Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Welcome Home Email

The Relief Society President sent out this email the day Carter arrived home:

"Good afternoon sisters,

It is another joyous day as we welcome home yet another missionary!

You have had the opportunity to learn of Christ as you have developed a personal study of the scriptures,  You drew strength through prayer to be a light to all nations.  You have developed a relationship with your Heavenly Father and your Savior, Jesus Christ, as you set worthy goals and then worked hard to achieve them.  You were invited to arise and shine forth and be a keeper of the light.  "Behold, I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  I am the life and light of the world. "  Jesus Christ lived his entire life as a beacon of light for each of us to follow. He lights the way for us to return and live in the presence of Heavenly Father.  His words to us are. "Behold I am the light, I have set an example for you."  Just as the great keepers of the light stand alone in the calm or treacherous seas.... You were called to arise and stand unwavering.... to be a light that would lead others to safety.  You had a divine call to let your light shine, to be a guide to those around you.  You have experienced the calm seas of peace, happiness and joy.  You have also come to know that true happiness is found through obedience to God's commandments.  Real joy comes through service.  Peace comes not from what you do, but from who you really are.  Heavenly Father knows you, and loves you.

Welcome home Elder Crismon!
We love you!"

A Joyous Reuinion! Aug 17, 2016

 ON August 17th the day FINALLY came! Carter was coming HOME!
 He had quite a crowd to welcome him! And we were NOT quiet! Haha!
Mom was first in line to give him a HUGE hug!!!
 This was a long time coming! And it was awesome!
 Dad was next!!
 And sister was thrilled to see him and get that first hug too!
 Brother just wanted a silly selfie for social media! Haha! Have to announce to all he is home!
 Then it was time for a few nice pictures! The siblings are all back together!
 The family together again! :)
 His best friends from high school Tanner and Erika came out to welcome him home too!
 As well as Gamma and Papa Crismon and Dakota!
 His Aunt Brooke and Uncle Mark made it out too! :)
 Looking good on his new iphone Dad got for him! And of course it was Kamal calling him! This is a daily occurance! Haha!
 Our missionary is home!
 This tie is one that was made for him by Elder Dickson!

After leaving the airport, we spent some time out running errands as Carter left A LOT in Florida to make his bags lighter! We also went for a bite to eat at Black Bear Diner before meeting up with President Davies for Carter to be released. That meeting was bitter sweet. It was wonderful to hear details about his mission service he shared with us and President Davies before he was officially released. It was not an easy thing for him to remove his Missionary Tags but President Davies urged him to place them somewhere he would see them daily as a reminder. He also gave Carter his photo that had been hanging in the Stake office there and told him how proud of him he was, as are WE!! Welcome Home Elder Crismon!!!

Letter & Certificate from President Clark