Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekly Update 5/18/15

Weekly update. 

               Well this week has been nuts. Full of miracles, and funny moments, and more miracles. This has been one of the best weeks of my mission. The Lord truly blessed us a lot! We had 5 investigators come to sacrament meeting, which is the most I've had in a long while. Plus we found 10 new people to teach! We also had a great Zone Training Meeting! And I got a great package from back home!!  So shout out to my Mommy and family for the awesome package! Thanks guys!!! 

              So miracle for the week is this. On Tuesday we went to go visit a girl named Sally. We met her on Saturday. We weren't sure how solid she was, or if she was just gonna blow us off like a lot of people do these days. We went over there and she was there! She remembered our appointment and was super excited about it! We taught her, and she loved everything, the next day we were back over there teaching her kids! They are awesome! They are a whole family that lives over there! It's pretty awesome! We ended up teaching them three times, and now they have a baptismal date for the 30 of May! They are so excited! They already love the church! It was a super cool miracle for us, because we were really struggling trying to find solid people to teach, because everyone is just so flaky. So don't be flaky. Especially with missionaries. We HATE it. Goodness. 

             Funny moment. So on Saturday night there was a baptism. The Spanish sisters in our ward had a girl they had been teaching. Her name is Sam. She was getting baptized! She is super awesome! Well she chose me to be one of the speakers at her baptism. I'm not sure why cause I suck at speaking, but she chose me anyways!! Haha well apparently I gave a really good talk! It was great! I don't even remember much of what I said!! But I know I said everything that I wanted to say! Everyone said the spirit was strong. Which is super important! I'm thankful for that! Well so after that we all walked down the the baptismal font. Well as we had been talking and going through the program for the baptism, the font was leaking. So when they got there the thing was like halfway empty. So they went back into the other room, and had some girl sing, hahaha and they just had like a mini testimony meeting! Haha Meanwhile me, Elder Hamp, and Brother Hefner were filling up trash bags with water and dumping them in the font. HAHAHAHAHAHA it was freaking funny! We were in suits too! At one point a bag broke that I was carrying, and water went on the tile floor. And I looked at Elder Hamp and said "my water broke....." Lol I'm so funny. 

            So on Monday night after we had emailed and played basketball and stuff we decided to go knocking. Before we visited this guy named Gary. Well we knocked on 7 doors and found 5 people to teach! And taught 4 lessons. It was so awesome! Because usually on Monday night we don't do much teaching! It's just hard because everyone is in a bad mood, well because it's Monday. But it was a super awesome miracle that just happened before our eyes! After words Elder Hamp and I were like holy cow. What the freak just happened. And then we went home and crashed asleep! 

         Another funny story, so on Wednesday night we went to go visit this guy named Gary, I mentioned him before. He wasn't there on Monday! Well he was there on Wednesday! Well anyway, he plays the guitar and sings a little bit! He's not very good though. We asked him to sing to us. And he did. It was the most awkward thing ever. He turned on his karaoke machine, and started to go for it!!! Hahaha He just kept looking at us! I got serenaded my a 70 year old man, not totally sure how I feel about it. But it was pretty freaking funny none the less, he then gave us a copy of his CD. It is pretty funny! We both got one, Elder Hamp and I. So we've been listing to it. It's pretty funny, and pretty bad. 

             Well we had a killer week. Both numbers wise and spiritually. Elder Hamp said he thinks it's the best week he's had in his mission. I'm not sure if it is for me, but it's definitely up there! We just applied the things that we have been learning! Which is the key I guess! Haha I know we can do better. That's the other thing is to keep progressing! It's crazy to think that another transfer is almost over. The time is really starting to fly by really fast like!! It's kinda crazy! Thank you all for your support and your prayers! They really do mean the world to me, and the other missionaries as well! The prayers really do help! Haha Well until next week! Sorry if this isn't the grandest of my emails! But I'm trying! I hope ya'll have an absolute amazing week! #turtles!!! 

Love, Elder Carter Crismon!

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