Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekly Update 3/7/2016

Dear family and friends...........How are y'all!!!

                    I'm Gucci Mayne! Before I really get into this please send up a prayer for my boi Elder Hill, he broke his ankle this morning and is currently on his way to the hospital. He's a good guy!

                     Anyways, so we had a pretty good week! Hahaha Some crappy stuff happened including a pretty crazy injury that took place this morning. Plus I had something wild happen to me that I'll mention later on. Anyways just a wild week. As for the key indicators and stuff and missionary work it was alright. Nothing real crazy happened. We had an alright week, but there is room for improvement. We are excited for this next week because we feel we are just gonna explode. Anyways......... highlights of the week!

                    So the first thing was something very funny happened this week. Kinda sad, but very very funny! So the other day Elder Thornock and I were sitting at a stop light. Our windows were down because it was an absolutely Beautiful day! We were waiting there and I thought it'd be funny to yell out the window! So I yell "Your Sick" real loud and it was funny. LOL!! Then this guy next to us was rolling up in his car as I yelled out the window. He looked at me like I was an alien. Hahaha! So he then looks forward and he rear ends the guy in front of him...... Holy cow. I caused a car accident!!! It was pretty funny. Our windows were down and we had to really try hard to hold in
our laughs. We slowly rolled up our windows. It was freaking funny!! Anyways, I just can't imagine what was going through his mind as that happened. LOL!

                      Other then that nothing really crazy happened. We found a ton of part member families as we tried to find through our LARCs. The other day we were looking for this guy. So we knocked on his door looking for him. We knocked a couple of times, then suddenly the window flung open behind us. Then this guy named Ted was looking at us, hahahahaha he is a funny dude. We asked him for the guy we were looking for, but he wasn't there. We asked if he was a member and he said no. We asked if he wanted to be one he said no. Hahaha! He was a funny dude. Needless to say we are now teaching him and are going to do service for him this coming week! Along with him we found
a couple other part member families that we are excited about.

                     Well probably the coolest highlight was I got to train at zone conference with My boi Elder Johnson. He's the man. We gave A 35 minute training and it was dope. We took a video of it. So that was cool. I'll try to attach it to the email. The zone conference was really good. We had some amazing trainings. It was so cool to train with Elder Johnson during the conference. We had an
amazing time. It's super cool to train with your best friend from back home!

                     Alright that's my week. I really don't have much else to say. All I know is that this is the true church, and this is Gods work. He lives and so does his son Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful for the chance I've had to serve here in Florida! It's so fun, and I'm learning a ton. The things I'm learning will bless me throughout my life! I hope you are doing well back home! Hopefully I hear from some of you fellars out there!

Loves Elder Crismon

 Cooking eggs with his St Patricks day bling and an NBA head band! Hahaha!
 His first experience with boxed food not really being like it's "Shown"! Haha! He said it tasted good though!

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