Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekly Update 5/9/2016

Dear Fam Damily and Friends!

What a week here in thee old Eusits Area. I'm pretty happy with it!
It's transfers this week as well! So here's to a killer week!

Well we had another pretty solid week here in Eustis. It was a weird one because we didn't know exactly what was going to happen to us here. Anything was possible! I could have been transferred or I could have stayed! I am staying though! I am staying for another transfer here in Eustis! I am also training a new Zone leader for the third time! So that's pretty cool! I now have a zone leader family!
Hahahahaha!! Three godsons. (That's what you call'em when you train them to be zone leaders) In other news one of my god sons is the new assistant! Shout out to Thorndaddy (AKA Elder Thornock)!! Again it was a good week though, we taught a lot. Had solid people at church and
even had a Mission Leadership Council. I'm pretty happy with how things went! So I'll get right into this thing!

So this coming week we have a Baptism. His name is John Paul. He's from Puerto Rico! We've been teaching him for a hot minute! We have one of the coolest opportunities in all of the world. That's too watch people change forever. He's been doing little but noticeable changes in his life. As he's done so he's told us of the compliments he's recieved from coworkers, and family. It's been so cool to watch his life change. It's been cool for me to change right along with him! This gospel is one of Change. I think that's how life is actually! I've tired to change who I am and become a better version. Whether that's physically, emotionally, or spiritually I've been changing! It's a good thing though cause the Lord knows I needed it! Hahaha I'd like to think I'm a little more mature now, but I guess that's for you to really tell if that's true or Nahhh! Anyways, John Paul's baptism is this coming Saturday. We are very excited for him and he's pretty pumped himself. Please pray the the service goes well! Wahoooo!

The old mission leadership Council. Probably one of if not my favorite things about my mission. Being a zone leader now for 10 months I've been to a couple. I love them so much. I always get to say hello to my best friends in the mission. Guys that I've worked with for a long time. I'm talking blood, sweat, tears, and plenty of time spent on our knees praying our little hearts out. It's a rewarding thing to be there. This time we had a special Guest. Elder and sister Munns. He's the area Authority over our mission. He's dope, and he gave us some great training as did sister Munns. I loved what she talked about. She shared clips from a speech given by a Navy Admiral at a Graduation. He spoke of his training to become a Navy Seal. He's shared 10 Tips to save the world. From why making your bed in the morning is important to never giving up. Great and true principles illustrated beautifully
by stories from the Navy Seal Training. The bed one I loved, he said the lesson is "If you can't do the little things right in life, then you'll never be able to do the big things right either." Elder Munns
spoke of "The Two Great Halfs" of how to be an effective teacher/Leader. It was dope. My notebook was filled 5 pages thick. I love these and look forward to at least having one more.

"End of an Era, Start of a Dynasty"
Well this week I had to say goodbye to or at least in person to my good friend Elder Brock Doman. He's a such a stud. Doesn't seem like that long ago when he trained me to be a new zone leader and we were stomping around Daytona! I love that guy and will miss him! He's a brother now! As well Elder Ashworth one of the more influential leaders in my mission is dropping from his assignment as assistant. He's truly helped me so much. He along with Elder Doman, and others lead me along the path of True Leadership! Hahaha It's sad to see this era of my life come to a close. My mission still has sometime left, around 14 weeks, but it won't be the same. Elder Johnson still remains as well as others that I have worked with aka Elder Egan #Tenwheelers! But it's just a weird feeling to think it's almost over and that I'm one of the more older missionaries! Haha But it's an end of an era, and the start of a Dynasty. Who really and truly knows what's in store! Cause I sure don't! God is good and I know he'll take care of me! I know I'm about to go HAM these last 3 1/2 months. You can count
on that, and I'm gonna give it my all. So here's to Going Hard! Wahooooo!!

"Turn Up?"
Well the funny story of the week comes from a couple weeks ago. I forgot to mention it but remembered not to long ago. My good friend/companion Elder Holloway and I were chilling at home. It was after 9, and we were outside attending to some business having to do with our back porch. I slide the Screen Door shut behind me as I exited so Misquotes and other insects wouldn't infiltrate our humble abode. Well suddenly I heard a loud BANG, and Elder Holloway smack the
floor with a loud "FETCH!!" Hahahaha he ran right into the sliding screen. Taking that sucker out! Hahaha it as pretty funny!

Well there's my week in a nutshell. I'm grateful for the good times and the laughs. It's been a party getting to know Elder Holloway, and it's been a good transfer! I'm excited to have another Challenge that lies ahead. I'm excited to lengthen my stride and become the Missionary/Man God wants me to be! I pray that he molds me into the dude that he needs! I sure do love my mission and everyone and
everything associated with it. It's been the best decision I have ever made to go on one. The Lord has truly been merciful unto this little feller! I'm not perfect, nor am I cool. Just a little buddy! Hahaha
Shout out to the Family! It was so good to talk with you all yesterday! I'm glad I get to see you! As for the rest of you I don't have all that much time left, so see you in 14 weeks! I'll be praying for you all wherever you may be! Hopefully I hear from some of you soon! God bless you all!

Love, Elder Carter Crismon

 Terry and John Reising- the Ward mission leaders in his area. They call John "GM"! He takes care of their house for them too :) Awesome people!
 This is the area that he is living in now! :)

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