Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekly Update 5/23/2016

Weekly update fellers.

How are yah BAB?

Well it was a pretty good week here in Eusits. I'll tell you what, God is good. He is just blessing us here in Eustis and I can't thank Him enough! It's been a huge blessing to be able to serve here. We've seen some cool miracles this week, and these past couple of weeks. This week God allowed us to teach more lessons then I ever have! We taught 46 lessons. Which is crazy, along with that we did just about everything else involved in missionary work. We got people to sacrament and changed lives. I felt the spirit quietly whisper to me that the work I was doing was acceptable to the Lord. It's a good feeling. I know there's a lot more I can do. But right now I'm content with what the Lord has blessed me with. For the second week in a row we hit all of our goals. Yeah Buddy! #GreenWeek

"The Factory"
Well to start I'll talk about the three exchanges that we went on this week. We decided to exchange with all of our district leaders and just get those outta the way! Haha It was lots of fun to go on exchanges with those elders. We went with, or I went with, Elders Jensen, Goff, and Anderson. All good little fellers. Elder Jensen and I had a great time. He's is from Salt Lake City and he has great desire to learn and so do I! So together we had a wonderful time talking about how to set goals and achieve them and how to be better missionaries! It was dope. Then two days later we were on another exchange with a young man named Elder Goff. He's from Beaver Utah- like a really small town! Haha but we had a great time as well. We saw some awesome miracles and were able to change some lives. Then finally we had one more on Saturday. I went with a missionary who I have been with before. His name is Elder Anderson. He's from Utah as well! Nuts! Funny how almost every single
missionary in the field from Utah. LOL. They call it the factory for a reason I guess! It's fun to be a zone leader and be able to go on these exchanges. Even though it's nuts and hard, it's a good experience for me as well as others. It teaches the importance of the principle of sacrifice. So that's cool I guess.

"Dude. Gators everywhere."
So Friday's, as most of you may or may not know, is the day where we plan our lives. Well as of late I've been doing it a little differently. Right by PMG (preach ,y gospel), not like I haven't done that before, but refined the way I do things and streamlined it. That way I'm wayyyyy up. By that I mean more effective. Well after we had done this Elder Dickson and I found ourselves finding in deep dark Eustis. Well not that dark, but a good place! We had a Member Present Lesson fall through, so we went by the spirit. Elder Dickson and I then proceeded to go hard in the paint. We found and taught 5 new people. In a span of 3 hours. Almost two an hour. The coolest one was as follows. So we are waiting in the car and I'm reporting on something in the area book. Elder Dickson is looking at this house with Cacti. He then says "Hey you wanna go knock that house with cacti?" Obviously he was
impressed by the spirit cause we walked over and there was a man sitting there, and as God would have it, he reading the bible. Weird little miracle, we then taught him and testified to him that we were indeed from the true church of Jesus Christ. It was so cool to be a part of that miracle. That was only one of many that took place this week.

So what I've learned over these past few weeks is pretty cool. I've learned how to balance relying in the Lord and putting in our efforts. I'm learning how to trust God, and how to gain his trust. It's pretty
cool. Faith is the fundamental principle in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we seek to grow it everything else with grow with it. Like a domino effect, with growing faith comes a growing conversion. And with that comes anything that God would have happen. So I look forward to continuing to grow my faith! I still have a long way to go, but I think I can confidently say that I trust in God, and he's trusts me.

"Funny Story"
So this week I actually have two. So that's cool. The first happened on Wednesday. We went to go see our investigator Al. He's the man, and part of a family of less active/Recent Converts. Well we were gearing up to set him on date, and well we thought it was going to be pretty tough. So we prayed and asked for the strength to be able to do this. Well the funny thing was we go in there and we teach him. At the end of the lesson we invited him to be baptized confidently. And he readily accepted. We then asked him to be baptized on a specific date, and he also readily accepted that! It was because of a cool experience he had at church! It was a cool miracle and funny that we were so nervous. God takes care of You! Other story. So we were driving to an appointment on Friday pretty far away. So our GPS had us take an interesting route to save miles. When suddenly, seemingly out of no where, 4 colored penguins appeared. Pictures were taken and we then we drove away. Pics shall be included.

Well in conclusion it was a stellar week. By far the best if my mission. God blessed us with so much, and I'm very grateful. I recognize that it's all from him. "Glory Be to the Father" as Christ put it. This coming week on Wednesday is Zone Conference. President Berry called me and asked me to give a 20 minute training! So that's pretty exciting. I got the call last Wednesday. It's cool to know that
both president and God trust me enough for this task. Please pray that I don't blow it! Haha I feel pretty good about training thus far, and I know God will help! But it's always nice to have some extra prayers in your behalf! My topic is making an impact early on in lessons. So that's pretty cool! I know that this is the work of God! It's true and so is this church. May God grant that each of you has a stellar week! Hopefully I hear from some of yah this week! Have a great one!


Elder Carter Crismon
Florida Orlando Mission

 The colored penguins he talked about in his email! :)
 Silly times...
 Burning his pants for his 18 month mark... a little late!
 These last two were sent tonight from a family who were feeding them dinner! Never a dull moment! Haha!

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