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The weekly update!!
1/26/15- wow time flies it's already the 26th! Can you believe that!? Almost February! So today was great! We went down to the stake center to play b-ball with all the missionaries in our zone! It was at special request of Elder Jeppson! I love that man with all of my heart! My first zone leader! He goes home tomorrow! He went to Alta! And we have A TON of mutual friends! But he's such a great guy! Like we became best buds. He gave me one of his really nice ties! And also these dog tags that he got at the beginning of his mission! It says return with honor on it, so sick!! I really am gonna miss that guy! He was also Elder Johnson's (Jaden's, my best bud!) trainer! Any ways so we had a great time with him and others and said our good byes for 18 months or so. After we did some other stuff! Nothing to crazy! Then after that we had dinner with a nice senior couple! Great people! Then we didn't have much planned so we went home and I decided to clean! Crazy right! I did some laundry! And while I was out there in the garage, I waged war with the spiders out there. I used two bottles of Windex to kill'em. I committed genocide, I killed like 50 spiders out there! I just got sick of them! Hahaha then I did some other cleaning, my mommy would have been proud! It's great! Well that was our day! Now I hit the hay. #poetdidntevenknowit #ohhhhhhkillem #whereisdakelly 

Tuesday 1/27/15- today was LOTS of fun!! Hahaha jk. Well it was alright! So first we did our normal studies and stuff!! We then did IP and stuff! Which was a good time as usual! We then went and visited with sister "D"! That was a party! She is crazy! She had us write down what we wanted to eat for Sunday! When we come over for the super bowl. We ain't watching though! Whether Elder Willard likes it or not, that's just how it's gonna go!! Hahaha then after that we went and had some lunch! Then we got a ride from brother Johnson to sister "F's" trailer. We had to help her move cause she got evicted. Which sucks super bad!! So we helped her move 5 truck loads of stuff to her shed down the road. It was poop. Then after that we went to the 'B's" house. We helped them move some stuff to their attic! Then after that we watched the movie The Testaments, and also the restoration. great stuff! Then we went home and planned for the next day!! It was good! Kinda a long day but a good day!! So just enjoying life!! Also at sis "F's" I got a Mormon doctrine book!! By Bruce R. McConkie!!! Freaking dope! I love it! All 700 pages of knowledge! Hahaha it's old though! It was printed in 1979, and every time I slam it shut, dust flies everywhere. Hahaha I love it!!! When I come back I'm gonna be a master scriptorian, and know my doctrine!! Turtles!

Wednesday 1/28/15-  today was a good day! We got to meet the new greenie missionary! He's a nice guy! His name is Elder Coon (he's not black), he's from Mapleton Utah! We had district meeting, I shared a spiritual thought, it was kinda sub par. Comparative to where it could have been for me! But it was on the book of revelations! Which I am studying, and it's making good sense! After that we went and did some finding! We had two lessons fall through! But we prevailed!! It was a long day! Then after we went to "B's" house! To see how she is doing! We talked to her about her son, and when he comes outta jail! He comes out the 3rd of February! Apparently he has been asking questions about our religion, our beliefs! So that's exciting! A possible new person to teach! After that we just went back to the apartment! Nothing to crazy! Read more of my Mormon doctrine book! That's lots of fun! 
Wednesday question?!?! If you could spend one day with anyone who would it be?!

Thursday 1/29/15- today was a great day! We worked freaking hard! We had 29 contacts! On a good day we get 15, so we pretty much doubled that! So that's great! I was pumped about that! We also taught three lessons! All before 5:00!!!! A great day! I was way happy! We taught sis "F" and "K" again! "K" asked about being baptized!! Freaking miracle! I was so stocked! Sis "F" is making steps towards quitting smoking! So that's good! Then after that we taught "J" she is a good old fashioned bible lovin', God fearing, woman! Every time I said something that she liked she would say AMEN, or praise Jesus or something along those lines! It was freaking funny! But a good lesson! Also I had a cool moment! I had some cash and we decided to get a drink! We met a black guy who appeared to be homeless, but said he was heading to his sons or something! He asked if I would buy him a small Pepsi. I said I would! Earlier while we were talking to him, he said he needed bus fair! So I got him a large Pepsi, and gave him 7 dollars for bus fair! It felt amazing! You could see the gratitude this man had! I felt charity at that point, the Pure love of Christ. It was something else, not to judge this man and to help him! To be truly Christ like. Later on we were biking back, and we talked to a homeless guy named "H" haha he gave us some great advice! He said "because you guys work with and knock a lot of doors everyday, remember this. Just because you work with a**holes don't mean I have to be one!" It was funny! He loved us because we were nice to him! He told us to keep it up! Pretty sure he was a crack head, but whatever! It was funny! It was a great day! I was very happy! Anywho! Ya'll have a great one, remember what Howard the homeless man said! Lol!!🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅

