brock Doman. He actually was supposed to go to Alta, but he and his family moved down to St. George! Well nevertheless we are already best buds! We've stayed up every night we've been together till like 1 talking about life! We are a lot alike in a good way. It's a serious blessing! I've been waiting for this day to have one of those companions that you just love. He's gonna go play football at Dixie State when he's done with the mish! He thinks I should go down there and walk on and play as well! But I'll pray about it! ;)

             So one of the most famous men in the mission is a guy named Grandpa. He is 85 and still kicking. There is actually a missionary song about this guy! He's crazy, but we love him! We actually have permission from President Berry to eat with him more than twice a month. He actually calls us every morning asking us if we are getting fed! Haha He has fed us three times, and bought us ties twice I've been here! Haha He's seriously the coolest guy! The first time he answered the door when I was there, he answered the door with an air soft gun! But that thing looked like a real gun! Hahaha He's a great guy. It's really been a good time to get to know him. He calls President about every 3 weeks or so telling him not to transfer the Elders there. Haha He's the man and I'm sure I'll be telling stories about him the whole time I'm here. 

             So the other night Elder Doman and I went on a little adventure. You see as zone leaders we have to make sure everyone is in and safe by 9:30- hopefully. But as occasion goes it doesn't always happen. So this Saturday night was long. There was a pretty big lightning storm approaching. It was just after a stake conference that ended at about 9pm that everyone started to make their way home. So we made it home and had heard that all but three companionships had made it in. So we started to call, and text and try to get a hold of these three companionships. Well we are supposed to be in bed by 10:30 and as 10:30 rolled around we still hadn't heard anything from them! So we have to basically go and find them. Well two of the mission companionships live literally at the very top of the mission. About an hour drive from us. We had to call President Berry and consult with him our options. After a few minutes we decided to sit and wait. So finally we heard from one that they were safe. Then after about 11:15 heard from the others. Like holy cow I wanted to shoot someone. I was mucho tired and needed some sleep. I guess the Lord had different plans. Elder Doman and I had a great bonding experience though! The next day we rebuked the whole zone and told them to cut that crap real fast. I guess it had been a problem last transfer as well! 

           So the area that I'm in is actually a great area. The nice thing is that there has always been good missionaries in this area. So we just have to pick up where they left off. That's what we are doing. The best way to lead is by example! Another cool thing is on Thursdays we play basketball with the elders quorum! It's a blast, and it's kinda like night games! Doman is a baller, and well so am I.... Just kidding, I suck. Our area is doing great so we have that down. The Zone that I'm in charge of is called the Deland zone. And together Elder Doman and I lead it! It's way fun! The zone covers an entire stake, the Deland steak! The stake is about the size of the salt lake valley. It's huge. To get from one end to the other it takes about 1:30 minutes. We are up in the north east part of our mission! So wahoooooooooo!!!!! Our plan for getting the zone going is called "You VS Yesterday" our focus is just getting better day by day and becoming converted to the work. Then as that happens the areas will soar. 

            So as many of you probably heard there was a hurricane named Erika out there for a little while. We actually were in its path. But now the thing is dead. Haha LOL. But apparently it's gonna hit us tonight just as a tropical storm. Nothing to crazy! I do hope it gets a little crazy! Haha 

           Well I'm excited for this transfer. It's gonna be a lot of fun! I already love being a zone leader, it's full of responsibility and requires effort! But Elder Doman and I are gonna kill it! We are just super pumped, we really feel that we can do some great things! I truly believe we will. We just have to get our zone to get pumped about the work. As of right now, every companionship is content, and has no passion for this work. When we are done that will be long gone. Elder Doman are I are not of complacent companionships! It's gotta end! Time is too short, so we will be pushing a little harder this week! Wish us luck, and please pray for the Deland Zone! Well thank you for all of your support! It really means the world to me! I wish you all the best of luck this week! I'll be praying for you all! I miss and love you all dearly! I would just like to say that this church is true! There is no doubt in my mind. The work is rolling forward, I'm just so very grateful that I have the chance to be a part of it all! This is the truth, and the only true and living church upon the face of the earth. 

Love, Elder Crismon 

Carter and Elder Doman

A quick shot of part of the Daytona Speedway as they drove by
Another fun one of Carter & Brock on their P-Day! :) They almost look like brothers!


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekly Update 8/24/2015

The week!

               Well what an absolutely crazy week. With lots of ups and downs. Just as newtons law states "For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction". I know that to be true this week. The sad news is that I have been transferred out of Buena Vista. It really sucks. I'm pretty bummed out about that! I truly loved this area, by far my favorite! I think it helps that it was a YSA ward! I learned a lot about how to work with people, and how to be diligent! I also learned a lot about leading! I'm very thankful I've had the chance to serve here! 

