Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weekly Update 5/30/2016

Yeah buddy.....

Well here again it's been an eventful week in Florida. I love it out here and it's so fun! Some cool events that took place this week were, Zone Conference, an exchange, and some dope miracles. I am pretty happy with how this last week went. For me in our area it again was the best of my mission. It's crazy every week we find a way to improve. We didn't think it was possible with zone conference, but it was the Lords will. It's so cool to see all of the miracles taking place here in humble Eustis. I'm thankful for the chance that I have to be a part of it all! So I'll get into the nitty gritty of the good
thats going down here....

"The Lord's Elect"
So in missionary work we always talk about finding the Lords elect. Nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach. That always seems to be the struggle for missionaries. Is finding prepared people. Well Elder Dickson and I have been praying diligently that God would put a prepared person in our path. Well these past two weeks he has. It's been awesome to watch it! We have an investigator named Glen, who's just dope. He's already a member of the Ward and he'll be baptized here in a couple of weeks. Also we have two families that we are teaching that are preparing for baptism. One of which is a part member family where only the husband needs to get baptized. So
they'll be getting married on July 2nd. Then not long after that he'll enter into the waters of baptism. The other family is awesome as well. They have two young kids who are just too young to be baptized. But the parents are dope and have been looking for a right church for them. It's been a really cool experience to be a part of it all. Thus far they seemed to be pretty solid. So hopefully there will be baptisms flowing here shortly. Or at least that's always the plan. Being a missionary is probably the dopest thing you could ever do. I'll tell you what!

"Exchange... Round #3"
Well this week I got to go on another Exchange with my boy Elder Jaden Johnson. It's always just a humbling experience because we both just can't believe it's really happening. After so many times of talking about and dreaming of our missions we are in the same one. Both of us in leadership positions. What a crazy turn of events. It's proof to me that God is good! It's true! I mean Elder Johnson and I have needed each other at points in this mission and we've been there. The exchange was filled with laughter, work, revelation, and miracles. We always just learn so much. He's a great man whom I love with all my heart. We talked a lot about how we've changed in a short period of
time. I mean I've lost 60 pounds, but I've also changed very much spiritually! So that's pretty dope! Haha We set some goals in the morning for God to lead us to those people that are prepared to
receive the gospel and boy did he lead us! We teach together nicely and we just get work done! After zone conference this week Elder Dickson (my companion) made the comment. "After watching both of you train, you guys shouldn't be companions because it wouldn't be fair!" Hahaha It's true, we'd just go ham for the longest time and baptize all of Florida. Maybe in the next life or something. I'm looking forward to what the future holds for us!

"Tickle fight... Ohhhhhhh"
So Elder Johnson and I were were having a good time! We were flying around teaching people and making a difference in the lives of others. It was a good time! We stopped at one point and we were like fake arguing about something. Since we pick on each other throughout the day! Hahaha, like at one point he wouldn't let me get in the car, he kept moving it forward as it got closer. So that sucks. LOL. Hahaha Well I wanted to get him back, so once he stopped the car I just attacked him in a tickle fight! I was winning pretty good like, when things started to turn for the worst. He started to win, and I fought back! This had to be a pretty epic looking fight! Hahaha But suddenly he like hit my pen in front pocket. Haha and the pocket ripped all the way down..... LOL. We stopped and looked at each other. It was freaking funny! We both started to crack up! Hahaha Well we had to turn the car around and go get another shirt. The funny part is I didn't have another shirt, so I had to put on one of Elder Johnson's shirts. Hahaha The funny part was it fit! Hahaha So that was weird cause he's always been significantly smaller than me, but now I'm almost the same size. Yeah buddy.

"Zone Conference Training"
So I had the amazing opportunity to train at zone conference this week! It was pretty cool! My training given was on making a bigger difference early on in Lessons. I was grateful for the topic that I was given. I focused on three main points/principles that would help. Having the spirit/ Using HTBT/ and Asking inspired questions and listening.  I felt that it was my best training that I've given thus far in my mission. I felt the spirit and so did others! I even got a couple of comments that I was people's favorite training. So that felt good! President Berry and the assistants gave me great feed back! It was a great opportunity one that I won't soon forget. I think moving forward the trainings I give are the strength of my leadership. So I'm gonna look to keep improving in other areas! Cause I'm definitely not perfect! Wahoooo!

Well that was my week in a nutshell. It was very good. Once again we taught more lessons then I ever have, even with zone conference and all the good stuff. We are working harder then I ever have as a
missionary. It feels so nice to know that I'm doing my best, this week I was pretty stressed as we didn't have as many people come to church as we were hoping. The spirit quietly whispered to me that I did my best and that it was out of my hands. Gods happy with my efforts and I'm happy with them as well too. There's a quote by Jon Wooden "Peace of mind comes with the satisfaction of knowing that you did your very best" the quote goes something like that! I'm grateful that heavenly
fathers been blessing me with this success. Anyways! I hope y'all have a great week! I look forward to hearing from some of you today! Loves!

Love, elder Carter Crismon!

 Weekly planning be like....
 Gorgeous sunset in Florida!

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