Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Weekly Update 1/25/16

To whom it may concern....

Well what a week! It was one for the books. That's for sure! Lots of cool miracles this week which I'm pretty excited about! Also some freaking funny times too! Just a great week all around. I'm excited to let you guys know about it. I'll just outline a few of the highlights and some things that got me all excited about this week! So buckle up little Fellers! Wahooooooooo!

So to start this week was chalked full of meetings and stuff! On Tuesday we had interviews with the mission president. That was lots of fun! My interview went great. I love and sustain President Berry! He's the man, then the meeting afterwords was fun as well! Got to chill with the Assistants for bit, which I mean was an honor, considering they are just the busiest guys around! Hahaha!! Then after that, on the next day, we had a world Missionary Training. Pretty crazy! We were instructed by 3 apostles, a presiding bishop, and others! It was an amazing experience. Before that as well we had a zone meeting. Where our Stake President, President Holladay, was present and helped me instruct our zone. It was awesome! It was nice to have his backing, at one point he said that he knew Elder Honda and I were inspired! That felt nice, cause sometimes I have no idea what I'm doing! The meeting
went well, and we look forward to seeing major success in the Lake Mary Zone!

So some miracles....

On Wednesday after the world wide missionary training. I went on an exchange with Elder Hill in Sanford... Aka the place where Trevon Martin got shot... Anyways! It was freaking killer. That area had been struggling for a little while, and boy we did some twerk! In only 3 hours we taught 6 lessons and found 5 new investigators. Which is just stellar. Especially since they hadn't found really any new
investigators the past 4 weeks. The Lord blessed us with his spirit and we just went hard in the paint. We ended the day with 8 lessons, and I left that area with a renewed sense of commitment to just go
hard! It was cool because we both committed to just work our hardest. Elder Hill is a new district leader, and it was good for me and him to work along side of each other. It was lots of fun, and cool to see his reaction to all of the success!

Then on Sunday another amazing miracle. So Elder Honda and I are just in the crazy finding phase. Because all of our investigators got baptized, which isn't a bad problem to have! Haha!! But anyways we've found a lot of people, but none that we were totally jazzed about! So in the morning during our ward council this guy knocks on the door. His name is Sonny! He was wondering if he could have a tour. So Elder Honda and I immediately jumped on the situation. This guy had woken up at 6:30, watched the sunrise. Then felt impressed to walk over to our church and walk in. He then loved all of the pictures of Jesus Christ, and had questions. He found our meeting and knocked on the door. So we took him on a tour, and he was just super solid, he is the man! He stayed for church, and committed to be baptized. Probably the craziest thing of my life.... Hahaha We're meeting with him again on Tuesday. We're pretty pumped!

Then the funny story.....

So this guy Sonny is one of those evangelical Christians. So he loves to pray with people and help others. He's looking for the right church for him though. So we were standing outside with him before church. He was calling his friend. Then one of our members walked up, she had been a member for a long time. And she was walking with a injured leg. Well sonny being the good man he is asked if he could pray for her right there. She apprehensively agreed. He then got on his knee and
put his hand on her leg and started to pretty much yell and pray! Hahaha!! He also at one point spoke in tongues! Hahahahaha!! It only lasted for about 7 seconds but afterwords I was so astonished I didn't know what to say! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I remember just cracking up! Luckily he's really interested, and a good man. I love him already, and I'm excited to start teaching him!

Well there is a couple of highlights from my week. It was a really good one. We saw lots of miracles and we saw our zone take steps forward. During the world wide training they made it a point to tell
us that as missionaries we always need to be testifying of the Savior Jesus Christ! I agree. As I've gone through this week I've felt His grace, love, and mercy. I know He lives, and that He stands at the
head of this church and that He guides this work. I know He's calling the elect from all ends of the earth, and that the only true and lasting peace can be found here. A hymn comes to mind, "Israel Israel, God is calling" I testify that He is calling, and that I'm one who's been duly ordained and set apart to help those to come back and get home safely. I know this work is the work of the almighty God. I'm grateful for the chance I have to be a part of it! I will be praying for all of you! I wish you all the best of luck and a great week! Wahooooooo! Quote of the week! "Confucius say man standing on toilet is high on pot...." LOL! Have a great week!!!


