Sunday, September 14, 2014

First few days at MTC!

September 13, 2014

Thank you so much for the package!! It was a huge tender mercy and the cookies are wayyyyyy good!! the MTC is crazy! The spirit here is so strong! I love it! It teaches us so much and it is literally everywhere! I'm still trying to get used to the schedule and how everything works, but our zone (which is my district and the ones around us) are awesome!! I've already made friends with all of them!! The first night we got here we went and tried to fight the Polynesians across the hall! haha It was funny and they took it pretty serious!! haha! Then they had a wrestling match the other night.... hahaha it was funny!! We were all placing bets on who would win outta the zone leaders, and the one from Texas did!! Our zone leaders are Elder Couch and Elder Tomson (pretty sure I spelt that wrong) they love me! They are good friends especially Couch!! He is from California and the other is from Texas! I have two companions!! Elder Baxter and Elder Rindlsbacher!! They are great guys! Baxter is from Taylorsville and Rindlsbacher is from Logan!! We have a good time!! Our district is great too!! The other companionship is Elders Rowley and Izatt. Great guys!! We are all already great friends!! I'll send you pics later!! Anywho!! Our teachers are AMAZING!! They are so funny and teach us WELL!! Brothers Scheck and Singletin. My companionship teaches and "investigator" but its Brother Singleton!! It's hard, but fun!! I love it!! This is an amazing place!! Tell everyone to email me or write me!! You guys can write too;) but its my job to get the mail, and I enjoy getting letters!! We also have sisters in our district and they are sick too!! love this place!! I almost forgot the tell you about Elder Petersen!! He's in my zone and he is hilarious!! He is from Lone Peak and he's headed to Columbus Ohio!! We always talk about high school cause we know a lot of the same peeps!! He was also good friends with Karson!! I love this guy I'll send u a pic of him soon!!! haha Also he keeps giving me his food!! haha He says he wont have enough time to eat it!!!

PS- I'm emailing again!! Don't expect this much emails usually!! But I also have seen Maxx Johnson, Glissmeyer, and Paul Gileman!! I love you guys! I'll email you in a week!! Also I got Will's letter I'm way excited and I'll write him back!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

MTC Bound!

On Sept 10, 2014 Carter woke up and realized that today was the day! It was finally time to report to the MTC!
After a morning spent with family we all went to Provo to send him off. When we arrived we couldn't help notice this sign and HAD to get a photo with it! Don't you just love his "serious pose"! This sign was just classic! :)
We had about an hour before he was to report to the MTC building so we walked around the temple grounds and snapped a few photos. I LOVE this one of Carter! The temple and canyon in the background were just gorgeous! We lucked out and had wonderful weather! The day before it was POURING rain!
I also got this shot of his hand with his CTR ring. He got it about a month ago and has had to get used to wearing it. He's not big on jewelry, but he really wanted a cool CTR ring and we found this one at Deseret Book. It's black porcelain with silver and he loves it.
(Pictured: Carter with his brother Will and sister Brianne)
When the time came to start saying our good byes it was hard, but knowing where he is going to be the next two years made it a bit easier.
I'm not going to say that there were no tears because there was! Mainly from us (his parents) but we truly couldn't be prouder of this guy! He's an amazing kid and wonderful example! We can't wait to start getting his letters and being able to share his experiences here on his mission blog! Please feel free to share it! We want ALL to be able to read it and grow from it- as WE will!

Making it "official"!

On September 9th 2014 Carter was set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! It was an awesome experience! The Crescent Ridge 5th Ward bishopric was in attendance: Bishop Stephen Fitt, Brother John Carlson and Brother David Rees. The Crescent Ridge Stake Presidency was also in attendance: President Brett Davies, President Kendall Van Wagoner, President Brian Merrill and Bishop Bret Bateman.
He was ordained an Elder months ago, but now it was time to make him an OFFICIAL missionary!
(Pictured: Carter, his brother Will and sister Brianne)
President Merrill was asked to offer a prayer on our home and family which he did. It was a sweet prayer and brought peace to Carter's family. A few testimonies were shared by Carter's Mom, Dad and his Bishop and all were wonderful. The testimonies brought the spirit and was the perfect lead in to Carter being set apart.
(Pictured: Carter with his Dad)
The blessing by President Davies was inspired. He spoke of Carter's personality and how he is going to be a light to many! We couldn't agree more!
(Pictured: Carter with his Mom)
He has ALREADY been a light to many and you can see in these pictures how happy he is and how ready he is to serve!
(Pictured: Carter with Jaden)
We were thrilled to have Jaden Johnson there as well! Best friends with Carter since 4th grade and they will be serving in the SAME mission! Jaden was able to participate in setting him apart and Carter is going to be filling him on on everything until he arrives in Florida in November! What a blessing!

He's OFFICIAL! Time to finish packing the bags and report to the MTC! :)