Monday, October 27, 2014

Email home October 27, 2014

It's been a good week!! We had a great time!!! I am glad you are all doing good!!!! I'm so proud of Will!! Like I can't even begin to to explain!!!!!!!!!!!! How is Brianne doing???? I'm proud of her as well!! She is awesome!! Love you all so much!!! But yeah we had 2 investigators at church this week!! It was awesome!! Can you believe it!! I was pumped!!!!!!!!! Any who we taught a lot this week as well!! I got the packages too and I LOVED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! They made my life!! I was having a tough time and they really made my life!! Although I'm trying to go on a diet and its making it tough!! hahahaha but thank you!! Just so you know I wrote you today!! And I sent a letter for Mariah!! So if you could deliver that that would be great!! How is Oregon doing!!???? No one told me this week!! I was so mad!! hahaha but just let me know!!! Also can you send me a flip book of pictures of family and friends?! Having and ipad is great!! I love it ! I have most of the Mormon messages!! I have a Family Home Evening for you guys!! Watch "A testimony of the Book of Mormon", it should be by Elder Holland!! It's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it!! Like how it is the keystone of our religion, how it has impacted your life, Etc. How did the young woman lesson go?? If you need any ideas email me!! I got you!! Any who I love you all!! Expect a letter soon!! The work is amazing!! We have like 6 Gators Right now!! (His nickname for investigators) They are all awesome!! One has a date for baptism!! I'm so excited!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!! GOD LIVES SO DOES HIS SON JESUS CHRIST!!! THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE, AND THROUGH THIS GOSPEL WE CAN LIVE WITH OUR FAMILIES AND HEAVENLY FATHER FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is the truth!! Never ever forget it!! I love you all!!!

 Pictures from Carter's adventure at "Wild Florida"!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Email home 10/20/14

(He was told in an email to him that we had sent the items he requested and they were on the way there)

That's good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad its coming!!!!!!!!!! Anyways I don't need a blanket! It's good!!!! And I work out at this gym in our apartment complex!!!!!!!!!!!! It is nice but no free weights!! I've been eating better doe!!! And I may have lost a little weight!! Today we went to Wild Florida!! I held a gator!! I'll send pictures soon!! Any who I'm doing good!! I love the mission!! Miracles happen everyday!! This week I went on exchanges with a man named Elder Jeppson!! He went to Alta!! Probs the funnest day of my mission!! I love that man!! I've learned a lot and this is amazing!! I'm glad everyone is doing well!! Anything crazy going on in the world??? But I'm working hard!! And the work is coming!! Any who I love you guys so much!! Sorry I don't have much time this week!! But next week for sure I'll even write you guys! Love you all!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The latest Pictures!

Email home on October 13th

Mom hasn't emailed me yet! so I'm gonna email you the weekly update!! This week was good!!! We got to watch "Meet the Mormon's"!!!! It was AMAZING!! LIKE I CRIED SIX TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should go see it!! (Elder Stewart says HI). Any who please go see it! It's a miracle!! Also I got my ipad and its great!! I can watch movies and read scriptures!! I have been reading institute manuals about different gospel topics and I've been learning so much! Like DEEP doctrine stuff!! I have learned so much stuff!! I know for surety that the Lord lives!! The ipad is a great tool!! My bag is about 20 pounds lighter and we can show great videos and stuff!! Also I have starred to ride my bike!! It's an awesome bike!! Although whenever I sit it feels like someone is sticking a pole up my rear.... haha but ill get used to it!! haha Any who, our mission president is awesome! He is a great guy!! I love him!! Also where I live is by all the senior couples so we get dinner from them!! It's nice!! The work is progressing, but slowly!! We have 2 new investigators!! Which is great!! We hope they continue along and get baptized, but well see!! How's everyone doing back home?? Good I hope?? Hows work going for you?!! I will share a cool miracle I saw this week!! We were supposed to see this guy but he fell through. We didn't know what to do so we prayed. The spirit told us to keep finding or knock doors. We turned the corner on to the street and there was this guy in the middle of the street looking for something. He looked crazy and I didn't know what to think! We pulled over and got out and helped him look for his glasses (as we came to find out)!! His name was Timmy! As we started to talk to him we came to find out that he had been praying for 3 months for God back in his life!! We also found out that his family was having problems and that he needed help!! It was great!! We talked to him and we are gonna start teaching him!! Exciting times!! Any who I love you Dad and I pray for you!! You are awesome!! Keep doing the work back home and go see "Meet the Mormon's"!! Take Grandma and Grandpa because I couldn't stop thinking about them watching it!!!!! They will love it!! Anyways love you Daddio!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter to Mom Oct 7th 2014

