Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Weekly Update 6/6/2016

Well here it is. #TurnUp

So it's been a crazy week! We saw lots of cool miracles and did some wild stuff. We went on a road trip that covered our whole zone/Stake. I'll talk about that later. We also had a killer mission leadership council and went hard in the paint as for Missionary work. The Lord continues to bless us as we work our hardest in the mission field! Here's some of the highlights of what we've been doing here in what we call "Buck Nuts" aka Eustis.

"Tour De Leesburg Bros"
So on Friday we were entering in some numbers for the stake presidency when we got an email from president Berry informing us that there has been a bed bug problem #ElderEgan LOL. In that email he told us of 4 precautionary steps we were gonna take as a mission. One of those steps was that  every zone leader was gonna be mailed 24 box spring and mattress covers. One each for every missionary. For a grand total of 48 covers sent to our humble little zone. LOL. Well this was
wild. Two days later we received literally a ton of stuff, like tons. We got 7 Biggo boxes from the FedEx guy. It then became the duty of Elder Dickson and I to take and deliver to the different companionships. It was wild. 150 miles and 4 1/2 hours later we finally got that sucker done! Hahaha that was wild. It was lots of fun. Our zone covers the boonies of Florida. Like there's nothing out there. It goes from Apopka, all the way out to the West Coast. So we had to do some traveling. It was fun though! I'll send some pictures!

On Thursday we had a killer MLC. We were taught by our leaders and had a good time being there. We learned about how to better extend commitments to our investigators and also how to involve the spirit more in our missionary work. We had a great time! Plus it's always good to go and see your best of friends here in the Florida Orlando mission. We had the coolest miracle happen afterwords. So we went and applied what we had been taught only a couple of hours earlier. We had an appointment fall through. So we prayed and had a plan and then told God what we were gonna do. The first person we stopped by there was someone sitting outside. We sat down and got to know her a little bit. Her name was Shirley. We started in and said a prayer with her. We taught and testified of The restoration. We all felt the spirit. We left her with what we call the commitment package and taught her how to pray. We invited her to pray and she readily accepted. As she was saying the prayer we all felt the spirit immensely. She looked up at us and with tears in her eyes she said "I Know God Loves Me" and boy
oh boy did I want to jump for joy! Hahahaha we were so stoked and set her on baptismal date for the 30th of July! Please pray for her she is a saint!

Funny story time. So we were with a couple of members that had decided to take us out to a couple of people. We were visiting with some classy people and we had a good time taking pictures out side. After we were done Elder Dickson and I were returning our cups to the sink. We get in these random tickle fights and once again we started to go at it! Hahaha Well I was winning by a long shot and while we were thus in the struggle. Elder Dickson let out this super loud fart! Hahahaha It was so funny because we were trying to stay quiet! Hahahaha luckily the other people didn't hear us! Hahaha good times.

Well that's my week in a nut shell! It was pretty good and I was real happy with all the good things that happened. We saw some awesome things that happened and I'll be sure to send a ton of pics! Hahaha Thanks for all the support you give me! Hopefully I will get some emails from some of you! Have a great week!! loves!!

Love, Elder Crismon!

 When planning gets too stressful.... hahaha
 Me and the GM

 Smallest town in FL!!!

 Me and Nana
 Boxes of mattress covers we had to deliver!

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