Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Letter home Oct 27, 2014

You are ALL amazing!!! Thank you for all the packages and letters! Florida is awesome! Can you believe I've been gone for 2 months already! CRA CRA! Haha! We went to Wild Florida the other day! What a party! I got an alligator head! Cool stuff! And a dope hat! The mission life is different, but fun! I am always tired! Seriously, like all the time! Everyone loves the missionaries! About 10 different times someone has stopped us and talked to us! They are almost always members from out of town! Haha! Because of where we are we have people from out of town like every week! There are members coming from all over the place! Mostly from Utah! Hahaha- it's fun! They all love the missionaries!

I have given like 10 priesthood blessings, but I had a really cool experie3nce with one. One of our investigators was sick and wanted a blessing. So we gave her one, I pronounced the blessing and in it I said that she would heal and that she would find a job. After the blessing I was freaking out because I just said it and I didn't know if she had a job or not! I didn't think that she did but I didn't know. When she came to church that following Sunday we found out that she was feeling way better and that she got a job interview the coming week! Crazy huh? I can't even believe it! I felt amazing that it actually worked! A HUGE tender mercy!

Anyway, Utah Utes are kickin' trash from what I hear! Good for them! PLEASE keep me updated on Oregon! It means the world! How is everyone back home? Any news? How is Kota? Anyway, I love you all! You all are the best! Keep doing the right things! Remember C.P.R- church, pray, read the scriptures! The Lord will bless you! Remember the church is true and the book is blue!

Love you all!

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