Friday, October 24, 2014

Email home 10/20/14

(He was told in an email to him that we had sent the items he requested and they were on the way there)

That's good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad its coming!!!!!!!!!! Anyways I don't need a blanket! It's good!!!! And I work out at this gym in our apartment complex!!!!!!!!!!!! It is nice but no free weights!! I've been eating better doe!!! And I may have lost a little weight!! Today we went to Wild Florida!! I held a gator!! I'll send pictures soon!! Any who I'm doing good!! I love the mission!! Miracles happen everyday!! This week I went on exchanges with a man named Elder Jeppson!! He went to Alta!! Probs the funnest day of my mission!! I love that man!! I've learned a lot and this is amazing!! I'm glad everyone is doing well!! Anything crazy going on in the world??? But I'm working hard!! And the work is coming!! Any who I love you guys so much!! Sorry I don't have much time this week!! But next week for sure I'll even write you guys! Love you all!!!!

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