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The weekly update. 
Here weeee goooooo.....
Monday-1/12/14) worst day ever...... Oregon lost. Dad gumit. Oh well! I guess there is next year. I think I know why. Because I watched a little bit of it. The Lord was punishing me..... Lol, but funny story the house we were at their dog came up and pooped on me when I was watching it... Hahahaha Like it literally wiped it's crap on me. Gosh that was horrible, like I am now scarred forever! It wasn't the worst day ever though! Shay emailed me which was great! I'm super grateful! And I got a cool hat!! Lol, also Mom I bought a confederate flag.... It's dope! I'll send pics!! Anywho that was the Monday, I'm writing this the day after, so I'm a little depressed bout the game, hoping the package helps! I love you all.... 
Shout out to Erika Burningham! She's da best!

Tuesday-1/13/14) today was good!! We did a lot! We just went around and talked to people, and offered help! It was good! I ate it on my bike, hahaha just a little in the sand! So I'm totes fine! No worries! I got those CD's from Brooke! I was pumped, and they are just what I wanted! Thank you so much! They are perfect! They have brought me and my comp much joy!! Hahaha so thank you so much! After that we just had to stop by some members houses. Nothing too crazy happened today. I did a lot of reflecting, a lot of thinking about friends, and loved ones, my life will never be the same after this! And honestly it scares me! I was a little sad thinking about how some of my friends will forget about me. Ahhhh sometimes your just sad as a missionary. This life is so tough! Elder Willard was asking me about the girls back home, and that was not making it any better! Hahaha ohhh well! You guys are great have a good week!!

Wednesday-1/14/15 today was a good day! First we woke up and got ready and went to interviews! That was fun, I was the first missionary to get interviewed! That was crazy! Hahaha it was a good interview! We talked about some good stuff! Love President Berry! He told me I was doing a great job, which meant the world. Then we had district meeting! That was great! I got the package!!!!! Which I freaking loved! Thank you sooooooo muchhhhh the Oregon jersey is perfect! And the Rose bowl shirt I love! Love all the socks! And those are some nice pens!;) hahaha Made my life! After that we did some tracting! We talked to plenty of people! We went to greet some new move ins! They are cra cra! We shared a scripture with them, and she talked about how she blew her colon.... Goodnessss It was gross.... Then we just did some more moving a round! We had dinner at a members house that was fun!! Then after that I got guilted into buying a doughnut.... Lol! Hahaha I went in to use the bathroom at Dunkin Doughnuts, and the lady looked so sad when I walked past that I bought a chocolate one! Hahaha Then after that we went to this cool bridge! It was fun day! Hahaha So thankful for the package! Like you guys have no idea! I hope y'all get mine soon! I love you guys!!
Wednesday question "If you could be any animal what would you be?"

Thursday-1/15/15) it twas a good day today! We did all our studies in the morning! Then we got a text from Bro Leach, to go see a less active! So we went to go see her and BANG MIRACLE!! So I guess she has been struggling with some serious depression. One of her sons died in March from a heart attack, but before that he had a serious drug problem. He was actually on the road to recovery when he passed! I guess it was pretty traumatic for her, cause she's the one who found him. But that is compounded by the fact that her other two children now ignore her because they feel it was her fault. I guess she prayed the other night for a sign that God still loved her. And we were it! Pretty cra cra!! Haha She's so awesome though! She's hilarious! She is the southeast regional manager for the U.S. Military education program. So guess what Mom, she said she'd help me decide what field I should go into!;) LOL She's loaded.... She actually offered to buy us a car! Hahaha her conversion story is way cool too! I guess she has a hard time going to church cause she flies almost every weekend! Any ways after that we went to go see Sis "F"!  We are trying to help her kick smoking, she's doing good! Then we went home to eat dinner! I'm eating so good! I think I may have lost some weight, but it's tough to tell cause I have no scale! But I feel I look better! That jersey that you got me is great because it's kinda small, like it fits and I can wear it, but I don't look as good as I do in my other ones! So it's motivating me to loose weight! Love it!! Then at 7:00 we went to teach "M" about the Word of Wisdom! Fun lesson! Hahaha but it went well! We made a camp fire! And made smores (well I didn't) but they used peanut butter cups! Looked good! Any who I'm gonna stop now love you Guys!  
 #YOUvsYESTERDAY also I got yours and dads cards! I Loved Them!! Thanks so much! Also I love the quote by Martin Luther king Jr! It's now on my wall!! #MIGHTYOREGON 

