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Weekly Update February 24, 2015


Monday 2/16/15~ Well Monday was a good day! Kinda weird because we really didn't know what to do! We just emailed, and then drove around! We did hit up Target though! And I got a pretty sweet watch! On The pocket watch that Dad gave me the chain broke! And I don't want to lose the watch itself! So I'm keeping it in a safe place! Also Target was selling notorious BIG shirts, so I bought one. LOL. After that we just did some other random crap, and changed! We had dinner with a guy named brother Sam! He made us some really good steaks! After that we went to get ready for an exchange with the district leader and his companion! Pretty decent day!! 

Tuesday 2/17/15~ So every two weeks or so we'll switch companions for a day! We do this so we can learn from other missionaries, and so we keep our sanity! Haha But me and elder Davis had a great day! We taught 5 lessons! Which is great! We did the normal studies, and then we had lunch! Then we started to go to work! I'll mention just a couple cool things! So we were gonna go knock doors in this area! The second door that we knocked evidently was a less active member and her non member husband! But we didn't know that! So when we knocked he talked to us for a little while! He then gave us this cool Book of Mormon that he found on the side of the road! We talked for about 15 minutes and said a prayer with him! Me and elder Willard are gonna go back there. So that was pretty crazy!! After that we did some other stuff, knocked on more doors, and taught 3 other times! Including a decent dinner! With a couple of snow birds! Haha After that to end the day we went and visited Jason, the guy who just got baptized on Saturday! We talked with him for a little, and also we taught his step daughter, who now wants to get baptized as well! So another just crazy cool miracle!! Another day in paradise!!

Wednesday 2/18/15~ Wednesday was a good day! We did the normal studies in the morning! We then got ready and went to district meeting! There I had to give a 20 minute training on the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion! I did a good job! Or at least that's what I hear! I enjoy giving trainings! After that we had a lesson fall through with a gator, so we went to Robs house, and talked with him for a little! Made sure he was still doing good! Then after that we stopped by two other people! We then had an awesome lesson with the Moshers again! We actually had dinner with them! Carlos made some awesome boneless ribs! They were way good! Even though he was from Puetro Rico! Hahaha We had a great lesson! They are so prepared that it's crazy! They just love everything that we teach! The spirit was strong as we were there! Rob helped teach with us! He helps a ton cause he can just come out and say stuff that is tough for us to say! We had a good day though! The days are starting to fly by! It's ridiculous! I love it out here! Hope all are having fun back home!!

Thursday 2/19/15~ For real... Thursday sucked! That's because we were in a tire shop the whole day!! You see we went to go get an oil change, and then we needed new tires! So the 1 hour long stop turned into a 5 hour long stop! So that was great! And when your a missionary and can't watch T.V. or anything that sucks. Just plain and simple! There also was no one there, so I couldn't get on my soap box and boldly proclaim the everlasting gospel! Haha but after that we went to Juanita's house again!  She is so awesome! We had a great lesson with her! The spirit was strong, but in and out. Then we asked her if she had been praying! She said she did, and asked God if we were for real. She said she got an answer, in the form of a feeling and an actual voice that she heard! The voice said "they are genuine" how about that!?!? Haha so crazy! Miracles are happening in the cocoa east area! Then after we had dinner with sister DeRosa! That was fun!! We had some killer calazones, I couldn't help but think of Dad! You would have loved them! Any who, I guess in the end the day wasn't that bad! In the end it was good! I had some good pizza! Haha

Friday 2/20/15~ Today was a good day!! We did a ton of planning!! It was weekly planning day!! Which is fun, and long at the same time! We did our normal morning routine! Then we had lunch and stuff! Honestly nothing to crazy happened today! We just went through our planning, and got all of it done! Ohhhh we did have some fun knocking doors! We knocked this one door, that had a sign on it! On the sign it said that if anybody knocks and bugs him, that he would shoot them! So what did I do? I knocked! The guy looked at me, and said one minute! He went to the back, luckily his wife came and told us to leave before he got back! I'm pretty sure he wasn't going to do anything, but hey still a good story!! Hahaha don't worry to much Andee! That's the first time that happened! Ahaha Good stuff!! After that we taught a couple people! Only one of any real report was Sis Stahly! She's kinda cra cra! She always has to one up us! It really frustrates me! She needs some humble pie! But we love her! Charity never faileth, but suffereth long! Any who! That was our day! Elder Willard is starting to be a pain in the butt again! So hopefully we can make it through this transfer! Pray for me! It would be much appreciated!!

