Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Email home on January 5th

Happy new year! It is crazy to think its 2015, and I've been out for 4 months now!! When we Skype in May I'll have been out for 9 months.... Crazy! But on the jersey thing, um go ahead and get the 2x one! Hey if there is one there that you like better that I don't have already go ahead and grab that one! But yeah! I trust you! I'm trying to lose weight too so that's fine! Speaking of which don't send candy anymore just send beef jerky instead! Thank you! And let everyone know that! I'd appreciate it!! I'm really trying! But yeah I'm so pumped for that jersey and package! Like goodness, it's helps me get through the tough times! ;) but also if there is a commemorative shirt for winning the rose bowl, you might have to hook me up;) cause I WAS SO FREAKING HAPPY THAT THEY WON!!!!! I was literally jumping for joy! And that video you sent was classic! Everyone told me that they just steam
rolled them, and that Mariota just killed it! Gosh! I'm so sad that I missed it! Gosh! Hey if it reruns will you record it and save it.... Hahaha you don't have to do that! I'm glad you guys had a good time in Vegas! You guys deserve it! Hey it's a little chilly here, it's in the 70's! Hahahaha man I miss you guys! I'll keep praying that Will & Brianne keep getting along! I'm sure they will!! I'm glad you liked my email stories last week! That was a crazy week last week! This week though nothing to crazy has
happened, although we met some cool dudes, we met this surfer guy and he looks like he's 25 but he's 50!!! It's crazy! And we have an investigator with a baptismal date! Which is great! She's very nice! But nothing too crazy happened this week and we did a lot of finding! Just talking to people! But the
transfer is almost over! We have 2 weeks left! Hey guess what! We get to go to the temple on Friday! So I'll tell you how it is!! I'm seriously so excited to feel the spirit so strong, and feel good!!!! Gosh I'm pumped! Also I'm sending a package this week for you guys, with presents in there for you all, and randomness! Hahaha it's gonna be great! I'm excited!!! Love you mom! I'm excited to get that
package! Thanks for the quote as well! And I'll do my best to make you guys proud! Love you!!

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