Sunday, October 19, 2014

Letter to Will on OCt 7th 2014

Dear Will,
            How are ya bab? Good? Well thank you for always keeping me updated on Oregon! It means the world to me! Any who your a great guy! Hey you should have gone to Homecoming! Any girl would be lucky to go with you! But that's cool! You best go to the next! Hahaha! Just want to tell you that your awesome! I miss you tons bro! Life isn't quite the same without you making fun of me! Hahaha! But you are dope and never forget it! Just always be yourself and everyone will love ya! If they don't they are retards! Hahaha! You are freaking funny! Let your light shine buckwheat and you better be bigger, faster and stronger when I get back or there will be heck to pay! Read Helaman 5:12! It's great! Remember always lean upon Christ and He will strengthen you! I promise! He has me! It's a foundation where in MEN CANNOT FAIL!

Elder Carter Crismon

PS- thanks for the Mariota pic! I printed it and it's on my wall!

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