Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekly Update 5/16/2016

Weekly update.... #89
 Jk I really don't know if that is the week or nah, but it's probably close!

Well it was a good week here in Eustis. We had a ZTM, A DL/ZL, and a BAPTISM!!!!! And some other things, like a transfer, and miracle filled days! For a first week of the transfer it was absolutely
killer, we hit every single one of our goals, we call that a green week. It was dope. A baptism which felt so good! It has been a bit, and I think it's just gonna open up the flood doors for more soon. As
well we also saw some old friends that used to serve here in Eustis and the Florida Orlando Mission! Wahooo so here's some Highlights!

"The New Guy"
So first.... Let me introduce my new companion! His name is Elder Connor Dickson! He's from Gilbert Arizona! He's a Spanish missionary that has to transition over to English work! He's been on his mission for 16 to 17 months! He's a great guy and we get along great! He's big into taking pictures so there will be plenty of pictures coming your way in the coming days and weeks! He's a big volleyball player as well! So we'll be balling with the rest of the zone. We have had a good week thus far as a companionship and we are happy with everything that has happened in our area! Elder Dickson is a brand new Zone Leader and I'm training him to be one. It's my third time doing
that so hopefully I don't blow it. Hahaha!! He's a great missionary and we are pumped to get things done this transfer. We have a good feeling between us and it's a feeling that I haven't felt in a little while with a companion! We are excited to get some good work done in our area this transfer! Wahooo!

"Here's Johnny!"
Well WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOO!!! It was a great service. My good friend Jon Paul got baptized and confirmed this week! I've been working with him for a little while now, and it's been a great blessing to see the change that has taken place in his life! His family has even taken notice and mentioned it. Last week on Monday we had lunch over at his house and we invited his family to attend the baptism! The cool part is they did and they had an amazing experience. They even came up and complimented us on the service! Right after the baptism that happened Elder Dickson and I gave a little message centered on the story of Joseph smith. After the service I got a
couple compliments on my public speaking abilities! That felt pretty nice! Due to our ward Mission Leader not being able to attend I had to conduct the baptism service. It was a cool experience! The
presiding official was the first councilor in the bishopric! His name is Brother Rasband, and his father is the Apostle himself. So it was weird to conduct a meeting and sit up front next to him. Hahaha It was an amazing service and we are pretty pumped!

This week we had a Zone Training Meeting! It was on a Wednesday right after transfers! It was pretty wild especially since I only had like 16 hours to prepare. Non the less it was a killer meeting! We
were super pumped with how it went. My training I gave at the end was great as well! I got lots of good feed back and we are all ready to go get some baptisms and confirmations! The theme of the meeting was revelation through prayer. We talked about how we can recover revelation and how we can help our investigators receive it and recognize the revelation! My training at the end was centered on the thought "Lengthen your stride". I thought it went well. We are super pumped for this coming transfer in our zone. We both feel, Elder Dickson and I, that's it's gonna be dope!

Funny story....
So I have this horrible habit of yelling out the window at random people! I think it's pretty funny and really so does everyone else! I guess I have a good voice for it. LOL. So all of the companions start
to do it with me! Some are better then others! Well Elder Dickson isn't half bad at it! Well one day we were traveling around town, teaching and baptizing people, cause that's what we do! Well Elder
Dickson had lowered his seat back and we were having a good time! Well he rolled the back window down and was about to yell. Well unknown to him here was a little family strolling down the street. Well I saw them and he didn't. Suddenly I had a decision to make.... Let him do it and laugh or stop him for their sake. Well I delayed too much and he yelled "FETCH" out the window! Hahahahahahhahahahaha it was soooo funny! They jumped and were totally confused. I felt a tad bad, but at the same time it was pretty funny. I know there's probably more stories like this around the corner!

Well that was my week in a nutshell! It was a good week! I'm very happy with our week! I feel that Heavenly Father is pleased with my efforts. I'm pleased with my efforts! This next week is looking to be another good one! We have three exchanges planned and lots of miracles! I would ask that you all pray for me this coming week. It's going to be stressful. But I know that God is aware of each of us. The best part about all of this is Gods teaching me how to put my trust in Him! That's exactly what I plan to do. God is good and he's aware of us! That's a special little testimony that I would like to leave with y'all. This week as well we got to see some good friends from a while back, Elders Tucker, and Stewart! I love those guys and it was so good to see both of them! It is weird to think that one day I'll do that, that I'll return and visit people from my mission. It's almost over and the time is soon at hand. Is not yet, but is soon. I love my mission and it's been such a blessing! The things I've learned are lessons of a lifetime! I look forward to continuing to work hard! I hope I hear from some of you this week!

Elder Carter Crismon

 A couple of pictures from the area where he is living now
 At the baptism
 Such a blessing to have another baptism!
 Visitors from the mission
 So fun to reconnect
 Carter and his favorite peeps

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