Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekly Update 5/11/15

Weekly UpDatE....

           well this week has been a really good one actually. I have literally learned a ton about missionary work and life. With 2 exchanges, and a seventy in town you are bound to learn something at some point! And I guess there was just an outpouring of the spirit in my direction! Which I am very grateful for! I need to learn things, so I can be successful in life.

         Well the first thing I'd like to cover is the exchange I had with one of my zone leaders Elder Ashworth! He's from Alpine Utah and he is friends with Karson Liljenqiest.... My boiiiii! We get along really well! Elder Ashworth has only been out 6 weeks longer then I have, and he's super successful. I wanted to learn from him! And we were both very excited to be together! And boy did I learn! It was freaking awesome! We got some work done, and I learned how to properly plan for the week. I also learned some of his secrets to being a great missionary! We talked about a lot and how our missions will effect us in the future. He's a great man, and I have a ton of respect for him! I also consider him a good friend! He's pretty funny! 

        Well I have a new motto in life. "Happy Always, Content Never." I got this from Elder Clarke of the seventy! I love it! Cause it's what I am trying to become! I want to stay happy as I always am, but I also want to never ever be satisfied. I just want to be savage in life, and work my butt off to get the things that I want! The mission has taught me that this is very very important. There is a term in the mission, "savage missionary" which just means that he's willing to do anything to be successful and help these people. That's what I want to become, and I also just want to be savage in general! So I can be successful in life! Elder Clarke is the man! And I'm very grateful that I got to learn from him! I also said the closing prayer at our meeting with him! That was super nerve racking! Hahaha I didn't want to blow it! Haha 

        Well, funny story for the week. Honestly nothing to crazy funny happened this week! The week was a pretty serious one! Haha I guess on Wednesday when I was on exchanges with Elder Bravo we sang a bunch of Disney songs together in the car! Haha Now I do not like Disney, and before my mission I would stay very far away from it, unless it was Frozen. But hey I was singing all sorts of funny crap! Hahaha Like "I'll make a man out of you" from Mulan! Hahaha That was lots of fun! I love life! That's just the truth!! 

        Got to Skype home yesterday! That was great! It's always good to see my family! Love them very very much! I feel like an hour just isn't enough time! But hey it's good enough for me! Will is looking big finally! Hahahaha well I had a great week. The numbers are improving, and I'm improving. What else could you ask for!? For me I guess I could ask for a six pack! But I have to work for that I guess, one day! Hahaha 

          Well it was a good week, full of learning and spiritual experiences for me. I really enjoyed it. There is nothing better then serving the Lord out here in the mission field! I'm grateful for the chance and opportunity I have to be here in Florida! I love it here! Although it's starting to get hot, and I'm starting to see the craziest bugs I have ever seen in my entire life! But I guess I've gotta grow up and be a man about it! Well I wish you all the best of luck in this next week! I'll be praying for you! And I wanna tell you that I love yah! I would love to hear from you all though! So please hit me up! Hahaha in the mean time though y'all have a great week!!

Love, Elder Crismon!

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