Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Weekly Update 4/25/2016

Dear family and friends!

Itssssss weeekkkllllyyy update time bruh.

What. A. Week. Three interview sessions, an exchange, a canceled exchange, crazy ministers, and spider probs. We had a great week here in our own area. We taught lots of people and we got lots of members to lessons. We keep taking steps forward every week here in our area. It's nice to see. The Lord is just blessing us with cool people to teach and miracles. So I'll just hop on to it then...

This week was interviews with the mission president! They are always lots of fun and a tad bittersweet cause this could possibly be the last one with president Berry here. We had three sessions or district meetings all in one day. Which was pretty wild! We were driving all over the place! I had to give trainings at each. I don't mind that cause I enjoy giving trainings at these things. My interview with president Berry was very uplifting and tender. It was one I won't soon forget! I truly do love that man. It was a fun day cause we got to hang with sister Berry as well. She's a hoot, and lots of fun. They even had lunch prepared for us. Which was a tad awkward at first... Hahaha but we had a good time in the end. It's always so fun to be a part of the things like this. We get to help the mission president and his wife do things like this every now and then. This week we have to go to more district meetings to give some more training! It's so fun for me cause I love meeting all of the different missionaries and getting to know and learn from them. It's been a real treat for me to
be a part of all of this!

So we had a sick week here in the Eustis area. We tried a new way to plan that I have learned. It worked remarkably well. The best part is we were teaching a lot and we were getting members to those lessons. We had tons of set appointments which enabled us to also have quality lessons
with these people. It was just dope. I'm slowly learning the best and most effective ways of doing things. It's not like the other things were bad, but it's one of those good, better, best things. A favorite
quote I like by Tim Duncan is about that. He says "Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest, till your good is better and your better is best." It's just dope that the whole point of life seems just to be to get a
little bit better every day. Anyways. Enough of that tangent. It was a fun week and we were running around and teaching and just straight killing it here in the ol' Eustis area. I'm confident that we can
continue to make it happen with Gods help in the future! Wahooo!

So funny story of the week. On Saturday night Elder Holloway and I were on our back porch. We were doing some things that night when we returned home. Well as were were thus laboring I noticed a Biggo spider that was about to enter into our humble abode. Ain't bout to let that happen. So I quickly shut the door. I then grabbed a golf club that was laying around. So I went to kill this thang for good. I missed a couple times and then I hit it. But to my horror as well as Elder Holloway's when we hit it the spider it like exploded and a bunch of little spiders flew out! We were not happy. Once again I quickly ran into our humble abode and grabbed some Windex and stuff. Then I went out there and killed almost every single one! Hahaha!! I couldn't find all of them but I found most. We were not about to have those little buddies running around all everywhere! Haha!

So the coolest lesson was with Our friend John. He's dope! We are baptizing him in May so we are pretty pumped about that. They found him last transfer and now he's ready to keep moving forward. We had a very spiritual lesson with him on Saturday with the first counselor in our bishopric. It was dope, as we talked about the priesthood and how it can bless him and his life. He's such a good man and he wants to be the best father that he can! It's a pretty dope situation. It's guys like those that we want to find, teach, and baptize.

So I'm still on a pretty big health push. My new breakfast item is as follows. I make a protein shake. In it is 3 strawberries, Spinach, Kiel, cucumbers, and raw egg whites. Plus a little bit of natural
honey to sweeten that a little. It's pretty good, and it's real healthy. I'm going to keep trying to lose that weight! Gotta be good looking when I get home! Haha!!

Well that was my week here in Florida, in Eustis. I love my mission, it's so awesome. Every day I learn something new, and grow a little bit more! This life is meant to be tough, but rewarding at the same time! Life is good! Elder Clarke talked a lot about that! One of his quotes was "Love life, Love Problems!" I love that. We just need to love life and do our best. I just am so grateful for this opportunity that God has given me to serve Him and the good people in Florida. This is the best mission by far in the world! That's true, and my boy Elder Johnson can attest! The biggest thing I learned this week is that again we just gotta believe, do our best and put it in Gods hands! That's the key I've decided. Just have a desire to follow God and then be as diligent as possible! This church is true and the book is blue. Life is good and I'm looking forward to my last 3 months here, it's weird to think it's almost over already, it's kinda sad. But it's a step in the next direction. Anyways! Thanks for all your support and stuff! It keeps me going that's for sure! Wahoooo! Hopefully I hear from some of yah!

Loves! Elder Carter Crismon
Florida Orlando Mission

"I'm 6' 5"...."

 According to this board mounted on the wall he is 6'5"- too bad it was installed improperly!!! Haha!
 Some nice Specs! Haha!
 Carter and Elder Ballard!

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