             Well I guess one of the cool things that happened this week is I went in an exchange with good ol' Elder Gooch! He's the man! We had lots of fun! We went to night games and taught a couple of lessons! Night games is a good time! We just play volleyball with all the ward members! The reason we go is because it's a great missionary opportunity! It's seriously such a good time! Elder Gooch had fun! I've actually become a better volleyball player since I've been in this ward! Wahoooooo so be ready peeps, cause I'm a beast now in volleyball! Haha But me and Elder Gooch had a productive day! We got lots of fun stuff done! 

              We had a stressful moment this week. As most of you know we had a baptism this week! Which almost didn't happen. You see Lexsy actually lives outside of our area! Because she's YSA (young single adult) we can still teach her! Buena vista is YSA only! But she actually lived outside of the stake! So Elder Hoskin and I had to call President Berry, and make sure it was good. Well he told us that he'd get back to us! So we waited, and waited, and then waited again! Finally after three phone calls, and two voice mails. He gets back to us the night before telling us we are good to go!! HOLY COW I JUST ABOUT DIED!!!!! Hahaha it 'twas very stressful! 

             So the highlight of the week.... LEXSY'S BAPTISM!!!!!!!!! Wahoooooo what an amazing experience. I'll make sure to include some pictures from it in this email. But it was great and she has a very strong testimony of the gospel. It makes me very happy! Our journey with her started only 5 weeks ago, but it was a crazy five weeks! It culminated in an amazing baptism. Just like a huge win over a rival, or getting an A in a class. Getting a baptism is the highlight of mission life. It's the amazing and indescribable feeling, that rejuvenates. It's very literally a child of God making a sacred covenant with him. And the feeling there is amazing. I imagine that's what heaven may feel like. Lexsy is great! Funny story, so beforehand we had to speed up filling the font, so we had to use plastic bags to help fill it faster! #lol #anythingforabaptism

             Well in other news. On Sunday I received a Phone call from president Berry, Informing me that I have been called to be a Zone Leader. What an honor, and I look forward to being able to help missionaries! For those of you who don't know a Zone leader is the next step up from a district leader. Generally him and his comp are in charge of 30 missionaries, give or take. There are only 14 in this mission, and I've been called as one! So please pray for me in my new role! I'm pretty nervous! But also excited! 

             Well it's been a good week. Over all one of the better in my entire mission! I loved it! It was full  of life, and made me better! I hope all of you are doing well! Thank you for your emails and encouragement! It really does inspire me to be better! I would like to end with my witness of the Savior, I know that He lives. That He stands in the right hand of the father. That he did indeed preform the magnificent atonement! That this church that I proudly represent is HIS church on the earth, and that by obedience to his gospel we can and will be saved in the kingdom of God. This church is true, and I love it! I'll be praying for all of you! Have an absolutely amazing week, and I look forward to filling you in on where I'm going, and who my new comp is!!!! Wahoooooo!!!

Elder Crismon

 Carter's baptism with Lexsy!
 A silly picture of Carter's District! :)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekly Update 8/17/2015

Dear family and friends!!

           Well this was a good week! Lots of ups and lots of downs! I
had lots of fun. So that's good! I guess the coolest thing going on is
we are having a baptism this coming Sunday! Wahooooooo how awesome is
that! We are very very excited about that! We also had an interview this
week, and the district did very well this week as well. Although I'm
pretty stressed out still!

          So I guess first things first we have a baptism this coming
week! Wahooooo that's so awesome! We are very excited about that! Her
name is Lexsy, and she is so solid! She is the most solid investigator
I have ever taught. It's so awesome! We really feel a special
connection with her! She's one of those people I was meant to find and
baptize! I'm absolutely positive about that! I will be confirming her
this Sunday as well and that's special! So pray that Lexsy will have a
good week this week. This is what we call the red zone! So hopefully
she makes it through! We are very excited! Wahooooo

        So on Thursday of this week we had interviews with President.
Those are always fun. In preparation he had asked us what we wanted to
improve! What I decided to tell him that I was gonna improve the
little things day by day. I am a big believer in improving the little
things! The little things are what will kill yah in the famous words of
my Dad! Haha but I had a good interview with him! I'm very happy about
That! We at the same time had a district meeting! It was a really good
one! The district loved it and they were very motivated!

        While we are on that subject our district actually had a great
week. We set a goal of 16 member presents, and we had 18!!!!! We
actually led the zone! Wahoooooo It's pretty freaking awesome! My
district is on the rise. Everyone either had a killer week, or made
great improvements! I was super stoked!! So were the zone leaders!

        Well today was district P-Day and we combined districts and
played laser tag! It was dope! We had a very good time, we played
three games, and I was a winner in all three! Wahoooooo Funny thing
that happened this week- So every four months or so new College
Programmers come in. Well one of them I happened to know!! Her name is
Lauren Handy!!!!! Wahoooooo how crazy is that! Can't believe I know
somebody in the ward! She's great!

