Thursday, October 9, 2014

Letter home from 9/18/14

Dear Crismon Family! Thank you for the letter! I hope the 1 Direction concert was everything you hoped for! The MTC is crazy, on Tuesday we had a devotional. Apostle Richard G Scott came and talked! It was awesome! He talked of prayer and how truly important it is! I've already learned so much! The MTC is basically a giant crash course on how to teach doctrine in a simple way. Haha I love it! They say that you don't truly understand something until you can explain it simply! That is crazy about all the changes in the home Ward. Tell Will that the new Young Men's Presidency is a good thing! Bishop is inspired of God and they were put in for a reason! I know Trevor was put in to help me out! I'm not sure if I would have kept going if not for him! It's crazy being out here! We leave for Florida on Monday morning so expect a call! :) And mark your calendars- my official end date is Sept 5th 2016! I've been taking lots of pictures for you! we started teaching our TRC's on Monday. They are practice investigators for us. we got Patty who lost a son and doesn't believe in God. She said she's been looking into near death experiences and I was able to share a couple of stories. Anyway, each time we've taught her the spirit has been AMAZING!! She has faith and says if she finds it to be true she'll be baptized! Now she just has to read the Book of Mormon. It is the most amazing book on earth and has helped me so much! Let me give you guys a tip- write down a question you have, it could be about anything, then pray for the spirit and read the Book of Mormon. I promise you will get an answer! It's awesome! Heavenly Father loves all of us and He will help us. Pray often, read the Book of Mormon and endure! And as it says in 2 Nephi 31:20 "Ye shall have eternal life...saith the Father." Anyways, I love and pray for you guys and I'll see you very soon! Expect that call soon! God be with you all, MUCH LOVE!

Elder Carter Crismon

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