Saturday 2/21/15~ We had a great day today! We had a day full of service! We first did our normal studies in the morning! Then we met Rob and the other elders to help our investigators the Moshers take down this rusty old shed in the backyard! It was sweet, us four dudes just got it done!! After an hour and a half the job was done!! It was sweet! All the metal was loaded up on Robs truck and ready to take to the dump! We were pumped! It was also a good way to get our anger out hahaha!! After that we taught the Moshers! Then we went to brother Acostas house for dinner! They are a great family's! He went to Costa Rica on his mission, and was telling us these funny stories! It was a good time! After that we went and taught Jason our most recent convert! It was his one week Mark from baptism! We just prepared him for the Preisthood! Good stuff!! It was a good day over all!! 

Sunday 2/22/15 We had a good Sunday! We did our studies in the morning! Elder Willard is having a tough time with something, because he didn't do a thing this morning! I pretty much did it all! Kinda annoying! Then we went to church! We had a good time there! Our investigators the Moshers came again! Also our convert Jason got the Preisthood! That was exciting! It was great! Then we went with Rob to go see Barbara! She wasn't there! That was frustrating. Kinda a bummer! After that we went to Robs house for dinner. We had some hamburgers, then we watched 17 miracles. Hate to admit it but I cried a couple of times. Hahaha That movie is something else! The stories just blow my mind! The struggles they went through for this gospel! Gives me motivation to be better! I loved it! Grateful that I got to watch that! It was really what I needed! Elder Willard has been wearing me out these last couple of days! But I just keep pushing, with a perfect brightness of hope! That's all we can really do! That and love the lord, which I do with all my heart. This is the best!!

Pictures from Jason's baptism! A Great Day!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Weekly Update Feb 16th, 2015

FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING SACRED AND HOLY WILL ONE OF YOU WRITE ME A LETTER!!!!! My address is 10502 Satellite Blvd Suite E Orlando, Florida 32837   got dandruff......... #tannersansom #atleastmymomlovesme #turtles 


Monday 2/9/15~ That was a good day!! It was another district P-day and we went bowling! I did alright! I scored am 81, which I guess isn't bad! But I lost to three other guys! And there was 10 of us! We played a couple of other games, but I just messed around with those! Hahaha After that we went belt buckle shopping, but they were too expensive for me!! But I'm gonna get one eventually! Haha They are sick! Then we played some basketball, and emailed, then we just shopped, and went and had a baptismal interview with Jason! It was a good Monday! Jason should be getting baptized on Saturday!

Tuesday 2/10/15~ Officially my 5 month mark!! Pretty crazy! Any Who we had a good day! We did our normal studies in the morning! I had a good study! We then finished up our laundry! Guess what Mommy I did it! I'm actually good at laundry! Also I'm getting better at cooking, and I don't mind dishes anymore! Hahaha I'm actually growing Up! How about that?! Who woulda thunk? Then we were waiting to do a service project with Rob, then he canceled on us! So we went over to Bro Johnson's cause it was his last day! We talked to him for a little bit! He gave us some great advice for marriage, and what kinda wedding ring to buy!! Hahaha Then we stopped by one of our gators named Barbara, and her son Nolan! We talked with them for a little! Then Rob picked us up, and we headed to dinner at a members house! It was some really really good BBQ, it was chicken! Then we had some freaking great chocolate cake! It was great! We had a nice talk about the gospel and a lot of different things! All around a good day!! We taught two lessons so a little down, but we have a good looking day tomorrow so we'll see what happens! Where is Kelly!? Man the weather is on a cold spell down here! The temperatures have been in the 60's man that's grinding my gears! Hahaha Well I don't have much else to say! Have a good day broses Malone!!

