Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekly Update 5/4/15

Weekly update!! 

             Hope everyone is doing good this week!! I am doing great! Loving life down here in the FL! Haha it's been a good week, lots of funny experiences, along with lots of very spiritual experiences! A good balance, which makes missionary work that much better! Things are rocking out here in Kissimmee!! 

              So the first funny experience that I'll share is we met this guy named Gary. Now Gary is probably like 60 years old! He said he's been all over the place, and that he's met with Mormons before! He thinks we aren't old people which is nice!! Haha any ways! Well he plays guitar! He used to be in a christian band, and he was a musical pastor! Haha That's just weird to me! So when he lived in south Florida, he used to play at a Baptist church. Well I guess this pastor at this church really wanted Gary to join! And Gary was not having it! So finally one day he said he would be baptized and join. Well they baptize by immersion. So Gary had the funny idea to take with him a block of dry ice into the pool where they were gonna baptize him! For those of you that don't know what dry ice is, and what it does in water, dry ice is frozen CO2, and when put in water it begins to bubble, and make fog. So when our friend Gary got into the pool it began to happen! And I guess when they pulled him up from the water, the whole church was gone!! Ha hahahahaha they thought he was possessed or something!! Pretty stinkin’ funny! But Gary agreed to meet with us again, and he's a great guy!! 

             Other good stuff that happened this week! Well we are still teaching this man named Erik! He is such a good guy! He's been going through a tough time! So we have been helping him! Well this last week he finally started to do the things we committed him to do (read the Book of Mormon, pray, etc.)!!! Which is a huge step in the right direction! We also had two killer lessons with him this week! The spirit was really really strong as we shared the story of Joseph Smith and the first vision again. This next week he's supposed to be coming to church and we are all very very excited about it! Erik is a good man! He's been through a lot, and really wants to change his life for the better! One of the best things about being a missionary is all the people you get to meet. You really meet a lot of really cool people! And as soon as you start to serve them, you just love them! Sometimes is easier to love some more than others, but eventually it comes! 

            Other funny stories, or story! So this week we (about 10 missionaries) went to this Mexican place! Yano I've come to learn that it's always the like hole in the wall places that are the best. But I think this place was the exception. It was a very nice restaurant! They were playing really awkward Mexican soap operas the whole time! But I got these tacos. And man let me tell you that they were the best tacos I've ever had..... Like holy cow!! I just sat there and chowed down the whole time! I was thinking of my boi Mack Richards who is in Mexico! I was like good for that guy, I could eat this every day! Haha but it was real good!! Haha

             So last night Elder Don R. Clarke of the first quorum of the seventy came in town! He's in town to do a mission tour! General authorities do this every so often to make sure we are doing our jobs right! Haha This will be the third seventy that I've met! Last night he gave a training to all of the ward councils on how to better use missionaries! Which was AWESOME!!! It was really cool, and we all learned a lot! Plus a lot of missionaries got to meet up! And we got to say hello to some old friends. Which was lots of fun too! 

           So one last crazy funny story! So Sunday morning I woke up and went to my closet and stuff. Well I was sitting in my chair, and I noticed something on the floor. I thought it was a frog at first. But I turned on the lights, and it was a huge cockroach...... I literally jumped. I freaking hate bugs! So I was like what the heck am I gonna do!? Then I saw my 50 lb kettle ball.... So I picked it up and squashed the sucker. Hahahahaha it felt amazing! They little feller was like a pancake after words!! Hahaha there is so many freaking bugs down here that I hate it! The Lord is really testing my courage! Cause that thing looked like it could have eaten me!!! But I got him!!

             Well that was my week in a nut shell! We just keep grinding out here! That's really the best way to put it. It's a grind, a constant one! But we are doing it for the right cause! We are out here doing Gods work, and changing lives for the better! That's the honest truth! Just about every morning I've woken up at 6 or 6:30 (sometimes we miss the alarm, or something happens) for the last 8 months and I plan on doing the same for the next 16!!! Crazy to think that I'm 1/3 of the way done. I will definitely say that time flies by, and sometimes way to fast. Cause I love being out here! It's a blast! Soon I'll be half way done, and then the next thing Yano I'm done! And I'll be back home!! But thank you all for you support and prayers! I really do feel them! And am very very thankful! On those days when it gets tough those are the things that help get me over the hump! I hope you all have an amazing week! Much love!!!

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