Elder Carter S. Crismon

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly Update 1/18/16

TWEEKLY UpDate ninjas!

Well to be completely honest I am just not feeling writing out a long email today! So I'll apologize in advance if it seems a little short. We had a killer week! Lots of cool things and lots of learning
experiences. We had a baptism, a visit from a general authority, I was back in the YSA grind, and I served for a day where Trevon Martin was shot. So a pretty full week! I'll get into some of the details!

So on Tuesday night we had a Mission Leadership Council with Elder Richard J. Maynes of the presidency of the seventy! Holy cow it was freaking dope. We just sat there for a little while and took notes as this man trained us in how to be better leaders, and how we can baptize more! We had good discussion on what our mission needed in order to continue to baptize lots and lots. It was fun to listen to him. He also instructed us on how to give better trainings and how we can best help our stewardship grow.

Then on Wednesday we had a zone conference with Elder Maynes! It was awesome. We got to listen to him, and his wife, along with President and Sister Berry! I think this is one of my favorite opportunities as a missionary is being able to listen to such great men talk. He talked a lot about finding, probably the most key thing to do as a missionary! It was a great conference. Happy that I was able to participate there! Wahooo!

Then the next day I was in College Park. AKA the university of Central Florida. The second biggest college in the United States! The work there is way sick. What we did is we set up a table in the middle of the campus. We then talked to everyone that walked by! It was lots of fun. I was totally blown away with how many people there actually were at the campus! It was way fun though because I served in a YSA Ward as well and got to back to my roots. We had lots of success there, and it
helped the area get back on track!

Then a couple days later I found myself in the city if Sanford. This place is ratchet. Like for real. It's actually the place where Trevon Martin was shot and all that rioting happened. Kinda cool that it's
just down the road from where I live now! Haha I was there with Elder Blackburn, and we did have a good day. He's a good missionary who's kinda been struggling. We were able to see some success from our exchange, and we had a great talk there at the end.

The only problem with me being on the exchange in Sanford is that I missed the baptism. It needed to be done though, these elders needed a little help! They are doing good now. But I was sad to have missed the baptism. It went great though from what I hear, this next week she will be confirmed in sacrament meeting. So I'll be there for that! I'm excited to be there. I'll be sure to get a picture or two and send it home!

On Sunday we got to have a meeting with our Stake President. President Holladay. He's the man. We had a very good conversation with him about how hot work was going here in Lake Mary. We were able to set up some plans as to how we can help ward councils and missionaries work better
together. He's a good man! It's nice to be able to learn from such good people!

Well this week we have the chance to be interviewed by President Berry! I'm pretty excited for that! It should be a good time. We also have a world-wide missionary satellite broadcast that we will get to
take part in! That will be exciting. With all that's going on I'm just grateful to be a missionary. I don't think I ever want to go home! Haha so I'm not! LOL! Anyways, I wish you all the best of luck this
week! Have an amazing week all of you and I love yah! Also shout out to Elder Johnson for canceling our exchange this week!

Love, Elder Crismon!

 Carter in his new suit! Looking good buddy!!
 A photo from a house that Carter visited recently- she had MANY cats! OH MY....

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Weekly Update 1/11/2016

Weekly Update:

To all of the Little Fellars I call family and friends!

             I hope life is treating you well out there wherever you maybe! Life is good here in the Old Lake Mary Zone! This week has been one of the most tiring and hectic of my whole life! Elder Honda and I decided that we needed to do every thing we could to help our zone progress into the future. That involves a lot of exchanges, and calls, and emails, and stuff! Nevertheless I am
just tired! This week I went on three exchanges, in three different areas, with three different elders, had a baptism and a confirmation, and taught a ton of lessons to people! Overall it was one of the
better weeks of my mission! Here are some of the cool details!

