Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Email home December 15th

Yes 10 days away! I'm excited to skype! We will finalize plans Monday for when we are gonna do it! And we probably can't do morning because we need wifi! So I will probably Skype you latter in the
day! But I'm not sure cause I'm getting transferred! Which makes it tough to say! But we'll see what happens! Also I'm training my new companion! Well he's been here for 6 weeks, but I'm finishing his training! So that is exciting! But I'm super nervous! Anywho it's exciting! Everyone is saying I'm on my way to AP..... but I don't know! That's a ways away! Also I got the package! I loved it! There was some great stuff in there! It's funny though cause I'm packing it all up to move! Hahaha It's a weird feeling to move! I don't know who my companion is gonna be and I'm probably not gonna know too
many people in my new area! But lucky the Lord will help me! I'M SO GLAD MARIOTA WON THE HEISMAN!!!!!! He has deserved that award from the beginning!!!! He's such a good player! That's good that he sounded good in his speech! He's a great guy!! If there is a commemorative shirt..... That would be great.... Hahahaha I hope they win the title! They are da best!! Who is Utah playing???? I bet they win! That's cool your having a party for the Utah bowl! I'm excited for ya'll!!!!! So I had a good week! I got a fire stick! Here's the story behind that! In my area there is world class fire knife dancers. Like world champs! They are polys that do that fire dancing!!! They gave me a practice stick, and I'm getting good!! It's gonna be dope! Hahaha and I have to leave the family I have been teaching, but it's okay! Elder Bagshaw will take good care of them I'm sure! I love you guys and can't wait to skype soon! It's gonna be great! Thank you for the packages! They make me super happy! Tell the Dewitt's that I loved the package and it made my day! I love all you guys so much! Thank you and talk to you soon!!
Much Love,
Elder Crismon

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