Friday 1/30/15 well according to my date of return I have officially hit my 5 month Mark!! Pretty crazy! The time has literally flown by. Like I've been out for about 143 days.... I just did the math! Pretty nuts! Hahaha I love it though! I can't wait to see what the next 19 months have in store for this big guy! Any ways today was "dece".... We did a ton of planning! Since its weekly planning day! Most of the day we were at our house!! Which sucks! I just wanna be out knocking doors or teaching or something! Then at 5 we went and had dinner with sis "W"! She's a recent convert! We had a good time! We thought we were gonna be doing service so we wore normal clothes, turns out she didn't need our help! That was awkward! Hahaha then after words we just went home and continued to plan! We didn't finish we still have a little left to do! There is a video out, it's about sister missionaries! They talked about what they do, and went with them for a little to see how it is for the them! It's cool! And all of the sisters are from this mission! Matter of fact, the one from Denmark, and the one from New Zealand were in my first district! They are super awesome! It's cool cause it sheds light on our religion, and how hard we work as missionaries! Any ways it was a good day! We all be happy with it! So on to the next one! One of my new favorite sayings is "another day in paradise" cause it is! Hahahah miss ya'll!!! Have a good turtle!! :)

Saturday 1/31/15- today was good! We had a very long day of service! We helped good old sister "F" move! She was getting evicted the next day! So we helped her move all of her stuff next door! Luckily she's got great neighbors that love her! She's an old 65 year old! Me, elder Willard, elder Davis, and elder Coon (new guy) helped her to finish up! We moved some old dusty stuff! Hahahaha She lives in a trailer park too so that added to the party! It's the white getto as the locals call it! It's pretty bad! But that's okay! Hahaha We had doughnuts for breakfast, and at 3:30 we had some pizza for lunch! Haha We had to help fix a flat too at the same time of lunch, for a girl who helped us move her! Haha Then after that we got stuck at "J's" house! He's getting baptized in two weeks! But "R" dropped us off, and we were stuck there for like 2 hours! Hahahaha But it was good! We talked about a lot! He's a good guy! I'm excited for his baptism! I hope it works out! Hahaha His son is crazy! He is 4!! He loves the missionaries, and he's smart enough to know that when we pray that we are leaving! So he yells the entire time that we are praying!! Hahaha He yells no, and throws stuff at his Dad!! It's so funny! I die!! Hahaha good day! We had fun!!! Hahaha love ya'll ! Turtles! #juicerifle 

Sunday 2/1/15- it's February!!! How about that! Five months later! Hahahaha that's so crazy! Time flies when your having fun! I just found out that the Seahawks lost! Lol HAHAHAHAH my comp is so angry! HAHAHAHAH screw'em!! Hahaha That's pretty funny! Well today was goods, another long fast Sunday! We have 1:00 church, so it's rough! But after church they had a break the fast social! That was fun! There was some good food! What they did is they had the members bring food for right after and we just set up some tables and chairs, said a prayer! Hahaha then we chowed down! Church was good though! I bore my testimony! Every fast Sunday to this point I've done that! So that was fun! I just kept it short and sweet! I felt good afterwords! Any ways then after church we went to the "D's" we had some good food! And just hung out for a little! We then went back and compiled numbers and stuff! It was a good week, and a good day! The time is flying by! I love being a missionary! This is literally the best! I miss you guys though! Have a great week! Love you all so much! Keep me in your prayers and stuff! I'll keep you all in mine! 

If I could spend a day with anyone, this will sound like some cheesy missionary answer, but it's true! I'd spend it with the Savior! Just to hang out with Him, and to see His love first hand would be amazing. I love Him! And I KNOW he loves me and all of you! 

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