Wednesday 2/11/15~ Well today was a great day!! We woke up and went to the Johnson's house! We had some good French toast! It wasn't as good as yours Chan (dad)! But it was good! We then got ready and went to district meeting! I didn't have to do anything this time around! Which was kinda nice! The Zone leaders were there though! Me and elder Willard had a great practice! We do role plays, where we practice teaching! And other missionaries act like the people we teach! I asked a super inspired question! It was great! After that we went to Taco Bell! We got a new zone leader last transfers! His name is Elder Tucker! He is a great guy! Freaking love him! The other Zone leader Elder Ferguson is awesome as Well! After that we went and visited some people! We saw Juanita agian! She's that awesome glory, praise Jesus woman! She's awesome! We had a great lesson with Her! Then after that we had dinner with the Smiths who are an awesome family! The. We went with Rob to teach the Moshers again! It was a KILLER lesson! We committed her son, and her boyfriend To a baptismal date! The spirit was SOOO strong as we shared the message of the restoration! I LOVED IT!! A great day! I was so stoked! We are killing it! Wednesday question "If you could drive any car what would it be?" 

Thursday 2/12/15~ TODAY WAS AWESOME!! First off Jason, one of our gators, got married! How cool is that!?!? I now have 5 baptisms and 1 marriage! Lol! Hahaha No, I'm so grateful that the Lord has blessed me enough to be a part of all this! Jason is now getting baptized on the 14th, or this Saturday! Miracles are happening! Jason had to get a license to get married, and when he did you usually have to wait three days to get married, but they waved it! So he could get married and baptized on the days we planned! So awesome! We also stopped by Bro Seawright again! He's a fire fighter, but he works out at the Kennedy space center fire station! Pretty sweet! We also stopped by a couple other people! And after the wedding we finished the night off by teaching Marisa! We shared a message about how we can love the savior more, and that's by showing our love. The way we do that is by keep the commandments! It was cool, because it was an on the spot lesson, but the spirit guided elder Willard and I to what we needed to say! By the end the spirit was strong and she was committed to coming to church! What a great day! A total of 6 lessons! We freaking killed it! So proud! We are literally on fire in the Cocoa East area! Just going H.A.M. Or hard as a missionary. Bang The church Is True! I love this! 

Mid week thought, we have our iPads, and stuff. And I put emojis in the plans we make. It's weird to think that my most used emojis are a turtle, a sunset, and a fist. So weird. 

Friday 2/13/15~ Today was an alright day! It was tough on old Willard! His girlfriend "Dear John" him...... Super awkward. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term it means to write off, or break up with! Not really to sure how to handle the situation! I think what I'm going to do is give him a couple of days! Let him just work it out, and be there when he needs someone! But when it's starts to effect the work, then I'm gonna tell him to cowboy up! This is the real world! This is also another reason that I'm glad I don't have a girlfriend! I don't have to worry about this crap. This sucks! It also sucks cause it's the day before valentines, and now I can't say happy valentines to him, or he'll start to cry or something! Hahaha Well pray for the guy! He could use the strength! Mean while Elder Crismon is contemplating valentines past and just shaking heads! I hate valentines!! Worst holiday ever. Just bad memories. LOL! Any who got a letter from my little cousin Sabrina today! And also a letter from Grandma and Gramdpa boo! Thank you for all the stuff! It really does make me so happy! We spend so much time out here thinking about other people, we start to wonder if anyone does the same for us, besides our parents! So that always helps! To any of you friends out there your more then welcome to write me! I promise I'll write on back! We just planned mostly today! It's planning day! Off course we had a good dinner with the Halls! Bro Hal, is a great guy! He's crazy! Hahah Then we went out with Rob, and followed the spirit to an awesome lesson with Barbara! I'm happy right now! We'll see how the Willard is tomorrow! Hopefully he's doing better! Cause we have a baptism tomorrow! The Lord is working miracles through us, and I'm so grateful! Through the Lord Jesus Christ we can do anything, and that is an eternal truth that I'm coming to know more and more every day! This church is true!!

