Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekly Update 5/25/15

This week Carter sent a few pictures along!
 Not sure if this is nearby his home or what, but it is sure pretty!
 Missionary Selfie! :)
A random turtle in a pond- I still find it funny that he went to a place that has them all over! #helovesturtles

Here's his weekly update:

             This was a good week. Elder Hamp and I worked pretty hard. I can't complain! Actually I'd have to say that I'm pretty happy! But not content. We keep progressing in this area. The area is doing well now. The goal for this next week is to have it doing great. That's the key is just continued progress every week. If we can manage that then we will do some amazing things! I'm very excited to see what the Lord has in store for me, Elder Hamp, and the Kissimmee north area of his vineyard!

             Well I guess as always I'll just mention some funny stories, and some way cool spiritual experiences, and other random and or dumb stuff that I feel so prompted to share! Hahaha so bare with me people! I may or may not say some pretty stupid stuff!! LOL!

              Well I guess the first experience is a funny one. We have some awesome investigators named the Rivera family. There are three members of the clan, Sally(mother), Angel(12), and Katiana(9). They are super awesome! Actually to start off I'll share the story of how we found these awesome people! This happened on May 9th, so a couple of weeks ago! Elder Hamp and I were going to visit a less active. Well they didn't live there anymore, but as we were waiting for someone to answer there is super loud Eminem music playing next door, the song was "Till I collapse" freaking great song!! So I was trying not to get all distracted. But no one answered the door we were at. So we started to walk away, and we thought let's knock on this other door, like why the heck not!?!? So we did..... No answer..... Did again..... Again no answer...... And awkwardly enough we tried again..... Finally Sally answered. Her crazy nephew had been playing the music! But she thought that she had heard the door, all the way in the back of the house, over the music! #spiritisrealpeople Then we started to teach them! And they love the gospel!! And they are getting baptized on June 9th!!

              So back to the funny part. The other day Elder Hamp and I had to teach the law of chastity lesson. Well for those of you that don't know, that's a very awkward lesson. Hahaha Well we had the task of trying to explain to these girls what it meant. Well Elder Hamp had the idea to use the analogy of sugar and lemons. Girls save up their sugar, and boys save up their lemons! Then when their married they make lemonade! Well that failed miserably..... They were super confused and thought that we couldn't have lemonade until we are married..... LOL.... So the next day we were talking again. And we were going over the Ten Commandments, specifically no adultery. Well Katiana expressed how deeply confused she was, thinking that she couldn't have lemonade! She was like "Elder Hamp talked about sugar and lemons and stuff and I just don't know what to think!!" I laughed pretty freaking hard! Haha So we just told her that when she was old enough her Mom would teach her! And that she could have lemonade! Hahaha Pretty funny!!! 

                So another crazy thing that happened, well this isn't that crazy, but I taught the gospel principals class. For those of you who no nothing of this, that's just Sunday school class. Well the lesson that I was told to teach on Saturday (day before) was on the organization of the church. Talk about the most boring lesson in the freaking hand book! Hahaha I was like GOT DANDRUFF!!!! Hahaha So I did a little studying and prayed real hard like. And well I did it! Haha Everyone said I did a very nice job, and that I made a boring lesson interesting! That's a great compliment in my book! Like I'll take it right!?!? Haha So that was exciting! I'm just glad the Lord used me to teach the lesson! That's super important! 

                 We had a pretty cool lesson with one of our investigators Erik. We've been teaching him for a little while now. Last week we had to teach him the law of chastity lesson. With his girlfriend present, who's not investigating the church..... #superawk.... Hahaha Well it went good I guess. But this week we got to meet with him again! It was a super good lesson. We were able just to sit down with him and he was able to express his feelings to us on how he felt about everything! We then just had a great talk with him! And told him that with the Lord he can do anything! It was awesome and super spiritual! I loved it! That's one of the best parts about being a missionary! Is just getting to know people, and what they care about and love! It's awesome, and a really cool experience for me. You get to learn from the good in people, and also see the very bad. It's a great reason to go on a mission cause you see what a truly good person is! And there is some out there! 

                   Well tonight an old lady in a nursing home said I was looking good and asked if I was retired. I think she thought I was someone else. Hahahaha It was pretty funny! Elder Hamp and I laughed about it! It's things like that, that help you get through the tough times in the week! But we had a great week this week. We are both pretty happy with how everything turned out! Now the key is like I said earlier is just improving! That's always easier said then done! Hahaha Well I hope all is well with all ya'll back in SLC! Thins are going well here in the FL! Have an amazing week ya'll! Can't wait to hear from yah!!

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