Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Missionary Rap!

Carter sent home a missionary rap this week! I HAD to share! It's hilarious!

Beep beep beep, off goes the alarm, feelin' so tired I thought I lived on a farm. Memories of the MTC fill my head as I take a pee, the rest of these Elders be callin me big ol' C. Fillin my head with aspirations to be an AP. After 5 months everyone already wants to be like me, but then President told me to read up on humility. Now I'm studying everyday that PMG everyday from 8-10 me and my companion in a place of zen. Comps kinda sick, he's coughing up flem. That's okay cause we never gonna stop, even if I get arrested I'll convert the cop. I'm thinkin' nick knack patty whack the rest of these churchs are kinda wack. Being a missionary you get some flack, but thats okay cause I know the Lord's got my back! Tought 4 lessons today, it was productive cause we biked up and down Fay, for those of you that don't know that's a street, when I play B-Ball I sink shots like pistol Pete. I must thank the Lord or this rap wouldn't be complete. Now excuse me I'm gonna go take a sheet, as in hit the sack!


Elder Crismon

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