Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekly Update 11/2/2015

Weekly update,

                             Well, what a week! Just when I think last week was bad, this one sucked! Haha I mean good things happened, but I feel that a lot of crappy things happened as well... So all in all it
just wasn't my week! I look forward to this next one cause I get another chance to go at it! I hope you all enjoy my thoughts as I reflect on this past one!

                              So to start I'll talk about Halloween. It was a weird one! For those of you who know me, I freaking love Halloween! Ever since I was a kid. Maybe it's just the free candy that
gets passed around. I love Haunted houses and just the spirit of Halloween! It's very fun and it excites me! Plus it's football season too. We had a good day taught a considerable amount of people and hit
our goals which were nice. We had a couple of important things fall through. Soon we found ourselves at Grandpas for a while. Through out the day I was bombarded with things that just made me homesick. It sucked. The whole day, over and over things were thrown my way to distract me! Goodness.... Some how we still found a way to push through and keep fighting. In the end it was alright, I just felt homesick!!

                              I'm going to quit with the pity party and move on now to the good stuff! I had a rather inspiring week when it came to my own personal study. Every day I made it a focus to study
better and come to know God! It was actually really cool! It was nice because as I left every day I felt more prepared to tackle the day. I could feel the spirit guide me more.

                             Alright coolest miracle of the week! So there is this guy we used to teach. His name is Johnny, super nice guy. Except he was never ever willing to help himself. A lot of what
we do requires that the person investigating to act. So if the person is not willing to act generally we can't stop by anymore, that's called dropping someone. Which is never fun. Well we gave this guy
probably 25 chances, so finally we dropped him like it was hot🔥 haha! Well this Sunday at church we were patiently waiting for our people to come to church. Some did, but out of no where this dude Johnny shows up!!! I had to rub my eyes a little bit! It was so cool! He loved the service and afterwards we talked with him. He said he felt he needed to go, so he called and asked for a ride! Super dope!!!!!

                            Funny story time. So Since I've arrived here in Daytona we've taught this Girl who's in her 20's. She'll remain unnamed at the moment! Well we thought it would be fun to stop by her place after church the day after Halloween. Now this girl is a party girl. So we knock on the door, she answers. Tells us that she just woke up and tells us it's a mess inside! Haha So she shows us and
holy cow it was crazy. I'm talking piles of Red Solo cups, and empty beer bottles! Hahaha In the middle of the room was a smoke machine and there was also a beer pong table. Which was cool cause I've never seen one in real life! Haha Never the less it was a lesson learned. Cause all three of the girls there were hung over and in a bad mood. Haha!

                             Well that was my week. Or part of it. Other crappy stuff happened that would just take too long to explain. But it's all good now, cause they are pretty much all resolved. It's also been a good week, with some cool miracles! The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints is true. Of all the church's on the earth this is the one. None else can claim that and with miracles abounding
my faith is strengthened everyday. I know that by joining this church transcendent peace will flood into your life! What more could you want in a world of turmoil and confusion. God lives, and he sent his son Jesus Christ to Break the bands of death. That one day we might return to live with him with our families, forever. I know it's true! I hope you all have an amazing week and I look forward to hearing from some of you!


-Elder Crismon

 Carter and his companion Elder Egan
 Playing with the stickers I sent him for Halloween! :)
 Cruzing in the car
 A cool panoramic!
 And this he just thought was funny! A random haircut on the sidewalk while sitting on a bucket! Haha!

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