             So to start on Wednesday night we had a baptism! His name was Daniel! He is the son of the
assistant Ward mission leader here in the Longwood Ward! It's funny cause I just barely met him! He's a great kid! Elders Honda and Johnson had been teaching him for a while! It was crazy because he was in Cuba for a little bit. So when I got here he had his baptism scheduled but we still hadn't confirmed it! We tried and tried to get a hold of him. Finally three days before we got a hold of his dad! We were still good to go for the baptism. So after some quick planning and lots of prayers. We had the baptism and it went amazing! Daniel had a good time and he was confirmed only yesterday in sacrament meeting! We were pretty happy afterwords! It always feels good to have a baptism!

              So like previously mentioned we had three exchanges this week! I went to Sanford, Oviedo, and to a Spanish area that covered the entire county! It was WILD!!!! Wahooooo! I am not a huge fan of exchanges. The reason being is we have to go live in another area for a night and a day. It's super stressful. Especially when the area is not doing well. A couple of the areas I went to were not fairing to well. That's why we go on these exchanges though! To help them get things going! The three Elders I was with were Elders Herron, Dowdell, and James! All great guys. I had fun in all three areas. Elder James went to Bingham, so we knew a couple different people! Elders Herron and Dowdell are about go head on home! It was good for me to go there. I got to help them focus on the work and save some souls! It was good for me to get out of my comfort zone and help others! Being a zone leader usually we go on two exchanges a week. But fitting in that extra exchange I believe will make all the difference! It feels good knowing you did everything you could to help the zone! That's why we are called!
                Funny story time! Well a couple of crazy things that happened this week! So on my one exchange to the Spanish area it's always tough because I know absolutely no espaniol! So I kinda just sit there and pray for the other guy as he teaches! I also do my best just trying not to fall asleep! It's all good though! Luckily Elder James is the man and was able to translate my testimony a couple different times!

               One of the cool things that we have in our apartment is we have a full weight set. It's out on our balcony over looking some of the complex we live in! It's fun cause I get to go out there in the mornings and get my pump on! We have a good amount of weight so I get to get big! I'm going to buy some more weight too! I love it because a couple of times this week in the morning it was  raining. So I get to lift while listening to the rain! It's a pretty cool experience! It almost feels as though I'm getting ready to play football again! Like over the summer working out in the mornings! The only thing missing is of course other people. It's been a good tender mercy from the Lord to have to help me get through the week!

                                      Well that was my week in a nut shell! Both Elder Honda and I are pretty happy with how things went! Even though it was a crazy week we felt it was very successful.
Although it was stressful we got some great work done and we feel again that quiet confirmation that the Lord is pleased with what we've done! With how the world is today there is so much confusion and turmoil. I got a glimpse at the news the other day and it was scary. All they seem to talk about is how bad things are! With very little good. I can see how so many people are wondering more then ever if there is a God! Well it's my testimony that there is one. That he knows each of us by name. That he watches over us with fatherly care, because he is in fact our Heavenly Father! This knowledge is priceless! I hope everything is well with all of you back home. The day fast approaches when I will step on a plane and head homeward. It's a day that I hope comes slow! Hahaha but until then I'll be grinding out here in that 407. And hopefully may the fruits of my labors will take me and my converts to heaven. #AintNoThang 

Love and
Miss you All!!!!!

Loves!!! Elder Carter Crismon

P.S.- Wish me Luck in Suit Shopping! Wahooo!

Looks like he was successful in suit shopping! Here's a quick shot of what he chose! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

First post of 2016!!!

