Monday, October 26, 2015

weekly Update 10/26/2015

Dear Family and Friends,

                    Well what an eventful week. A tough one but eventful. Once again Elder Egan and I went hard in the paint! We taught a lot of people, found some solid people to teach, and got
people to church! So we were pleased with our efforts there. It's been a particularly hard week for me for one reason. Last Monday while playing basketball I Jacked up my knee... LOL. Nothing to bad so don't freak out Mom, but just enough to be annoying. I guess luckily I know how to take of of that stuff. So it's getting better and better. Now I'm almost back to full strength. Just throughout last week it was annoying, and I couldn't go full speed. Which REALLY sucks. But I didn't let it hold me back #Savage and we still just freaking killed it.

                  Well I guess one of the cool things that happened this week was we had MLC or Mission Leadership Council. It was weird because the whole time I was sitting next to Elder Johnson, who is my best buddy. It was also his Year Mark! #Congratstohim #HUMPDAY It's just funny to think we've both made it this far. And now we're both in leadership, just leading the mission! Who would have thunk it!? It was a good meeting. The spirit was felt as four missionaries bore their testimonies of the Gospel. One of them, Elder Stewart's Was really good. He was my first district leader, and really the first friend I made out here. I'm really gonna miss him when he goes! The meeting
focused on how we can help our missionaries move forward. Good discussion was made, and plans where set! Now hopefully we can just get this mission going! I love MLC because you get to see all of your mission buddies in one spot basically. Like got to hang wit my boi Elder Doman as well!

                  Alright Miralce time, so on Thursday Just Before a dinner with some less active members. Elder Egan and I where doing some finding. Our teaching pool had been decreasing for the last
couple of days. So the first door we try a dude from Brazil answers and his roommate! Well next thing yah know and we are teaching and testifying on the spot! They both gladly accept the invitation to come to church. Only one of them said he'd be out of town. So we told them we'd come back two days later. So we text them two days later to make sure we are good. And apparently we had the wrong number cause the dude on the other end was telling us he worships Satan... So that was
Creepy... Anyways we go over there anyways! and they were there and waiting for us! Wahooo! Taught them again. Then the next day the roommate named Jose came to church!!! #Miracles. So now we are starting to find solid people to teach! Finally. I would ask that you all keep praying that my companion and I keep finding them!

                 Funny story time, so the other day we went to a driving range with some members for a couple minutes before a lesson. He wanted to show us his new golf club he got at 2 dollars... Hahaha
so we went there and he was giving us try's at it! I need to practice more... Haha but on my last attempt I was feeling pretty good. I really put some power into it and the head popped off the driver....
It actually flew farther then the ball did!! Hahaha they weren't mad at all which is good! But it was freaking hilarious! Now they all me the club killer.... #Golfordiedude

                 Went on two Exchanges this week! One with Elder Hoskin, one of my old companions! And one with a guy named Elder Chidester. Probably one of the best guys I've ever met! He's from Lone Peak, he went to Lone peak High in Utah. We are a lot a like, and he plans on going to Utah State. Which is where I plan on going, or at least for now. We had so much fun! We both love the same kinda music, and we had a ball just going hard in missionary work! We also had lunch with Grandpa that day. Grandpa is nuts, but I absolutely love him! He's one of the best guys I've ever met! He really takes care of the elders here in Daytona. The only thing is he's a little vulgar and he's just crazy. Anyways Elder Chidester and I went hard in the paint. Then we decided that our Zone Mascot is Kanye West. Hahaha Anyways, thanks to the hard work we put in 4 people came to church for us. So that was great.

               Well that was my week in a nut shell. It was tough for a couple of reasons, but like I said last week, it's not meant to be easy it's meant to require something of our souls as missionaries.
I'm just grateful for the chance I have to serve. It's awesome. It scares me to think I have only about 10 months left. Time is flying, and I'm starting to feel I don't have enough. Out of all the resources
in this world time is the most precious. It's something we'll never get back. The cool part is I've learned more and grown more from my time here then I could have anywhere else! Well I hope you all have an amazing week. Thank you for all of your support. I hope to hear from some of you who I haven't heard from for a little bit! That would be nice! Hana shout out to my mommy for always emailing me! I've noticed that sometimes other missionaries Moms for get to email, but not
Andee!! WAHOOOOOO!! Have an amazing week!!!! LOVES!

Love, Elder Crismon

 "Grandpa" in some Halloween get up!
 Carter and Jaden! (Elder Johnson)

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