Saturday 2/14/15~  Today was killer!! We had a good day! We first woke up and did the normal studies! Elder Willard was struggling, because he's pretty sad! He's kinda super bipolar about the whole thing! One minute he's all excited and feels good, the next he's like about to cry and wants her back! Haha It's like come on man! Haha but we pushed through! Gotta feel for him a little! Last night I was there for him and just listened to him vent for like an hour! He's definitely heart broken! But nothing the Savior or the gospel can't heal!! Plus I'm Hoping my ridiculous humor helps as well!, LOL but after our studies we went to do service with the other missionaries! We had a good time, and really helped some good people! Good old Rob has a scrapping addiction! Out here (I'm sure they do this every where) but people get scrap metal and turn it in for money! Like its huge!! Everyone does it! And they make bank! Well good ol' Rob is into it now as well!! I'll send a pic of him! He's a good guy! After all that we had to go prepare for JASONS baptism! It was fun! We had to fill up the font and stuff! It was a good time! We also helped Rob clean the church! That was a party! Not. Then JASONS baptism happened! It was good! Not a ton of people there, but hey it's Valentine's Day! What do yah expect?? Haha it was so awesome though! The spirit was so strong! I just love that feeling, that makes all the sacrifices and tough times worth it right there, to watch a man change his life for eternity! I love it! I'm so very grateful for the Lord and his hand in blessing me with so much! Also with an awesome family! I got the packages today! I freaking love them! You guys are the best! The camera works great, and I got some pictures already! Also the little games are great!!! And the agility ladder is perfect! It's the one John used! So that made me happy, and a little homesick! But I'm excited to get to work!! Love you all!!

Sunday 2/15/15~ today was a good day! It was Sunday! We went to church and Jason got confirmed a member of the church! That was cool and the spirit was super strong! It felt so good to help one more person realize what Christ can do for them! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be out here serving! It's truly a huge blessing! That makes 6 baptisms for good ol Elder Crismon! Then after church we went to go teach a woman named Barbara! She's so cool! We had originally dropped her, because it was so tough to meet with her! But she invited us over out of the blue! She had been reading the Book of Mormon! We had a great lesson with Her, we talked about a lot! We found out that she thinks that Joseph Smith is a prophet, and that the Book of Mormon is true! She said she was gonna keep praying for a spiritual confirmation! But we committed her to a baptism date right there! Such a miracle! The Lord works in mysterious ways! Haha After that we had dinner over at the Klines, and we had a great night! We hit 20 lessons this week! We had the best week that I've had on my mission thus far according to the numbers! So I'm super happy about that! The Lord is really blessing us this week! I love watching him use us as instruments in his hands! It's way dope! Forgot to mention that yesterday Rob was telling us what it's like to trip on acid..... Haha I'm never gonna do that crap! Robs story is truly amazing, and inspirational! Well I had a good week! I hope everyone had one as well!! Good luck to y'all!! 

Side note, next week our P-day will be on Tuesday! Due to a mission conference that will be held on Monday! Elder Zuick of the first quorum of the seventy will be there!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Email home February 9th

Well it's back! Here's what I did this week! Hope y'all enjoy this! I went hard! If any of you guys have questions please email. And also email me! I will respond! Hahaha love you guys!! 
The weekly Update......

Monday 2/2/15~today was a good day! So first thing we did is we went and got haircuts! I needed one, I was getting nappy....... Hahaha so now I'm not so nappy! So that's good I guess!! Then after that we went and emailed and stuff! It was really funny, on the way there. Elder Davis was driving, and I was chillin there in the front seat! Well we pulled out into the far right lane, and this girl behind us was goin real fast. So she had to slow down! Then elder Davis changed lanes, but realized he was in a turn lane, and had to change back! Well this crazy lady almost hit us and went around us! Then cut us off! Then she stepped out of her car and started to yell all sorts of bad things. Hahaha I think she thought we were a soccer mom cause we were in a van! But when she realized that we were six grown men in one car she decided to get back in the car and continue on..... Hahaha after that we emailed played some bball and went shopping! Then while me and elder Willard were cleaning up and preparing for an exchange a guy named Luke called us! I guess elder Willard and his old comp met him 9 weeks ago! He wanted us to come by! So we did and we taught him a little, and challenged him to read a chapter in the Book of Mormon! After that we went and started an exchange! So Elder Coon, the new guy, came with me! And Elder Willard went with the district leader Elder Davis! Elder Coon is a great guy! We talked about some sick stuff! I'll tell yah more in the next day! Remember "people die in bed, so does ambition." 