Da weekly crapshoot-

        Hey there little fellers who I call family and friends! I hope all is well in your sphere of influence! I'm Doing pretty well here in Florida! Can't complain all that much! Besides I did enough of that in last weeks email! LOL. Well as most of you know I got transferred this previous week! My new area is LONGWOOD!!! Wahoooo it's in Longwood Florida and is in the Lake Mary Stake! The zone I'm now in charge of is the Lake Mary zone! It's a zone that has been doing really well the past couple of months. As some of you may know it was actually Elder Johnson's old area... #LOL. It's cool to be able to replace him and pick up where he left off and take it to the next level. Although we do have some twerk to do here in Lake Mary. I'm looking forward to it! Here are some of the
highlights from my week this week!

          So I guess first I'll introduce my new compadre! His name is Elder Honda and he's from Frutia,
Colorado! I've known him for a little while now! I'm grateful for the chance I have to serve with him as a zone leader! He's been out just over a year so I maintain seniority, but he's a good man with lots of knowledge and a burning desire to share the gospel!

            So funny story of the week. On one of the previous week nights, I wanna say Friday, Elder Honda and I were less active hunting! We were in a complex not to far from where we live! As missionaries we have this rule that we talk with everyone! So we saw this young man walking towards us! He was from India, and was studying here to go into I.T. (I know shocker). So we talked with him, and taught him the gospel on the spot right there in this complex! This is something we do often! But something happened that was pretty funny! He seemed just tickled that he had met Christian missionaries. He said he'd meet with us again! So we said a prayer with him, and as we were Turing to leave he said "Can I get a Selfie with you guys?" Hahahahaha so here we are three random strangers getting a selfie together in a parking lot.... Hahaha guess I'm famous! ;)

               So cool experience of the week! So on my first day here in Longwood we were out working hard. We stopped and knocked on a door that an investigator had referred us to! So we knocked and a woman named Rachel answered. At first she didn't seem all that interested, but Elder Honda And I went to Work! We asked her what mattered most to her and then testified that through the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ her family could be blessed. I felt as the spirit testified through me a reassuring feeling that what we share is true! I'm positive that she felt it too, cause her heart changed and now she's learning from us! Through out this week we had multiple experiences where we were able to change someone's life right there on the spot! It's a humbling, but super exciting experience!

                So Happy New Year everyone!! I really did nothing crazy the night of New Year's Eve! As a missionary it just doesn't matter! All I did was take a sip of the butter beer stuff a member gave me the day before! Gotta love Harry Potter buffs! Hahaha!!  For every second of every hour of every day last year I was a missionary. Pretty freaking dope! 2015 will always be sacred to me! A year that I gave completely to the Lord! I grew a lot, and grew up a little bit! Hahaha!! It was weird to think that all my friends and family were partying and that I was humbly falling asleep at 10:45... Hahaha!! There's always next year!;)

                 I've seen a lot of success as a missionary. Probably more then most missionaries will ever see. It's not me though. It's God! He's just putting me in positions to be successful. He leads me, and guides me and has blessed me with success. I've done a lot of work, and worked harder then I have ever before! But it's for a good Cause! As they say, "What you reap, is what you sow!" I'm just a little fellar who's in Longwood Florida, in an apartment that has a bench press and weight lifting stuff. I'm
looking forward to working hard here! I know Gods got some good stuff in store for me and the Longwood Ward! I know that this work is true, because if an imperfect human being like me can be successful and an instrument in the Lords hands then it's true. The church is true, the book is blue, and just like Nephi I will go and do. Later fellers!

Love, Elder Carter Crismon

P.S.-shout out to da homies.....

 Panoramic of his new apartment! There's no picture of the "war room" which is their study room yet! Hopefully we'll get one soon!
 Carter enjoying his butter beer on New Years Eve!
 Burning a shirt at his year mark- as per tradition in Orlando! Wahoo!
 In correlation meeting and not understanding because our Ward Mission Leader speaks Spanish.... Haha!