Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekly Update 6/22/15


                  Good morning ladies and gentlemen!!!!!!!! Let me tell you about this marvelous week that has just transpired here in the greatest area/district in the entire zone!! It truly was one for the books, one full of fun, pain, and laughter!! I must start off by thanking the lord for blessing me so immensely here in this area. And by letting me be a missionary here in this the greatest time in the history of the world!!

                  Well the first thing I'd like to bring up is pain, and laughter. So on Thursday morning I was feeling pretty darn good! I was ready for a killer study!! After I had prayed, I was thirsty, and wanted water! So as I was turning to get up a needle that mysteriously appeared on the ground (like seriously don't know how it got there) went into my big toe, and then about 3/4 of it broke off into my toe. It was painful..... HAHAHAHAHAHA so I had to call the mission nurse, and stuff. Then on Friday I had it removed. It was crazy he had to use a knife and everything!!!! It was like surgery!!! Luckily the doctor was a return missionary!!! It was a cool day!! Haha I was pretty nervous though! I'm grateful it's behind me now!!! The doctor said it was one of the funniest things he seen!! Cool part is I got to keep the needle, so now it's on my desk!! Hahaha it's a reminder of the pain that I went through, and the need to vacuum.......

                 So another great thing is that my district is absolutely killing it. We all had great weeks. The zone leaders actually said that my district hasn't done this well in a very long time!! Something I'm super grateful for!! The Lord is blessing us a lot! I guess we are just saying our prayers!! Haha I love my district, even though they are all sister missionaries!!! I've come closer to them each day! It's really interesting to have all sisters in your district as a leader! It adds a different element that you have to account for when leading them. Like they are motivated different then other missionaries!! So I have to find a way to get them going!! Apparently that's what I've done!! But really it's all the Lord just blessing us!!

                This week we've also done a lot of on the spot teaching which is great!! We've found 5 new gators each of the past two weeks. This area is now booming, and I love it!! Now we just have to get the new gators to progress, and then ultimately to be baptized and converted! To this the true church! My companion is pretty awesome as well and we are getting along pretty well!!  So I really cannot complain about how things are going!!!

               Well this will be a little shorter, but in closing I'd like to just tell everyone who is reading these emails that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true!! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind!! I've seen way to many miracles, and I've felt the spirit of God testify to me that this is true. Joesph Smith did in fact see God the father and Jesus Christ. This church is true, the only way that anyone can know of this for themselves is by testing the doctrine and trying what we teach. Then feeling the happiness and fulfillment that comes from living the truth!! I know it's true and I love it!!! I hope to hear from you guys soon!!! 

Elder Crismon!!!!!

 The needle that was in his toe! OUCH!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Weekly Update 6/15/15

 Looking good in his Mickey hat!!
A great shot he took of the Orlando Temple!

Weekly update, 

               Well another day in paradise, or another week in paradise. This is seriously the best area in all of the Florida Orlando mission. For a couple of reasons. Mainly just cause it's awesome! We had a great week!! Full of lots of different things, and adventures!! Also lots of learning, and miracles!! I'm excited to share with you guys!!

               So first thing I will share is that Wednesday was my first district meeting. First one ever that I was in charge of conducting and putting together! We do one every week, and the week before was another meeting, so I got a break!! But I was very very stressed about it!!! Like holy cow, I thought I was gonna die. Of course we also had an exchange that day with the zone leaders! Which meant that the zone leaders would be coming to my first one!! So we get there and we get all set up and everyone starts arriving!! Then suddenly the Assistants to the president come..... Like poop. I just about died. I love those guys and I'm good friends with them!! They just stress me out. Especially since they report straight to president about how leaders are doing and help him with transfers. So... poop. I also had to give a training!!  Well everything went well, and the district meeting went great actually, it was good for my first one. And the assistants were impressed with how I conducted myself! Apparently they were saying very good things about me to the zone leaders!!! So that's very exciting!! Wahoooooo at least some body likes me!!!!! 

               Cool miracle that happened this week! So Elder Lavin and I were at the walk again. We were just trying to talk to everyone, and pick up some people to teach! Well they were just not having it! Haha Elder Lavin told me that he had never ever taught someone on the spot at the walk. Just because it's too hard..... Well I kinda took that as a challenge. We were going to teach someone on the spot! Well a couple minutes later this guy named Darian walks by! Well we start talking to him! And bang miracle!! He had been kinda going through a hard time and he was looking for a church and had questions about life. He then told us that one of his best friends from where he was from had just passed away the day before. It was cool cause we answered his prayers. Now we are going back to teach him tomorrow! So that is very exciting!

               Well another cool thing that happened this week! Is we went on exchanges! We went with the zone leaders! Because that's who the district leaders report to and stuff. Well I got to go with Elder Gooch!! And holy crap it was amazing! We had one of the craziest days of my mission!! We were literally running to appointments, because we didn't have enough time! Haha We also almost rolled our car at one point. It was raining, and the car in front of us suddenly slammed on his brakes, and Gooch had to get out of the way. So he swerved to the side, down a hill! We almost rolled, but something keep us on the ground! Then miraculously we were able to drive out of the mud, up a hill, and back onto the road.... it was the coolest day ever. Plus this all transpired on my 9 month mark!! Elder Gooch taught me a lot, and he told me that I was doing great! And that I just needed to keep on working! And keep being an example to my district! 