Tuesday 2/3/15~today was AWESOME!!!!!! Like holy cow! Me and Elder Coon went hard as crap! First off Elder Coon is awesome! We are very much alike. Except he BMX's and I played football! But other than that we are a lot alike! So we got along really well! And that's hugely important! So our unity was great! But we taught 5 lessons. Never up to this point in my mission have I taught 5 lessons in one day! First we taught Dan! He's a big football guy, and a southern baptist! He's been married to a Mormon for a while now! So he's starting to read the BOM and we challenged him to pray about it! Then after we taught brother "M"! He's a less active, but really wants to come back! He committed to come Sunday! Also as we taught I asked a KILLER question! I asked him "If the almighty creator of this expansive universe is our Heavenly Father, what does that mean for us?" It just brought the spirit SOOO hard! And then Elder Coon brought out some great scriptures! Just crazy! Then after we went and visited Sis "F"! She wasn't there though, so we talked with Kathy and taught her a little! Then after we taught another less active Sis "S". She's a very nice person, but kinda weird! Haha she's one of those lonely cat ladies.... My very fav! Hahahaha she always just tells us way to much, and likes to one up us since we're 50 years younger.... Hahah but it was good! Haha then we had dinner, made some good ol fashion chicken and rice.... Classy crap! Then we stopped by Barbra and met her son who just got outta jail! He's so great! He's one of those guys who you can tell really changed in there. He read the bible every day in jail, and he's interested in learning about our religion! So I'm pumped! Today was crazy! I felt the Lord use me and elder coon as instruments in His hands! I love this work, and I love the opportunity that it is to help, and touch the lives of others! 

Wednesday 2/4/15~ so today was a good day! A little weird but good! We did our usual studies! Then we went over to good ol Sis "F"! We went to see how she was doing! She was a little sick, but she's Doing good! Jack one of her roommates was there watching "keeping up with the kardashions" it was so weird to see that show! So then we did some IP or Internet proselyting.... Basically I post stuff on Facebook about Jesus! Which is cool! Then my companion had a conference call to get a Facebook! Then I fell asleep! Hahaha that was cra cra! So after that whole ordeal we went and saw a couple of less actives! That was cool! Then we had dinner with a very nice family the Jensen's! They were very quiet, so it was totally awkward.... Hahaha so after That! We taught that guy named Luke again from Monday's! The dude has some great questions! The whole time we were teaching he was smoking and using and E-cig. Haha which is ironic because we teach not to do that! But he don't know that yet! Haha then we went home!! Good day! Turtles 

The Wednesday question... What do you want to be when you grow up??

Thursday 2/5/15~ Thursday was a good day! To kick it off we had ZTM! Which stands for zone training meeting! In a mission it's very structured. The mission is separated into zones, and the zones are then separated into districts. Then the districts into areas! There are two missionaries in an area, about 8 in a district, and about 30 In a zone! There are district leaders(DL), zone leaders(ZL), and assistants to the President(AP). The AP's help the mission president, and have authority over the whole mission! They are great guys! Everyone always jokes that'll I'll be one, idk why cause I'm freakin weird. Well a ZTM is when a zone gets together to learn and stuff! Well I gave a 7 minute spiritual thought to kick it off! President was there so that made it a little nerve racking! But apparently I killed it! So I was pumped about that! The Zone leaders said It was powerful! The scripture I used was Romans 8:37-39. It's awesome! Very deep, and it shows the love of our Heavenly Father! It goes great with John 3:16. Then after that we went to chipotle, and I elder with Elder Jaden Johnson! So that was cool! I would've taken a picture, but me camera is broken! So yeah, poop. Anywho after that we went home, and did some teaching! We taught bro Johnson, and we helped him clean his house! Cause it got broken into, we live in the white ghetto. Like he's pretty sure it was the kids next door, Hahahahahaha. Then we got a list of peeps to go see! After that we had a hand off lesson with Luke and some missionaries in the next area Down! So it was a good day! We went hard. Taught some lessons and had a great time! This church is true! And the book is blue! If any of you have questions please email me and ask! They can be about anything, from the gospel to what I ate for breakfast, besides I enjoy emails!

