Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Weekly Update 2/29/16- Leap Year!

Weekly Update!!


                   We had a good week here in the Lake Mary Zone!! Like a really good week. We hit every single one of our targets. Which is just nuts! Wahooooooooooo!! We are just instilling faith and hope here in the Lake Mary Zone. God is blessing us! It's pretty awesome! I'm very grateful for that because I really don't feel that it is anything that we are doing! It's so so cool. So thank you for all the prayers for me and my zone! They are truly working!! Wahoooo! Other then that I had a busy week with three exchanges, tons and tons of lessons, and cool miracles! I'll just hope right into it!! Wahooooo!

                     So we had three exchanges this week which honestly is just draining. I love it though. They say sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven! I truly believe that is true! I've seen it as we go on exchanges the zone seems to be doing better. I went on an exchange with Elder Bone, Elder Lindsay, and Elder Walker. Each one was lots of fun. The first two I was in my own area. Which is fun cause you just go ham, and show others how we find success. Elder Bone is a good guy and so is Elder Lindsay! I've gone on exchanges with Elder Lindsay before as well! Then on Saturday I went on an exchange with Elder Walker! We had so much fun in his area. They had been struggling and we just went off. Taught 7 lessons and got that area going again! So that feels good! Elder Walker, Elder Lindsay, and myself have been out on our missions the longest in our zone. Which is so weird to think about. I have always been the young gun, but now I'm like the old hag. Hahaha! It's kind of a
fun change of events. Now people just seem to respect what I say a little more, so that means I've gotta make sure my advice is sound!

                       So cool miracles that happened this week. The first one I'll mention is that we found an awesome woman to teach. So we were going LARCing which is just when we go and try to find some Less Actives to teach. Which can be kinda crazy sometimes! Hahaha! So we were going to find this one, we knocked on the door and this lady Melanie answered. She was awesome and we taught her on the door step. Then later on we came back. We taught her the restoration and it was an amazing lesson. We all felt the spirit, and she cried a couple of times. Hahaha! That always feels good. But we then committed her to be baptized. She accepted. We were so pumped! The feeling of
the spirit in a killer lesson like that is priceless! It makes all the planning, finding, knocking, and hard twerk worth it! Life is Gucci Mayne for these two missionaries right now! Please pray that as we
continue working with her and others that we will continue to help them get baptized, and find other people! Then later on that same night we found someone else. His name was Joseph. We knock on his
door, he lets us in and the first thing he says are "These Are My Brothers In Christ!" We were like uhhhhhhh. Okay, yeah we're your brothers! He requested a Book of Mormon and we gave it to him. #Bang It was pretty dope, he told us to come back later this week, so we are. I'll let you know what happens there!

                    Alright funny story of the week. So on Sunday Elder Thornock and I were out LARCing again, and we found ourselves in an apartment complex! As we were getting a Book of Mormon
out of the back of our car suddenly we heard a voice from a window two stories up across the parking lot. It was this little kid. He was like "What's up?" Elder Thornock and I looked at each other and yelled in response "Nothing, what's up with you?" He responded quickly with a "Nothing!" I then responded with "Can We give you a book?" Not knowing if he was old or not. He was just quiet. Then suddenly the door flung open and he was like "What Did You say?" We saw that this little kid
was like ten so we responded with "Nothing!" LOL! It was probably one of the weirdest things that has happened to me on my mission. Later on Elder Thornock was like "You know your bored when you start yelling at random people outside your window." LOL! It's true, it was a good time.

                     Over all it was a pretty good week for the Swool Squad here in the Longwood area. After all was said and done we taught a ton of people, and got some people to church. Sadly that super awesome guy that Elder Johnson and I taught moved to West Palm Beach due to a job offer he received! We were both pretty bummed. But that's okay, God just wants us to find other solid people to teach. We are hopeful, and faithful that we will find those people. Please pray that we do! God is at the helm of this great work. I just know it, because somehow this work rolls forward when an imperfect instrument like me is involved. I mean I'm crazy and stuff. But we still see miracles! I'm so grateful for the chance I've had to serve him here in Florida. The old orange state! My zone is killing it as well. Pound for pound we are doing the best in the mission. It's pretty dope, and again it's not me, it's God! I'm just a little fellar from Utah! God lives, and he sent his son Jesus Christ here to the
earth! He restored his gospel in these days through his prophet Joseph Smith. I know it, and I know that God knows it! This work is true, and the book we hand out is blue. Generally, sometimes is like different colors depending upon the style. Either way it's true! I hope you all have an amazing week! I'll keep you all in my prayers! OKAY LOVE YOU SEE YOU LATER BYE!!!!!!

Love, Elder Crismon

 This picture was taken in an area furthest away in his zone. He called it "the boonies!"
 Same area- The city was called Oviedo. It is near a large lake has has the MOST alligators in the country! Yikes!
 Carter and a cat at a less active members home. Apparently it is part leopard or something!
 This was the day he sent his email. It was a District P-day and they all went go carting! This is Carter and his Companion Elder Thornock.
 Carter was the winner! Woo Hoo! he was very proud of that!
 Apartment selfie! :)

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