              Alright time for a funny story! Anhh yes, so on Saturday Elder Lavin and I ventured into the ghetto... We had an appointment with a guy named Robert! Well he was there. And we taught him and his friend Mike! It was actually a really cool lesson! Mike was prepared. But they asked us and told us some funny crap... Haha Well first off when we got there it smelt like weed, and I mean it was like dank. They noticed I smelt it was they asked "what's that smell?" Then they both busted out laughing! Also later on they were asking us about what we do as missionaries! We told them some stuff, and answered their questions! Finally out of the blue one of them asks, if we hang out with girls. We said no, not in the way they are implying! Haha Then one asked if we were virgins..... Hahahaha We both said yes. And they like freaked out!!! They were like "Ya'll must be frustrated!!!!" Hahahaha They couldn't wrap there heads around the idea that we were virgins...... It was hilarious! Then they asked if they had to be a Virginia to join the Mormon church, and we said no! They both were like "goodness, I was just about to kick ya'lls butts out!!" It was crazy!! Haha 

              Well it was another good week. Full of lots of funny times, and miracles and cool people and stuff! The area I'm in had one of the best weeks it's had in about three months, possibly longer. So we are doing work! The district though is not doing so well. All of the other areas are struggling, and I have to find ways to motivate, and inspire them to get it going. I'm excited to do that! It's going to be a great week! I hope ya'll have an absolutely great week as well!!

Elder Crismon

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weekly Update 6/8/15

Well it's been another heck of a week. It's actually been one of the most stressful weeks of my mission. But at the same time it's been one of the most exciting and exhilarating weeks of my mission. The new area I'm in is absolutely amazing. It actually has the reputation of being the best area in the Florida Orlando mission. I'm in love with it, and with being a district leader. Although that is super stressful.... Well drum mm rollllllllll.........

My new area is the Bueno Vista YSA ward!!!!!!!!!!!! (YSA= Young Single Adults)

          This is the YSA ward that covers Disney world, and all the people that work there. The best part is that being a YSA missionary you get special permission to do things other missionaries cannot. Examples are.... Playing volleyball on Wednesday with the YSA peeps, going to family home evening with the YSA peeps, we have two sacrament meetings, we can go anywhere in the stake (which is the size of Sandy and Draper put together), we get to go to the College program housing for Disney world and talk to hundreds of people from all over the world!!!! This area is literally the best. We live in a very nice apartment and have a nice car. Literally I've woken up like everyday and pinched myself cause this is the best area. I actually get to hang out with all the Disney characters at church!! (Except they aren't dressed up) which also means I get to meet all the Disney princesses!!!!!! #killinit Another cool thing that I get to do once a week is some service for the temple!!! It's pretty awesome! Then afterword they feed us way good burritos!!!

         Another cool thing is Universal Studios is actually just down the road and last night on the way home from night church we got to see the fireworks. Basically I'm in the middle of all the action around here. As we drive to church we drive past Magic Kingdom in Disney world. Our church is just down the road. The only down side I can see, well it's not really even a down side, is we talk to pretty girls all day. Like it's ridiculous, #lockupyourheart, it’s also very awkward cause I'm not used to talking to pretty girls so this last week has been full of awkward convos.... LOL.... Elder Lavin is my new companion!! He says we just kinda practice flirting, but we use the gospel. It works too!! 

        Well the week has been super stressful because I'm a district leader. Holy cow, they have responsibilities!! Every night I call all the sisters in my district (oh yeah there is no elders in my stewardship, just 6 sisters and me and my comp!) that is nuts.... Every night I have to talk to them and make sure they be doing good!! But I also love it cause I really get to know them!! At the end of the week I have to get all their numbers and report them to the zone leaders, then the next morning I account with them on their efforts! I encourage them to do better, and help them know how to do better!! Then I account with the zone leaders about my district and how they are doing!!! The other thing I do is plan district meeting once a week!!! I guess I'm just learning how to be responsible, it's about time, Mommy you'd be proud!

        It's just been a crazy week, full of good times!! Elder Lavin is my new companion!! He's from San Diego, California!! He's a great guy!! And he's been out 1 month and a half longer then I have!!! We are already having a blast round here!!! Hahaha I've met some cool people!!! 

