Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekly Update 11/30/2015

Clear the Splash Zone! #baptism

                             So Elder Egan and I had a killer week! Full of fun times and miracles. The biggest miracle of course another baptism! Our area is rocking right now and we are very excited about
it! The nice thing is that there is quality and quantity. Which is the cool part! Also Thanksgiving took place this last week and that was a lot of fun! So I have plenty to talk about this week, hopefully
it's not boring!

                            So on Tuesday I had the privilege to go on an exchange with Elder Ashworth! He is one of the Assistants to the President! As zone leaders we get to go on exchanges with them once a
transfer! We had a great day and I learned a lot from this guy! I have gone on an exchange with him once before and it really helped change my mission! Now this time around it was kinda the same. But he taught me different leadership skills, and tips he's learned from his time as a leader in the FOM. I'm excited to help my zone improve now! Elder Ashworth is from Alpine and attended Lone Peak. So we also knew a lot of the same people from back home. So we talked about that! We had fun
and I got to see a couple of my converts from my first area! So that was excellent!

                           So funny story time! So on thanksgiving we were with a bunch of different members at one members house! One of them there was a recent convert named Jackie! She is awesome! She's an older lady that we work with and she's just super genuine! We always have a good time! Plus she's just loves helping us out! So she was stalking my old Instagram. She's looking, and suddenly she says "Word of Wisdom you've changed a lot!" And I look at the picture and it's of Will Smith... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA it was really funny. I'm pretty sure she was messing around, or at least I hope she was.. Haha but it was pretty funny! The picture was of a Will Smith quote I put on my insta
forever ago.. So yep.

                           So for Thanksgiving itself we had 3 dinners. One at 12, one at 1:30, and one at 5. They were all pretty good! The last one was at Deaf Richards place, so we didn't really know what to expect going into it! Haha But surprisingly the food was pretty good! I guess he can cook with out hearing! Haha Nevertheless I am pretty sick of turkey and stuff.

                          So best part of the week was Doug's baptism. It was great! We've been teaching him now for about 4 weeks. We were freaking pumped when we picked him up! He's the man! He progressed very fast and just had a hunger to learn about the restored gospel! Yesterday he was officially baptized! It was a great service probably one of the best I've had! The spirit that is felt at one of these services transcends everything. For a moment heaven is felt for all who are present! The significance of it is felt because at that moment a Child of God entered into a covenant that would enable him to return to live in heaven. Quite spectacular, and it makes everything else worth it. All the pain, sadness, and stress, and long days! It's all for this one cause, this climax. I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve here in Florida, and to truly change people's lives.

                          Well that was my week in a nut shell! Pretty happy with it! Haha In other news when I was on the exchange with Elder Ashworth they had a Bench Press. So I wanted to check to see how
many times I can bench 225. Like they do in he NFL combine. Well I got 20, so I was pretty stoked about that! #Meathead. #StillStrongerThanWill #DonkeyBrolic anyways! Well that was my week! I had an outstanding one! I hope it was the same for you all back home! I've been praying for you! Let me finish with saying that I know that this church is true! I've lived it, and through that I've come to know its true. Just as Christ says in John 7:17. This is the only true and living church upon the face of the earth! And I say that as boldly and as plainly as I possibly can. I know it, and I know that God knows it. I hope you all have a spectacular week this coming week! LOVES!!!

Love, Elder Carter Crismon

This was a picture that Sally sent to us when Carter was on exchanges this past week. She is one of Carter's former converts and always thinks to send us a picture! Thanks Sally!!! :)

Daytona Speedway Tour!!

Last week Carter's Ward Mission Leader set up for them to take a tour of Daytona Speedway! He LOVED it! He was very surprised at how large it was and how many people can be there on race day! He was a good kid and took a few pictures and sent them to me! ENJOY!

 This was a selfie he took right before they left! Haha!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekly Update 11/23/2015

Dear family and Friends! What a great week we had here in Daytona! We saw some amazing miracles! Some of the coolest on my mission! Plus it's just so nice to be in an area longer
then two transfers. I feel like this is where I belong and that I can now finish what I started! We have some cool new district leaders that work under Elder Egan and I. Plus the new missionaries that we have are a good group! I guess I'll just get right into my week!

                                 SO BIGGO MIRACLE THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!! So on Sunday a young man named Marquitos walks into church. He says he has a friend on a mission and likes our church. He says he feels more at home here then at the other church! So Elder Egan and I are already just tickled that he came! So we got his info and set an appointment for the following Tuesday. So the day came and we were running a little late. We finally got there. And holy cow this young man had been prepared by angels. Turns out that he had already read the entire Book of Mormon and Prayed about it. He feels it's true, and likes Joseph Smith's story. The whole time he's telling us this Elder Egan and I are just crapping our pants cause this dude is Golden!!!!!! So we go on with the lesson and set a Baptismal Date for the 27th of December! We are so excited. Talk about an amazing miracle! One for the books! Please pray for him!

