Thursday, October 9, 2014

Email Home on Oct 6th

So this week it's been good, but tough!! I learned a lot and have grown as well!! It all ended in a great conference! Anyways funny stories!! So I had to go to Walgreens to get stamps and to get other stuff and I got to the front to check out and there was a black lady working there! She was awesome! She asked for a Walgreens card and I said that I didn't have one! She then looked at my name tag and then at me and said, "So your into saving souls but not money huh?" Hahahaha I LOLed!!! I  SAW A TURTLE!!!!!!!!!!! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!!!!!!!!! Greatest day ever! This weeks miracle... so we were knocking on doors and it wasn't going well. We finally decided to knock one last door- the spirit told us too. We knocked on the door and this woman answered and she looked flabbergasted... we were like okay... so we asked what was up, and she said she had been looking on and at Mormon messages! It was crazy and she said she has been praying about it too!!!!!!!! It was awesome!! We are gonna start teaching her soon!! Anywho... if your ever worried read D&C 31:6 it is awesome!! Anyways keep trying to do what I tell you its SOOOO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!! Also have Will watch the power of God Mormon message!!!!!!!!!! love you all I'll write you!!!!!!

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