        Funny story time.... First day in the area Elder Lavin takes me to "the walk". This place is famous in the mission. It's right by Disney and it’s where all the young people who work at Disney live who are from out of the country and state. The reason it's "the walk" is cause they are walking to their job, or to the store, and often don't have time to talk! Or want to talk! Well there is a lot of pretty girls! Haha So first day and there is this girl coming along! Elder Lavin is like you've got this! So I go for it, and well I blew it. I kept like choking on words, and when I asked for her number she gave me this strange look (actually it's the look most girls give me when I ask for their number...) Hahahaha but it was funny!!! Then a little later on, I was talking to these Indian girls, and they kept getting up in my grill and stuff. It was awkward, Elder Lavin said they had a crush on me... #nahhhhh

          Well I'm in good hands, and in a good area. I love it already. I'm super excited to see what this next transfer has in store. We had ZTM this last week, and I gave a short training. The zone leaders said it was great, and that they are excited for me to lead this district. I'm grateful for the chance and excited as well. I pray that the Lord will help me to lead them in the right direction! They are struggling, but I think that's why I was sent here. Just need to get them motivated and ready to work. Most importantly though I need them to believe! As Christ said "all things are possible into them that believe" so now we are gonna apply that in this area of HIS vineyard. Love you all very very much! Thank you for all the support!! I hope you all have an amazing week!!!

Love, Elder Crismon

Monday, June 1, 2015

Pictures from May 2015

 Carter and some other missionaries from his Kissimmee North area!
 I had no idea that Carter was so talented with Play dough! Haha!
Carter's favorite family from this area- the Hefner's! :)

Weekly Update 6/1/15

Weekly update!

               Ah haaaa!!! Well this was a very good week. It was full of good times, and spiritual experiences, and sadness, and happiness, and excitement, and nervousness. If you can imagine all of those feelings rolled up into a ball then that's just about how I'm feeling at this point!! The reason being is this was the last week of this transfer! Good old week 6!!! Both Elder Hamp and I were expecting Elder Hamp to get transferred, or for us to stay together! Well the Lord had a different plan in mind! I'm getting transferred. I don't know where to! But I'm pretty much freaking out! Haha It actually sucks for me, because this was and is my favorite area so far, along with Elder Hamp being my favorite companion so far! It really sucks for me to have to say goodbye to all the great people I've met in this area. The only thing that runs through my head is the words of the Song, "I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord"! Well pray for me, and my new area! I'm excited though to go and help other people! And meet new awesome members!

              Well enough of that crap, we'll get on to the last week and different funny, and spiritual things that took place! 

              The first thing I'd like to mention is a really funny story that happened to me. So some missionaries that work in an area close to ours were handing off a young man for me and Elder Hamp to teach. This young mans name is Chris! He's a great guy and very nice! Well whenever missionaries do a hand off lesson generally there will be four of us. Depending on the situation the old two may leave, that way the person doesn't feel over whelmed! But this time the four of us and Chris were having fun! Well we were in the garage, and Chris brought out these flimsy plastic chairs for us to sit on. We began and started to go through the discussion. Well about half way through, I leaned back on my chair. Then slowly and comically the chair bent and I fell out da back. Luckily I didn't break the thing, it just bent and I fell out, then it bent back to place! Haha I got up very embarrassed, and looked at the other guys in there, and they all started to crack up..... It was actually very very funny as I look back. But at the time I wanted to curl up in the fetal position and cry..... LOL!

               Well time for a miracle!! So on Friday we do weekly planning. That's the day that we plan everything out for the coming week. Needless to say it takes forever. Like #4hours. So it definitely can be hard. But we were doing good and focusing. We had this investigator that we hadn't heard from in a little while. So we decided to call her. She was way solid, and very interested when we first met her, but since then she had been really busy and we hadn't been able to meet with her! Well we called and got a hold of her! We talked for a little bit, and she was working and doing good! We caught her on her break! Well she then asked what the church address was, and then informed us that she would be attending this coming week. So that stuff just doesn't happen!!!!!! It was freaking sweet! That was the last thing that Elder Hamp and I expected!! She actually told her boss, while she was on the phone with us, not to call her in cause she was going to church!!! Hahaha The best part is that she came! She enjoyed it and now she is gonna be a very solid person to teach in the coming weeks for Elder Hamp and his companion!!

               Well I am really sad to leave this area. It's gonna be a bummer to leave and on Saturday of next week the family that I love is getting baptized. I don't know why but every time that I have someone who is getting baptized, I get transferred the week before it seems like!!! LOL! Hahaha I am still excited for them! I am also excited to go to my next area. It's gonna be a challenge, and fun, and I'm going to meet lots of new people. Another reason I'm very nervous is I got a call from President Berry on Sunday night. Informing me that I have been called to be a district leader in my next area. That's definitely nerve racking. So pray for me there. I love you all very much, and pray for your welfare! I hope your all doing good!! 

                 In closing I'd like to just say a few words! I'd like to declare that I know that work in which I, Elder Johnson, Elder Richards, and 90,000 other missionaries around the world are engaged in is Gods very truth. I know that the Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ. For those of you who have never read it or discredited it, I challenge you to read it and take the challenge of Moroni and to "ask God, the eternal father in the name of Christ if the book is not true" I know he'll answer your prayer. Because he answered mine, and millions of others. I know this church is true, I've seen the fruits of my labors. And the fruits of living the gospel, nothing brings more happiness. Most of all I know that Jesus Christ lives, that he did in reality suffer for me and everyone who has ever lived. I also know that there is no other name given in heaven or earth whereby men can be saved in the kingdom of God. The church is true and the book is blue ladies and gentlemen. I pray that I maybe an instrument in the hands of God to bring about much good. Until next week I bid farewell!!! 


Love, Elder Crismon