                                 So another cool thing that happened this week. On Thursday night in our stake we had a Priesthood Leadership meeting. The stake presidency and all the bishops and their counselors were there. Along with Elders Quorum Presidencies and High Priest Group Leadership. And a bunch of random other people. For the non-Mormon Folk, basically all of the Local Leadership of our church in the area had assembled to get training on missionary work. Our mission president was asked to speak. So at 1:30 that day we received a call from him, informing us we'd be giving a training at this thing. So we prepared and felt ready to help! And we did! It was quite the humble experience to stand before all those leaders and help train them on how to help their congregations get more involved in missionary work! We had a great old time and the Lord blessed us with the things to say!

                                 So I guess a some-what funny story is we helped Grandpa put up his Christmas tree this week! It's crazy to think it's already that time of year again! He's freaking nuts because he doesn't want any ornaments. He just wanted Gold Garland all over the tree! Hahaha it was pretty weird.... We also helped him clean up his house! With him being as old as this guy is he just hoards all these newspapers and magazines! Haha So we helped throw all those away! He also kinda has cat poop every where. Those cats he owns just own the house.... He calls them the Children.... I think if he could save me or the cats it might be the cats! Haha #OldPeopleProbs Then afterwords he took us to Stevens Famous Diner for about the 200th time since I've been here in Daytona! Grandpa is such a good guy! Haha

                                  This week Elder Egan and I had a great time. We worked hard and had a very successful week! We saw cool miracles and it's all thanks to Heavenly Father for putting us in
the right spot at the right time! I've gotten to do a lot of really cool things on my mission. It's all thanks to God! I must give him the credit, for as to my own strength I am nothing. But in God I can do all things! I'm grateful that he has called me here to this people to declare the most important message in the face of the earth! Cause that's what it is! And it's a message of joy and happiness! If anyone thinks differently they can email me and ask! I'll show them! I would also ask that you pray for the Deland Zone as a whole. We have had a tough week, we have some work to do! But I'm sure it will happen. Especially with Heavenly Fathers help! I hope you all had a good week back home, or where ever you are! Remember Love Life, Love Problems! Cause with out those problems we wouldn't be who we are! I pray that you all have a great week back home! LOVES!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Crismon

Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekly Update 11/16/2015

Weekly update,

                                Well what a week! Full of cool things and good news! I guess the best thing that happened this week was we found out about transfers! I'M STAYING IN DAYTONA!!!!!! That makes me a
very happy man. I freaking love this area. I was very nervous going into this week because this was my second transfer here. My whole mission I've never stayed in an area longer then two transfers! So
when I found out the news I was so very happy! I get to finally finish what I started. Every area I feel like I'd get things going then move, but now I get to finish it! That I'm grateful for. Well lots of cool
things this week!

                                Coolest thing is our investigator named Doug. He is the man, and so very prepared! Yesterday he asked me to be the one to baptize him! I'm so grateful that I get the chance to do that. He's a great man. He's kept every commitment, and done everything we have asked him! Truly miracles do happen, and I know that God knows us. We are his children! So it's cool that I get to be the instrument in the Lords hands in helping some soul come to repentance. It's an honor to be able to baptize him. He'll be baptized on the
29th of November, so not to far away. He's excited and so are
we! Baptisms are what make missionary work worth it.

                                 This week I went on an exchange with a couple of Elders up an a little town called Bunnell! Hahaha This place is in the middle of nowhere, they are in a tripanionship. So for the day I got to be in one! It was lots of fun! I was with Elder Chidester From Utah, he went to Lone Peak! We had lots of fun gossiping on peeps from home... Haha LOL! The other Elder is Elder Birchell. A young greeny, who is pretty cool! But still has to learn a little bit! Haha We had lots of fun stopping by crazy peeps up in the boonies! We did some good work and were able to identify ways that we can improve! Progression not perfection is what we are looking for. So we had a good time! It's fun to be a zone leader and travel to these areas and help missionaries improve!

                                 Also this week we had a Zone Conference. That's where half the mission gets together to learn from each other! Haha Lots of fun. This one was especially special cause we got these things called TiWI boxes. They are these little boxes that track in your car how fast you go and how fast you take turns, they are lots of fun! They make sure we are good drivers! Haha We named ours Steve, after the diner that Grandpa takes us to all the time! Haha It was also fun because I got to see all my old mission buddies. Elders Johnson, Doman, Pututau, Ashworth. All these studs, hahaha lots of good guys, who I now consider bros!

                                  Well honestly there was my week in a nutshell! It was a good one! Elder Egan and I get to stay together for another one here in the most ratchet city in the world! Haha I look forward to another six weeks and just to keep on trucking! I know that this church is true, it's the only true one on earth. It's a bold statement, but it's true! Like Peter and John "I cannot speak the things but which I have seen and heard.." And what I've seen and heard is that this church is the only true church on the face of the earth. We are the only church with the authority to enable us to return to our Heavenly home. It's true, and I testify of it. I hope you all have an amazing week, and hope to hear from you soon!


Elder Carter Crismon

PS- Just wanna give a shout out to Elder Egan and I's team for winning the
Daytona Beach Invitational Tournament of Basketball! This tournament
was between all of us and the elders in our zone. It was dope.
Hahahahaha #Ballin #ThreeorDieDude #Kobe

 I asked for a picture and this is what I got! Haha! Lookin' good!
 Carter's "Bro's" he spoke of at Zone Conference!
This was taken from the mission blog- a previous Zone Conference! Looks like fun! :)