Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekly Update 5/2/2016

Aloha there amigos.

What a good little week for the elders here in Eustis.

The week here in Eustis was great. We saw some cool miracles and some even cool animals. LOL, nah but the miracles were great. God is just blessing us and putting people in our path. Here in Eustis we trust in the Lord! It's a cool feeling to really not worry all that much about what's gonna happen, bust gotta keep moving forward! I also saw a turtle this week, so that's pretty dope! We also had some good times, as well as some stressful times. I'm grateful for this week, I continue to learn and grow! Cause I'm not perfect, matter of fact I'm far from it! So if you will keep me in your prayers it'd be great!

"Miracle Moments"
So we have always, and always will be, in that finding mode. We've been finding some cool people. The first we found happened on Tuesday. The night before we set a goal to teach ten lessons. Boy did we! God put people in our path. We stopped by a less active member. She has four boys. The two youngest aren't baptized. So they were prepared by the Lord for us. Now we need to continue to make good relationships with them. Then on Sunday another miracle transpired. We had some people at church, and things were doing alright. We had a solid, or at least we thought she was solid, gator not come to church for the second time. We were sad cause we realized we would have to drop her. So I
said a quiet prayer in my heart for somebody else to come. Half way through sacrament a man walked in named Ed. He's dope. His wife just passed away and he's looking for another church to attend. He came with us and enjoyed the services. We have a meeting with him planned for Tuesday and he's already gonna feed us! We are so pumped. I know that God puts people in our path! He has to, or else why would that happen. God loves us, it's true ladies and gentlemen!

"Special Experiences"
So on Friday I was thus studying from my Preach My gospel. I think the most read over chapter in that whole thing for me is chapter 6. Christ-like attributes. I was reading my favorite, hope, when a
revelation or impression came to me. I read the words "When you have hope, you work through trials and difficulties with the confidence and assurance that all things will work together for your good." They stuck out to me... Again. So I pondered on the thought for a little bit. Then the spirit hit me hard that it was true. I know that it's true. It was such a cool experience. Heaven communed with me that
morning, and I was very thankful that it had. I needed it, and really the world needs it. If we love God, and show him that love, work with all diligence then He will magnify our efforts and help us obtain our desires. If they be good. So keep on keepin on! That's the key! Haha

"I like Turtles"
So on Wednesday we were traveling to our Boy GM's place. We just had gotten out of a district meeting. We had changed and were traveling to GM's place to get a ride to a lesson. We had just turned out onto the road and noticed in the distance a figure. A little buddy traveling across the road. We didn't know and couldn't tell what it was. As we approached we then noticed that it was a turtle. I about pooped my pants. This guy was in the middle of the road, so we needed to save him. So we did. We pulled over and acted fast. The little feller was hissing, but that didn't stop us. We grabbed him and put him to the side. We then decided to act and take a picture with the the thing. I now officially have a picture with a turtle. I am so pumped, as I'm sure you all are. Especially since I said "I like turtles" like 5000 times a day back home. I'll be sure to include it with this email! Hahaha

Well in conclusion we had a stellar week here in our area and in the zone. We taught an astounding 45 lessons. We were so pumped, God just blessed us for our diligence. Elder Holloway my companion said it best, "Weekly planning is every minute of every day." That's exactly what happened. All the credit goes to Heavenly Father. It's nothing I'm doing. I'm just a feller from Sandy doing my best. The zone did amazing this week as well. God helped the zone ride to new levels. This week we taught over 300 lessons, that hasn't been done here since September and has only been done a handful of times ever. The best part is we are 4 companionship's short. Hahaha Gods blessing us here and we are finding success. Thank you for your prayers in my behalf. I'm so looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us these next 3-4 months, it will be great. I'm also looking forward to Mother's Day! #GoAndee It'll be nice to Skype with some folks from thee old homestead. Life is moving forward, and so is this gospel. It's true and I know it to be. God lives and loves all of his children. I am a witness of it! Have an absolutely amazing week there fellers! Hopefully I hear from some of you!

Elder Carter S Crismon
Florida Orlando Mission
Leesburg Zone

 Carter and the turtle he saved!
 At home being silly

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