Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Weekly Update 1/11/2016

Weekly Update:

To all of the Little Fellars I call family and friends!

             I hope life is treating you well out there wherever you maybe! Life is good here in the Old Lake Mary Zone! This week has been one of the most tiring and hectic of my whole life! Elder Honda and I decided that we needed to do every thing we could to help our zone progress into the future. That involves a lot of exchanges, and calls, and emails, and stuff! Nevertheless I am
just tired! This week I went on three exchanges, in three different areas, with three different elders, had a baptism and a confirmation, and taught a ton of lessons to people! Overall it was one of the
better weeks of my mission! Here are some of the cool details!

             So to start on Wednesday night we had a baptism! His name was Daniel! He is the son of the
assistant Ward mission leader here in the Longwood Ward! It's funny cause I just barely met him! He's a great kid! Elders Honda and Johnson had been teaching him for a while! It was crazy because he was in Cuba for a little bit. So when I got here he had his baptism scheduled but we still hadn't confirmed it! We tried and tried to get a hold of him. Finally three days before we got a hold of his dad! We were still good to go for the baptism. So after some quick planning and lots of prayers. We had the baptism and it went amazing! Daniel had a good time and he was confirmed only yesterday in sacrament meeting! We were pretty happy afterwords! It always feels good to have a baptism!

              So like previously mentioned we had three exchanges this week! I went to Sanford, Oviedo, and to a Spanish area that covered the entire county! It was WILD!!!! Wahooooo! I am not a huge fan of exchanges. The reason being is we have to go live in another area for a night and a day. It's super stressful. Especially when the area is not doing well. A couple of the areas I went to were not fairing to well. That's why we go on these exchanges though! To help them get things going! The three Elders I was with were Elders Herron, Dowdell, and James! All great guys. I had fun in all three areas. Elder James went to Bingham, so we knew a couple different people! Elders Herron and Dowdell are about go head on home! It was good for me to go there. I got to help them focus on the work and save some souls! It was good for me to get out of my comfort zone and help others! Being a zone leader usually we go on two exchanges a week. But fitting in that extra exchange I believe will make all the difference! It feels good knowing you did everything you could to help the zone! That's why we are called!
                Funny story time! Well a couple of crazy things that happened this week! So on my one exchange to the Spanish area it's always tough because I know absolutely no espaniol! So I kinda just sit there and pray for the other guy as he teaches! I also do my best just trying not to fall asleep! It's all good though! Luckily Elder James is the man and was able to translate my testimony a couple different times!

               One of the cool things that we have in our apartment is we have a full weight set. It's out on our balcony over looking some of the complex we live in! It's fun cause I get to go out there in the mornings and get my pump on! We have a good amount of weight so I get to get big! I'm going to buy some more weight too! I love it because a couple of times this week in the morning it was  raining. So I get to lift while listening to the rain! It's a pretty cool experience! It almost feels as though I'm getting ready to play football again! Like over the summer working out in the mornings! The only thing missing is of course other people. It's been a good tender mercy from the Lord to have to help me get through the week!

                                      Well that was my week in a nut shell! Both Elder Honda and I are pretty happy with how things went! Even though it was a crazy week we felt it was very successful.
Although it was stressful we got some great work done and we feel again that quiet confirmation that the Lord is pleased with what we've done! With how the world is today there is so much confusion and turmoil. I got a glimpse at the news the other day and it was scary. All they seem to talk about is how bad things are! With very little good. I can see how so many people are wondering more then ever if there is a God! Well it's my testimony that there is one. That he knows each of us by name. That he watches over us with fatherly care, because he is in fact our Heavenly Father! This knowledge is priceless! I hope everything is well with all of you back home. The day fast approaches when I will step on a plane and head homeward. It's a day that I hope comes slow! Hahaha but until then I'll be grinding out here in that 407. And hopefully may the fruits of my labors will take me and my converts to heaven. #AintNoThang 

Love and
Miss you All!!!!!

Loves!!! Elder Carter Crismon

P.S.- Wish me Luck in Suit Shopping! Wahooo!

Looks like he was successful in suit shopping! Here's a quick shot of what he chose! :)

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