Sunday, October 19, 2014

Email home on October 13th

Mom hasn't emailed me yet! so I'm gonna email you the weekly update!! This week was good!!! We got to watch "Meet the Mormon's"!!!! It was AMAZING!! LIKE I CRIED SIX TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should go see it!! (Elder Stewart says HI). Any who please go see it! It's a miracle!! Also I got my ipad and its great!! I can watch movies and read scriptures!! I have been reading institute manuals about different gospel topics and I've been learning so much! Like DEEP doctrine stuff!! I have learned so much stuff!! I know for surety that the Lord lives!! The ipad is a great tool!! My bag is about 20 pounds lighter and we can show great videos and stuff!! Also I have starred to ride my bike!! It's an awesome bike!! Although whenever I sit it feels like someone is sticking a pole up my rear.... haha but ill get used to it!! haha Any who, our mission president is awesome! He is a great guy!! I love him!! Also where I live is by all the senior couples so we get dinner from them!! It's nice!! The work is progressing, but slowly!! We have 2 new investigators!! Which is great!! We hope they continue along and get baptized, but well see!! How's everyone doing back home?? Good I hope?? Hows work going for you?!! I will share a cool miracle I saw this week!! We were supposed to see this guy but he fell through. We didn't know what to do so we prayed. The spirit told us to keep finding or knock doors. We turned the corner on to the street and there was this guy in the middle of the street looking for something. He looked crazy and I didn't know what to think! We pulled over and got out and helped him look for his glasses (as we came to find out)!! His name was Timmy! As we started to talk to him we came to find out that he had been praying for 3 months for God back in his life!! We also found out that his family was having problems and that he needed help!! It was great!! We talked to him and we are gonna start teaching him!! Exciting times!! Any who I love you Dad and I pray for you!! You are awesome!! Keep doing the work back home and go see "Meet the Mormon's"!! Take Grandma and Grandpa because I couldn't stop thinking about them watching it!!!!! They will love it!! Anyways love you Daddio!!!!!!!!!!!!

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