         It was a killer good week, I'm very happy! I know this was a
short one, but I promise I'll do better next week! I hope you all have
an absolutely amazing week! You guys are all great! Another cool thing
that happened this week is we set a date for baptism for a guy named
Vaughn! He's such a good guy! He's actually gonna take us to BBQ on
Friday!!!! Wahoooooo! This area is killing it! And I'm super happy.
Keep praying for me! I still have those tough times too! Haha There
were a couple of those this week, but we just kept truckin' through! I
know this church is true! I know with all my heart! Have a great

Love, Elder Crismon!!

 Carter sent a few pictures along with his email this week! I have NO idea how he got this shot, but I LOVE IT!! I already added it to his main page! :)
 I'm not sure who these guys are! But it's a great glimpse of what they are doing!
 This is skinny Elder Crismon!! He has lost a significant amount of weight! He is lookin' GOOD!!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekly Update 8/10/15


          Ahhhhh so this week was an interesting one. It actually was probably one of the toughest ones I've had in a while. Our area was just struggling. The Lord saw fit to humble me! Haha I mean we did good, but I would like greatness. Can't settle these days. The Lord also expects greatness, so when we don't achieve, I feel I've failed. But that's alright. Another day another dollar! I think my Dad told me that you have to have the bad ones to appreciate the good ones!!! Wahoooooo so on to the next! But I still had some really cool experiences! So here we go...

        The first thing I'll mention is our amazing investigator Lexsy! She is a modern day miracle. The kinda stuff that you just read about in general authorities books. Hahaha she literally just came out of the wood work, and has been progressing faster then any other investigator that I have seen or taught! The best part is we don't push. We just help her to prepare for baptism the 23rd! Which is going to happen! We met with her twice this week, and both times she expressed to us the love she has for the church. And the love she has for us, the elders! The relationship between missionaries and their Investigators/ recent converts is a special one. It's the kinda love that Christ had for us when he performed the atonement. Or in other words charity! We just love her like a sibling! Elder Hoskin and I are blessed to have been allowed to teach her. She's just super ready. When we talked about her in ward council the bishop already thought she was a member! Hahaha #mypoint Hahahaha really she is the shining light in our area right now! Along with a couple other choice people! 

      So a cool experience that I had this week was on Sunday! A companionship in my district was struggling, just very stressed and sad! They needed some help! So they told me they were fasting, so I decided to fast with them! Now up to this point I have never really had a testimony of the fast. They only thing I felt was hunger. Hahah but this was one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me! So as I fasted I felt really good. I myself was very stressed. Being where I am I just had a lot of things on my mind. And it was starting to wear on me. Well as I fasted these feelings melted away, and I felt peace. Ideas came to me, and I figured some things out! The coolest part is, that I felt Gods love for the sisters that invited me to fast with them. They are having a hard time, and I just felt charity towards them! And I had a renewed sense of commitment to helping them! It was AMAZING!! Plus my patience went soaring through the roof! The best part of all of this is that I am stress free, and built my testimony! The church is true, and it's just great!!! Wahooooooo

     At night games we had a great time! Probably the best night games we've had in a little! We played some good ol volleyball!! Our investigator named Vaughn was there, and he's a great athlete! He's actually gonna go into the military. But we had such a good time! Everyone there just had fun! Plus our awesome ward mission leader was there and he played like a boss! Hahaha He's just a funny dude! We call him Dan the man! Haha so guess what mom! I'm actually kinda good at volleyball now! Hahaha I'm thinking about joining the national team. Hahaha 

     Well cool miracles are happening here in Buena Vista! Like one of awesome gators named Vaughn is really starting to progress. We met with him and this woman named sister young! She's awesome and has kinda the same background as Vaughn! She was really able to help him, and answer a couple of his questions, so I was really happy with that! Hopefully we'll be able to set a baptismal date with him here real soon! He's a good man! He's the guy that just loves BYU!! Hahaha love that kid. 

    Well I'm pretty happy with where I am right now. It hit me last night just how happy I am. God has truly blessed me with some awesome things! I just couldn't help but thank him! Thanks be to God for everything that I have been blessed with! I want to thank all of you for your continual support of me and my accomplishments! Today is officially my 11 month mark. #allmostatthehump hahaha It's cool to reflect on the things I've learned and the man I've become! Heavenly Father is shaping me into something finally! Haha But most of all thanks be to God for the matchless gift of his divine son, Jesus the Christ. Through him we can be happy and become something greater then we can comprehend!! This is the testimony that burns within me. I will be praying for all of you out there! I hope you all have a great week! I would ask that you would pray that Elder Hoskin and I can find some awesome investigators! Thank you for all you do! Wahooooo hurrah for Israel!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Crismon