Friday 2/6/15~ today was good! We had a long one though! Today was weekly planning A! Which is when we plan for the next week! It's about a 4 hour time period in which we go through everyone we teach and prayerfully plan what we need to teach them! It is long and grueling! But we did it! So yeah buddy! Hahaha we did our normal studies first! Then we went to IP! And did our stuff there! The. I made some killer chicken, veggies, and rice! I went Asian in the kitchen for a sec There! Then we did the weekly planning! Then good ol Rob came and got us! He's a crazy man! He's been through a lot! He used to deal maryjane, and do some crazy crap! But he's come back, and gotten through that! But he's a great member! So we went to meet this less active family, and BANG miracle! I guess they had been thinking about coming back, and their oldest kid hasn't been baptized! So we were an answer to their prayers! Then we stopped by Barbra and her son who just got out of prison! He's interested and wants us to teach him! Him and Rob got along great! They are very much a like! Any who, after we had a great dinner with bro. Domino! He's this super sick black guy! He's like 75, he used to be the bishop, but now he's a sealer in the temple! His wife had a stroke a while ago, and she is now physically impaired! It's sad, but he's got so much faith it's nuts! It was kinda awkward because literally it was quiet the entire time we ate, Hahahahahaha! We all must have been hungry, because we just be chowin! Hahaha then we shared a great mormon message, "men's hearts shall fail them" it's great one check it out! Then we didn't do to much after That! So yeah good day! Great quote "if what you did yesterday seems big, you haven't done anything today." Lou Holtz  #bang 

Saturday 2/7/15~ well today was killer! We had a great day! We started off with the normal studies! Then during companionship study we got a call from a member! She wanted us to give her baby a blessing! So we went over there, and it kinda turned into us giving the whole family a blessing! Hahaha all 7 kids and the parents! It was really cool actually! Then after we did our IP and stuff! Haha then we had lunch, and meet Rob and the other Elders! We were gonna do some service for a member, but she wasn't there! Then after that we did some random stuff, and then we went and tought the family that Rob introduced us to the day before! We had a KILLER lesson! It was great! The spirit of the Lord was so strong and they were hanging on every word! It was awesome! I love with all my heart being a missionary, I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. You could see how the spirit touched this family! It was so amazing! Then after we were all hyped, and had some dinner! Got another Letter from Carter Miller, freaking love that guy! He just seems to know what to say to me when I need it!! After that we went and met with Jason! And he's getting. Baptized a week from today!!! So crazy! I'm so excited! After that we helped good ol Robbie boy clean the church! Hahaha thought I was done with that for two years! Hahah oh well! What a great day! And we hit 20 lessons for the week! Which is the mission standard of excellence! So HECK YEAH!! #goingtowork #FOM #ThisChurchIsTrue

Sunday 2/8/15~ we had a good Sunday! We did our normal routine, in the morning! Which consists of showering, studying for an hour, and studying with our comp for an hour! Then we waited for a little to get a ride to church! We got one! Then we went to ward council! Which basically is just the leadership of the local congregation. We tell them what we did the last week! Then we just have church! Love church! After we went to the Johnson's! They are going back to Utah! Good for them the promise land! Man I love Utah! After going outta state, I just realize how great it is there! I freakin Miss the mountains! Like goodness! Then after that we went to sister Derosa's! There was a rocket launch, and she lives on the river front and has a great view of its take off! But they scrubbed it! So we just taught her a lesson about the temple and how great it is! We had a great freakin week! We taught 22 lessons! That is great! We had some of the best numbers in the mission for the week!! So pumped about that! Well I like turtles! And I have no idea what the crap I wanna be when I grow up! I'm thinking a coach! Lol.  Have fun back home everyone! #ifreakinliketurtles #donkeybrolic