Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekly Update 6/22/15


                  Good morning ladies and gentlemen!!!!!!!! Let me tell you about this marvelous week that has just transpired here in the greatest area/district in the entire zone!! It truly was one for the books, one full of fun, pain, and laughter!! I must start off by thanking the lord for blessing me so immensely here in this area. And by letting me be a missionary here in this the greatest time in the history of the world!!

                  Well the first thing I'd like to bring up is pain, and laughter. So on Thursday morning I was feeling pretty darn good! I was ready for a killer study!! After I had prayed, I was thirsty, and wanted water! So as I was turning to get up a needle that mysteriously appeared on the ground (like seriously don't know how it got there) went into my big toe, and then about 3/4 of it broke off into my toe. It was painful..... HAHAHAHAHAHA so I had to call the mission nurse, and stuff. Then on Friday I had it removed. It was crazy he had to use a knife and everything!!!! It was like surgery!!! Luckily the doctor was a return missionary!!! It was a cool day!! Haha I was pretty nervous though! I'm grateful it's behind me now!!! The doctor said it was one of the funniest things he seen!! Cool part is I got to keep the needle, so now it's on my desk!! Hahaha it's a reminder of the pain that I went through, and the need to vacuum.......

                 So another great thing is that my district is absolutely killing it. We all had great weeks. The zone leaders actually said that my district hasn't done this well in a very long time!! Something I'm super grateful for!! The Lord is blessing us a lot! I guess we are just saying our prayers!! Haha I love my district, even though they are all sister missionaries!!! I've come closer to them each day! It's really interesting to have all sisters in your district as a leader! It adds a different element that you have to account for when leading them. Like they are motivated different then other missionaries!! So I have to find a way to get them going!! Apparently that's what I've done!! But really it's all the Lord just blessing us!!

                This week we've also done a lot of on the spot teaching which is great!! We've found 5 new gators each of the past two weeks. This area is now booming, and I love it!! Now we just have to get the new gators to progress, and then ultimately to be baptized and converted! To this the true church! My companion is pretty awesome as well and we are getting along pretty well!!  So I really cannot complain about how things are going!!!

               Well this will be a little shorter, but in closing I'd like to just tell everyone who is reading these emails that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true!! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind!! I've seen way to many miracles, and I've felt the spirit of God testify to me that this is true. Joesph Smith did in fact see God the father and Jesus Christ. This church is true, the only way that anyone can know of this for themselves is by testing the doctrine and trying what we teach. Then feeling the happiness and fulfillment that comes from living the truth!! I know it's true and I love it!!! I hope to hear from you guys soon!!! 

Elder Crismon!!!!!

 The needle that was in his toe! OUCH!

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