Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Skype with Elder Crismon!

On the Monday before Christmas we got a very short email that said, "I'm way excited to Skype! It's gonna be a party! I'm not sure how it all works! I might end up calling right before to set it up! But I'm pretty sure that we are gonna Skype at 11:00 or 12:00 our time! I'm not 100% sure but I think that's what we are planning! Expect a call right before! Since we are doing that I'm not going to say to much here! But my new comps name is elder Willard! And it's been fun, but very challenging! But I'm excited to see you guys this Thursday! Love you all tons!!"

We were SOOOO excited to talk to Carter and it DID NOT disappoint! Carter is doing so well and was just transferred to the Cocoa Beach area. He is the senior companion now and is training Elder Willard. This area is VERY different than where he was- he was living in an apartment in a more wealthy area of Orlando and now he is living in a home in a much more "modest" area. He said that most people drive lifted pick up trucks and it's a little more "back woods" feel. But he loves the people he is serving and is enjoying the new area. He is doing a "car share" and gets to drive a van for a week or so and then goes to biking for a week or so. He likes the variety! He is in the same area now as his best friend Jaden Johnson and has gotten to spend a PDay playing basketball with him. He mentioned that it's very hard for them to remember to call each other Elder Crismon etc! They keep calling each other by their first names- which is a no no! :)

Here is a picture of the boys in his current area- Jaden is sitting to his right. I am not sure which one is Elder Willard, but I'm sure we'll get a picture of them both soon!
 These are pictures that were sent to us later that night on Christmas day. He was spending Christmas with different families in his Ward. I'm pretty sure these are all missionaries, but I'm not certain! It didn't say! (and that must be Elder Willard actually!!)
 Anyway, Carter LOVED all the packages, cards etc  he received! They ALL meant a lot! Apparently he has PLENTY of deodorant and cologne! Oops! Better too much than not enough I guess! Haha! One of his favorite things he got was stamps! He said he was down to just two left and was glad to get those! We talked football for a few minutes and he is DYING that he can't watch Oregon play on New Years day! He's positive that they will make it to the National Championship!
He also said he misses taking naps and that it's one of the first things he wants to do when he gets home! That and go to Gual's for a burrito! Haha! It was an absolute JOY to talk to him! He looked great and sounded even better! He was surrounded by great people to spend the holiday with! Thanks to all who sent him holiday cards or packages! It meant the world! He LOVES being a trainer and, although it is challenging, he is learning a lot. He is hoping to be transferred again and if he had his wish said he would love to be downtown Orlando. We'll see! He also told us he is sending a box of things home. He needs to get some things home that he purchased and lighten his load a bit.

The best thing about our call with him is that he is HAPPY! He still has his wonderful sense of humor and is loving what he is doing! And I was proud of myself that I didn't cry until after we hung up- but it was HAPPY tears! We couldn't be prouder of this kid! LOVE YOU CARTER!

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