Dear Mommy,
         I LOVE YOU!! I'm keeping it short since I email you the most but I love and miss you!! You are the best! Read Ether 12:6! Remember there is no witness until after the trial of you faith! KEEP THE FAITH!! Put little Jesus pictures wherever you will see it most! NEVER FORGET HIM! :) He loves you!!! At work, in bathroom, on wall, wherever!

Love you Mommy!

Letter to Will on OCt 7th 2014

Dear Will,
            How are ya bab? Good? Well thank you for always keeping me updated on Oregon! It means the world to me! Any who your a great guy! Hey you should have gone to Homecoming! Any girl would be lucky to go with you! But that's cool! You best go to the next! Hahaha! Just want to tell you that your awesome! I miss you tons bro! Life isn't quite the same without you making fun of me! Hahaha! But you are dope and never forget it! Just always be yourself and everyone will love ya! If they don't they are retards! Hahaha! You are freaking funny! Let your light shine buckwheat and you better be bigger, faster and stronger when I get back or there will be heck to pay! Read Helaman 5:12! It's great! Remember always lean upon Christ and He will strengthen you! I promise! He has me! It's a foundation where in MEN CANNOT FAIL!

Elder Carter Crismon

PS- thanks for the Mariota pic! I printed it and it's on my wall!

Letter to Brianne Oct 7th 2014

Dear Brianne,
             How are yah? Good I hope! I'm glad you used me as an example! You are too nice! I hope I am making you all proud! Brianne you are awesome! I really wish I could sing like you, but as you know I suck! Hahaha! Also, you are a lot like me! Very funny, loud and a BIG personality!  Don't lose that! Just build upon it and become great! One of my favorite quotes is "work so hard you don't have to be introduced". DO THAT!! The Lord has blessed you with a lot! Take advantage and go get it! Anyways, stay good and build that relationship with Will! I love and miss you already! Read Proverbs 3:5-6! It is awesome! Always trust the Lord! He will provide no matter what! Always pray and he will bless you! Love you lil' sis!!

Elder Carter Crismon


Letter to Dad Oct 7th 2014

Dear Dad,
         I love and miss you! The only thing getting me through is knowing that families are forever! The thought of living with you for time and all eternity brings joy to my heart! I want to thank you for the kind of Dad you have been and are! You have taught me a lot and always have been there for me! So thank you! I hope you are doing good. How's work? Good?! Well I hear Utah's doing god and that's awesome! I bet they win the south and loose to OREGON!! Hahaha! Hey I get my ipad soon- I'll email you all about it on Monday. Hey so do me a favor and read the Book of Mormon! It's SOOOOOOOO amazing and it will bless you temporally and spiritually! As a representative of Jesus Christ I can promise you that. Read Ether 12:27! Remember through Christ weak things can become STRONG! Your amazing Dad! I love you!

