Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekly Update 11/23/2015

Dear family and Friends! What a great week we had here in Daytona! We saw some amazing miracles! Some of the coolest on my mission! Plus it's just so nice to be in an area longer
then two transfers. I feel like this is where I belong and that I can now finish what I started! We have some cool new district leaders that work under Elder Egan and I. Plus the new missionaries that we have are a good group! I guess I'll just get right into my week!

                                 SO BIGGO MIRACLE THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!! So on Sunday a young man named Marquitos walks into church. He says he has a friend on a mission and likes our church. He says he feels more at home here then at the other church! So Elder Egan and I are already just tickled that he came! So we got his info and set an appointment for the following Tuesday. So the day came and we were running a little late. We finally got there. And holy cow this young man had been prepared by angels. Turns out that he had already read the entire Book of Mormon and Prayed about it. He feels it's true, and likes Joseph Smith's story. The whole time he's telling us this Elder Egan and I are just crapping our pants cause this dude is Golden!!!!!! So we go on with the lesson and set a Baptismal Date for the 27th of December! We are so excited. Talk about an amazing miracle! One for the books! Please pray for him!

                                 So another cool thing that happened this week. On Thursday night in our stake we had a Priesthood Leadership meeting. The stake presidency and all the bishops and their counselors were there. Along with Elders Quorum Presidencies and High Priest Group Leadership. And a bunch of random other people. For the non-Mormon Folk, basically all of the Local Leadership of our church in the area had assembled to get training on missionary work. Our mission president was asked to speak. So at 1:30 that day we received a call from him, informing us we'd be giving a training at this thing. So we prepared and felt ready to help! And we did! It was quite the humble experience to stand before all those leaders and help train them on how to help their congregations get more involved in missionary work! We had a great old time and the Lord blessed us with the things to say!

                                 So I guess a some-what funny story is we helped Grandpa put up his Christmas tree this week! It's crazy to think it's already that time of year again! He's freaking nuts because he doesn't want any ornaments. He just wanted Gold Garland all over the tree! Hahaha it was pretty weird.... We also helped him clean up his house! With him being as old as this guy is he just hoards all these newspapers and magazines! Haha So we helped throw all those away! He also kinda has cat poop every where. Those cats he owns just own the house.... He calls them the Children.... I think if he could save me or the cats it might be the cats! Haha #OldPeopleProbs Then afterwords he took us to Stevens Famous Diner for about the 200th time since I've been here in Daytona! Grandpa is such a good guy! Haha

                                  This week Elder Egan and I had a great time. We worked hard and had a very successful week! We saw cool miracles and it's all thanks to Heavenly Father for putting us in
the right spot at the right time! I've gotten to do a lot of really cool things on my mission. It's all thanks to God! I must give him the credit, for as to my own strength I am nothing. But in God I can do all things! I'm grateful that he has called me here to this people to declare the most important message in the face of the earth! Cause that's what it is! And it's a message of joy and happiness! If anyone thinks differently they can email me and ask! I'll show them! I would also ask that you pray for the Deland Zone as a whole. We have had a tough week, we have some work to do! But I'm sure it will happen. Especially with Heavenly Fathers help! I hope you all had a good week back home, or where ever you are! Remember Love Life, Love Problems! Cause with out those problems we wouldn't be who we are! I pray that you all have a great week back home! LOVES!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Crismon

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