Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Officially a Floridian! And one week down!

I LOVE FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week has been crazy!! My companion is Elder Bagshaw! (pictured above) He is from Dallas Texas!! He is a great guy and has been out for 6 months!! He has taught me a lot!! There is so much to tell and so little time!! So I must say that there is a God, and he loves us!! Never have I seen so many miracles in one week!! The Lord is with us wherever we go! We were walking along in a neighborhood and we were knocking doors, and we came across a Muslim... he wants to learn about the gospel, we sat and talked for 30 minutes. He was a great guy! Everywhere we go we talk to people. Its crazy!! Last night we were syncing ipads, (I'll get mine in 2 weeks) and as we walked out we ran into the AP's and then we talked for literally 10 seconds, and this guy named Luka came up to us, he said he didn't know how he had gotten there but that he wanted to talk to us. Looking back we were supposed to teach another person but they fell through, so we went to the church. If they hadn't have fallen through we wouldn't have ran into him and the AP's!! How crazy is that!!! We already helped with 3 blessings!! Everyone loves us!! ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT HEREEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Gosh I'm gonna loose 100 pounds!!! Maybe I'll finally get a girlfriend!! hahaha Anywho, another cray story, during lunch me and Elder Bagshaw were talking about back home and girls..... and as we started to talk about girls (and the girl I was gonna talk about shall remain unnamed) lightning struck right outside our apartment.... hahahaha "The lord has spoken said Elder Bagshaw" it was great!!! Our apartment is great!! It's one of the nicer ones in the mission!! Love it!! Also I make wicked good sandwiches!! hahaha I had this crazy vision experience. One night I was kinda scared, and was feeling alone, and I closed my eyes and this image popped into my head!! It was of angles standing around us as we slept. I felt the love of our Lord and Savior, and of God. It was amazing. He is with us always. I can testify of that. We went to this less active members house, and they started to bag on the church, and threw a lot of anti-Mormon stuff at us. It was horrible and saddening. The spirit of the adversary was strong. I HATED IT anywho we went back home and we prayed together. We asked why we had been exposed to this stuff, and what we needed to learn. It was a trial of faith. We grew together and the spirit testified the truthfulness of the everlasting gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is true and I can promise you that! PLEASE READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!! That family stopped reading and that's why they fell. I'll write you more!!  I love you lots!!! Thank you for the package you are awesome!! love you lots!!!

(Pictured above: all of the missionaries who arrived the same day as Carter!)

PS: Send all my stuff to the mission home address and they will forward it to me!! We already have a baptismal date for an investigator! On November 8th!!!!! Also I'm in the hunters creek zone. We live right across the street from the mission home, and right by the mission office!! We are right next to Disney World and Seaworld!!!! I can hear fireworks sometimes at night!! We need to go back there!! and it would be more fun since I know the area now!!! love you guys!!!

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