Love, Elder Carter Crismon

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Email Home on Oct 6th

So this week it's been good, but tough!! I learned a lot and have grown as well!! It all ended in a great conference! Anyways funny stories!! So I had to go to Walgreens to get stamps and to get other stuff and I got to the front to check out and there was a black lady working there! She was awesome! She asked for a Walgreens card and I said that I didn't have one! She then looked at my name tag and then at me and said, "So your into saving souls but not money huh?" Hahahaha I LOLed!!! I  SAW A TURTLE!!!!!!!!!!! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!!!!!!!!! Greatest day ever! This weeks miracle... so we were knocking on doors and it wasn't going well. We finally decided to knock one last door- the spirit told us too. We knocked on the door and this woman answered and she looked flabbergasted... we were like okay... so we asked what was up, and she said she had been looking on and at Mormon messages! It was crazy and she said she has been praying about it too!!!!!!!! It was awesome!! We are gonna start teaching her soon!! Anywho... if your ever worried read D&C 31:6 it is awesome!! Anyways keep trying to do what I tell you its SOOOO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!! Also have Will watch the power of God Mormon message!!!!!!!!!! love you all I'll write you!!!!!!

Letter Home October 1, 2014

Dear Dearest Family,
               Love you all!!! Hope you are all doing good! I love Florida the weather is cra cra! It rains all the time! I love it! The mission, as my companion puts it, is one of the most sacred things you will ever do and that is true. I've learned more in this past week than I have in a year. Not just about the gospel, but in general. The church is TRUE and I can promise you that. If you think about it I promised people in the pre-earth life that I would find them and teach them. I'm fore-ordained to do this. I wouldn't rather be anywhere else, except for maybe coaching at Oregon 8>)! Hahaha! The Lord has blessed me immensely. I can't even fathom the amount of blessings throughout my life! It's the same with all of us! Count your blessings!! Anyways, I'm extremely proud of Will! Good for him! He did it before I did! (He's talking about Will be asked to dress Varsity after his Jordan game) Brianne you are awesome! Mommy I love you! Thank you for all you have done! Dad, well your the best! I love you! I think about you all the time and I keep you in my prayers. I think about lots of peeps and I want to let you know that I am doing great! Luckily my companion has a car because he had surgery 4 weeks ago! Hahaha! I lucked out! I get to work into my bike instead of getting thrown into the fire! Hahaha! Although my bike is COOL!! All black, I love it Daddio!! The church is true. I know it and I've felt it and you can too. Always read and always pray! I beg of you! You all need it! Nothing brings more peace to the human heart! Keep the commandments too. Read Mosiah 2:41, it has blessings! Heavenly Father loves you all and so does Jesus Christ. He knows you and He loves you. The Book of Mormon is another powerful testament that Jesus is the Christ and Savior of the world! I love you all so much and I'll be back before you know it! That will be a sweet day! MUCH LOVE!!

Elder Carter Crismon

PS- Save up now and lets go to Disney World when I get back- that would be great! :) I'm dying to go in there! Also I forgot the temple is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! You'd love it Mom! Also there is lots of trees, so that's cool! I finally met some born again Christians! Hahahaha! Great peeps! I'm having  a hard time emailing people back so please tell people it's NOT cause I hate 'em! Hahaha! Anywho... DUTY CALLS!


John 14:26-27

A Few Pictures from the MTC!

 It wouldn't be Carter without him pulling this face!
 Cool statue! That will be HIM soon!
 I am guessing he was playing with the camera?
 Missionary silliness!