Friday-1/16/15) so today was lots of fun..... Hahaha We first did our normal studies! I had a good study! Learned lots! Haha Then we went to do IP. That was good! That's always boring though! Haha I posted for the first Time on Facebook! So that was cool! Haha don't know how many likes I got, like it matters! Haha Then after that we had to go teach "W"! Who actually isn't a member! He's a Baptist, and we are reading the Book of Mormon with him! It's cool cause he's starting to see that the Book of Mormon and Bible teach a lot of the same stuff! Then after that we had to bike home, (bro Johnson gave us a ride there) it's like a 6 mile bike ride! That on top of the fact that we've already biked this whole week, and I'm on a diet! Goodness that was tough! But we pulled through! Then we did weekly planning, which is a five hour long planning session, where we plan for the peeps we be teaching! That was great! Hahaha and Elder Willard don't do to much to help... Then after that we did some finding, and got 10 doors shut in our face! And one guy who said we could come back, so I guess that's good! Kinda a boring day, not much happened! I've been eating soooooo good! So I'm praying for results! Hahah love you guys! I pray for all y'all! #Squartles #imsotired....... #whenandwhereiskelly 

Saturday-1/17/15) we had a great day today! So we basically had a service day with Rob! Which was fun! We first drove around for a little bit to see what we could do! Then we stopped by a family and we did a bunch of random stuff! But Rob has this super nice power washer! So I got to use that for a little! It has 4200 PSI!!! Which is nuts, that thing could take your foot off! I guess it's a big thing to power wash drive ways down here! So we did that! After that Rob went to scrap some metal and we went with him, and he got 39 dollars so we got some lunch! After that we cut this guys yard in our Ward, he just got laid off! We worked hard! I also got to use this super nice backpack blower that Rob owns, it blows wind at 230 MPH! It was cra cra!! So after that we helped Rob move some big TVs, we basically spent the whole day with Rob, actually we did! Lol. We then had some dinner with him, and taught his kids! So it was a good day! Learned a lot of cool stuff! Like how to power wash, how not to parent, how bad some people have it around the world, and that a little service goes very far! I love this work, but we need to teach more! That is what brings me the most joy is teaching and feeling the spirit. I love conveying this message of truth and hope to people! It's just the best! It touches their lives and it touches mine as I share it! Today "S" and her family got baptized, at least I'm pretty sure they did! I'm so happy for them! I'm sad I couldn't go, but I'm glad they did it! They are like a second family! That makes 5 baptisms for elder C. Not bad at 5 months in! Not like anyone is counting, and the numbers don't matter too!! Love you all!! #SavageMissonary #gett'erdone #ThisIsChistsChurch 

Side note! Forgot to mention that last Friday before we went to the temple they had a rocket launch at the Kennedy space center! It was crazy! It went off probably at 4:50 in the morning! The windows shook, and it was LOUD!!! I pooped my pants cause I thought we were gonna get hit by a train! It was cool to watch though! So this Tuesday at 7:40ish their is a rocket launch! And I'm gonna try to take pictures and record it but well see if the camera corporates! Love you guys!! 

Sunday-1/18/15) so today was a good day! We did our normal studies and stuff!! I had another great study today! I read outta Abraham 3!!! Crazy chapter talks about Kolob and its revolutions, some crazy deep doctrine, mystery of the kingdom stuff!! Then of course we went to church, had a good day there! Nothing to crazy happened there! I got a message from "S"! Her family got baptized! I'm so happy for them! They are the best! So after church we went to Bro Leachs house for some good food! He told us about pranks he used to pull on his roommates, I have some good ideas now! Lol! Hahaha Then we just went to visit a less active family that have a cool last name! Starts with "T"... That was our day! Pretty normal! Nice Sunday! Good week, we have A TON to work on but that's okay! Better that than nothing! This week I've learned that diligence is key. That as we are more diligent and show the Lord we WANT success, then He will bless us! The same is for life! If we want something we must work for it. Then if God is willing, he'll make up the rest! It's a glorious eternal truth! This gospel changes and blesses lives, not just for this life but the next! It's awesome! The church is true! Love you all have a great week! I hope you enjoy these dumb emails, I'm not much of a poet! Turtles! 

P.S. I'd be a freaking huge grizzly bear! Roooaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Tender mercy: The new Oregon jersey that thing is dope, and the music from Brooke! 
Haha happy Martin Luther king day! I hope y'all enjoyed the package! Love you mommy! I'll keep on praying for y'all! I love you all! Also, yes send me the pics of my new room! Hahaha I love Will's room! It's some good stuff!!! Have a great week! Hey keep your head up! I'm excited to see how you'll do in the new calling!! Turtles!

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