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Email Home on January 26, 2015

The weekly update. 
Right on! The first two appear to have been successful! That's good I guess..... Lol

Monday 1/19/15- well after p-day we had what's called a district P-day! So that was cool! We played what's called gator ball! Which is like soccer, football, and basketball put together! It's crazy! We also played some other games! Haha After that we went shopping and stuff! Got some broccoli..... That was good, also some carrots. So that's cool! Hahaha then we went to the Johnson's for dinner! That was great! It was their daughters birthday! So we had some cake! And guess what Chan I ATE A MUSHROOM!!!!!!! It was crazy, and I hated it.... Hahaha oh well I guess it's a step in the right direction lol! Hahaha We didn't do too much after that! Good day! Enjoyed all the emails! Love everyone!! 

Tuesday 1/20/15- thoughts on the day.... Love watching storms brew over ocean. Like there are just giant storms brewing over there, and they never really hit us. But they are big and menacing. Also just south of us, apparently is a very large crack head population. Like I guess cocoa has a lot of crack heads, and a big illegal drug business! Today was a good day! We went and had three lessons! We had a member present, and two less actives! I was pumped! We then just helped "R" out with some more stuff!!! We actually went to be witnesses for him at a church disciplinary hearing! It was crazy!! We didn't do much! And then afterwards we got to watch the latter half of the launch of a rocket! It's payload was a new military satellite for the navy! It was cool Dad, we actually saw the different parts fall off and stuff! Loved it! Now I'm on exchanges with Elder Davis! He's a great guy from Payson Utah!! We are gonna have a good time! 

"Fear can keep us up all night, but Faith makes one fine pillow" elder Davis's fortune cookie.

"People die in bed and so does ambition." Joseph Feilding Smith

"When obedience ceases to be an irritant, and becomes our quest, in that moment God will endow us with power." Ezra Taft Benson 

Wednesday 1/21/15- so today was probably the craziest day of my mission. So me and Elder Davis woke up and got to our studies! Haha Also we made a smoothie with carrots, spinach, strawberries, mango, banana, all sorts of fruits and yogurt. Weirdest thing I've ever had! Hahaha Then we went to district meeting and had a good time there! Then we went to Taco Bell, where I had one taco, cause it's all my funds would allow! Haha Then we got a call from president, for Elder Pinate! He got his call to a new mission! So we had to end exchanges early, went our separates ways! Elder Pinate got called to Washington! He's on a mini mission right now! He's from Miami, they wanted to make sure he could handle the stress! So now he's going there in a week! But during that time me and Elder Willard, taught three lessons, and talked to a ton of people! It was great! We were so productive for that time! Then at 7:00 the other elders finally returned! Haha they left at 2:30..... Hahaha traffic I guess was bad! Then we had some chicken, and decided to start over our exchange! Hahaha so now we are on round two me and district leader elder Davis! So wish us luck we are excited! He's a great guy, and we get along really well!! But really weird day! It was good and productive! I was happy! Everyone is talking about transfers coming up! No one knows what the crap is gonna happen! And I'm getting all anxious! Haha We'll know Saturday!!

Thursday 1/22/15- so today was super fun! We were on exchanges! I was with elder Davis! That was a good time! Haha We did our studies and stuff! And I made some good eggs, I was proud! We did studies then we went to IP! We face booked and stuff and I posted for the second time which was cra cra. I got three likes! Lol. Then we went back and had some lunch! We had chicken sandwiches! And I'm so proud of myself. I made brownies. Like decent brownies! It's freaking awesome! I was PUMPED!! After that we had a lot of knocking to do! So we knocked on at least 75 doors!! That was great! Nothing to crazy happened! Then we had dinner at a buffet! It was another oriental Buffet. It was good! Then we had a lesson with a 13 year old girl, and "R" and his daughter came with us! It was super frustrating because we didn't get a lot of words out! "R" kinda took over! It was super annoying! Uggggggg. But we got control and it was successful in the end! Then we went home, I exchanged and I freaking crashed in bed! Hahaha it was a good day!!

Friday 1/23/15- today was Good. We did a lot! We had a good member meal! We then did some planning! Then we got a replacement phone! Because ours has been broken for the last couple of days! We had to yell in it for people to hear us! It was quite comical! Hahahaha so finally we got a new phone! We was happy! :) Then we did our planning! The weekly planning session of death. Hahaha Then after we taught this awesome woman named "B"! She rides horses and is from the south! She likes horses, guns, and the bible! But she loves the church! So she's a new gator! After that we taught "J" and set a date with him for baptism!!!!! How great! Then we gave "R" a blessing afterwords! It was great! What a great day! So funny though, Dad sent me a friend request on Facebook! Hahaha I told him that I can't add him! So I had to say no..... Hahaha so weird to deny your dad as your Facebook friend! Hahaha also with "R", we went down a road that he used to buy crack on. It was creepy, like you could literally feel the evil that existed there. It was really really creepy!! Hahaha love you all!! Tomorrow I find out if I'm getting transferred or not! It's crazy!!!!! Love you so much! Turtles!!

Saturday 1/24/15- today was kinda rough for one reason. Both me and Elder Willard are staying in this area! Which is good cause the work is picking up in this area! But I don't know if I can handle another six weeks with Willard. There is gonna be a lot we talk about this coming week I plan on changing some things! But I was actually kinda mad last night when we found out! Needless to say I prayed for Like 30 minutes last night! I'd love it if ya'll could keep on praying for me, and sending me letters, emails, etc. that helps a lot!! Speaking of that I got a package from Grandma Panko, and Pa Boo!! It was more essential oils for my diffuser! I was pumped! That thing works miracles!! Hahaha helps so much! I am grateful!!  Well yesterday during our finding we found a family that is interested! So that was good! And we just did a lot of service with "R" as we usually do on Saturdays! It was a good day other then the news we received late last night! 

I'm not sure what happened to Sunday's- but it didn't come through :/ ......

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