Letter home from 9/18/14

Dear Crismon Family! Thank you for the letter! I hope the 1 Direction concert was everything you hoped for! The MTC is crazy, on Tuesday we had a devotional. Apostle Richard G Scott came and talked! It was awesome! He talked of prayer and how truly important it is! I've already learned so much! The MTC is basically a giant crash course on how to teach doctrine in a simple way. Haha I love it! They say that you don't truly understand something until you can explain it simply! That is crazy about all the changes in the home Ward. Tell Will that the new Young Men's Presidency is a good thing! Bishop is inspired of God and they were put in for a reason! I know Trevor was put in to help me out! I'm not sure if I would have kept going if not for him! It's crazy being out here! We leave for Florida on Monday morning so expect a call! :) And mark your calendars- my official end date is Sept 5th 2016! I've been taking lots of pictures for you! we started teaching our TRC's on Monday. They are practice investigators for us. we got Patty who lost a son and doesn't believe in God. She said she's been looking into near death experiences and I was able to share a couple of stories. Anyway, each time we've taught her the spirit has been AMAZING!! She has faith and says if she finds it to be true she'll be baptized! Now she just has to read the Book of Mormon. It is the most amazing book on earth and has helped me so much! Let me give you guys a tip- write down a question you have, it could be about anything, then pray for the spirit and read the Book of Mormon. I promise you will get an answer! It's awesome! Heavenly Father loves all of us and He will help us. Pray often, read the Book of Mormon and endure! And as it says in 2 Nephi 31:20 "Ye shall have eternal life...saith the Father." Anyways, I love and pray for you guys and I'll see you very soon! Expect that call soon! God be with you all, MUCH LOVE!

Elder Carter Crismon

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Officially a Floridian! And one week down!

I LOVE FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week has been crazy!! My companion is Elder Bagshaw! (pictured above) He is from Dallas Texas!! He is a great guy and has been out for 6 months!! He has taught me a lot!! There is so much to tell and so little time!! So I must say that there is a God, and he loves us!! Never have I seen so many miracles in one week!! The Lord is with us wherever we go! We were walking along in a neighborhood and we were knocking doors, and we came across a Muslim... he wants to learn about the gospel, we sat and talked for 30 minutes. He was a great guy! Everywhere we go we talk to people. Its crazy!! Last night we were syncing ipads, (I'll get mine in 2 weeks) and as we walked out we ran into the AP's and then we talked for literally 10 seconds, and this guy named Luka came up to us, he said he didn't know how he had gotten there but that he wanted to talk to us. Looking back we were supposed to teach another person but they fell through, so we went to the church. If they hadn't have fallen through we wouldn't have ran into him and the AP's!! How crazy is that!!! We already helped with 3 blessings!! Everyone loves us!! ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT HEREEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Gosh I'm gonna loose 100 pounds!!! Maybe I'll finally get a girlfriend!! hahaha Anywho, another cray story, during lunch me and Elder Bagshaw were talking about back home and girls..... and as we started to talk about girls (and the girl I was gonna talk about shall remain unnamed) lightning struck right outside our apartment.... hahahaha "The lord has spoken said Elder Bagshaw" it was great!!! Our apartment is great!! It's one of the nicer ones in the mission!! Love it!! Also I make wicked good sandwiches!! hahaha I had this crazy vision experience. One night I was kinda scared, and was feeling alone, and I closed my eyes and this image popped into my head!! It was of angles standing around us as we slept. I felt the love of our Lord and Savior, and of God. It was amazing. He is with us always. I can testify of that. We went to this less active members house, and they started to bag on the church, and threw a lot of anti-Mormon stuff at us. It was horrible and saddening. The spirit of the adversary was strong. I HATED IT anywho we went back home and we prayed together. We asked why we had been exposed to this stuff, and what we needed to learn. It was a trial of faith. We grew together and the spirit testified the truthfulness of the everlasting gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is true and I can promise you that! PLEASE READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!! That family stopped reading and that's why they fell. I'll write you more!!  I love you lots!!! Thank you for the package you are awesome!! love you lots!!!

(Pictured above: all of the missionaries who arrived the same day as Carter!)

PS: Send all my stuff to the mission home address and they will forward it to me!! We already have a baptismal date for an investigator! On November 8th!!!!! Also I'm in the hunters creek zone. We live right across the street from the mission home, and right by the mission office!! We are right next to Disney World and Seaworld!!!! I can hear fireworks sometimes at night!! We need to go back there!! and it would be more fun since I know the area now!!! love you guys!!!