Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekly Update 4/27/15

Weekly update......

          So this week has been a good one to say the least!! A lot of funny, and weird things have happened. Hahahah and also a lot of really spiritual experiences as well. That's just how the mission goes I guess!! 

          So to start! On Saturday we had a pretty full Day! In the morning we had a service project for the local YMCA!!! So that's pretty cool!! Haha it was fun! We did a lot of handing out flyers and putting up tents and stuff. But anyways after that me and Elder Hamp had some work to do! We decided to bike though! The ride was gonna be about 14 mile on round trip, plus whatever else we choose to ride. Well we rode down there, and taught a lesson to a recent convert! Then after that we decided to knock about 100 doors..... Lol! That was lots of fun! Amy ways so we walked back to our bikes in the park. This park is a pretty nice ones, there is always lots of people there! We always lock up our bikes and no one messes with them. But as we got back we realized that some one had let all of the air out of my tire..... Like what the freak. We had at least 7 more miles to bike!! So that wasn't happening! We had to call another set of missionaries to come bail us out! Hahaha but as we were waiting a cool miracle happened. While we were waiting in our slight humiliation slash humor a man walked up to us. His name was Raphael. He didn't speak very good English, but just good enough! He offered us pizza and soda. Well we taught him right there. It was super awesome! It was inspiring to see how the Lord worked through us to touch the heart of one of his children! We referred him to Spanish elders! So we'll see what happens to him!!

          So time for a funny story. A few weeks back Elder Hamp and I observed that Elder Johnson had been knocking out lizards with nerf guns. So we really wanted to try this. But we just hadn't had the time of day to this point. Well finally we got a hold of a nerf gun. We were pretty pumped and excited to see what fruits it would bring forth. We were thinking maybe even another prank coming up soon!! Hahaha so we ventured out into the hot sun, with a 5 dollar nerf gun.... Well we tried a couple of times and missed. Well finally we had one, right there waiting. And Elder Hamp hit him once, and he just looked at him! Then Elder Hamp reloaded, and hit him in the head. Immediately the little guy rolled over and started to shake violently.... And died..... We look at each other totally and completely was our last thought to think that we would actually kill the guy! We felt totally horrible! So we took him in, and waited to see if he would come back. But he never did. We named the guy Patches. He was a good tough little feller. He went to the grave fighting, and he will never be forgotten.....

          Other crazy things happened as well. It was a good week, we worked really hard as well and hit a couple of our goals. Which I'm pretty happy with!! So for all of you that think I have no money skillz, here's a news flash.... I'm budgeting!! Hahaha I be writing stuff down and trying to manage my mula! Which is a good life skill to have in the future!! Haha also I had the best guacamole of my freaking life at this Mexican restaurant place. It looks like a hole in the wall, but it has the real authentic Mexican food! #mackrichards thought of that guy the whole time! This awesome Ward family took us there! Good stuff! Any ways! I got a weight loss plan as well, I guess things are going pretty well for good ol Elder Crismon here in Florida! Can't really complain all that much! I've lost 3 pounds this last week. Pretty happy with that! 

         Last miracle. So earlier this week, we were going to see a new investigator that we had planned on stopping by. We went there, as it turns out he wasn't home, but his older sister was! We started to talk to her! She had just as many if not more questions then her brother! Haha we sat down and taught her! She loved what we told her, and she became a new gator! We also taught her as it was raining, so that was a cool tender mercy, because once we finished it stopped! Hahaha that was on Wednesday! 

                   Well that was my week in a nutshell! Hopefully it was up to your expectations! I know that it was a good week for me and Hamp. We worked hard and got lost in the work. Our numbers were pretty good, so that's good as well. We just keep slowly progressing, as long as it's steps in the right direction! Thank you for all of you who sent me stuff this week! Shouts out to Erika and Tanner, and my Grand parents! Also shouts out to Rachel, Kamiel, Mckell, and Sierra!! Hahaha but you are all awesome! Thank you for your support! Have an amazing week!! 

Love, Elder Crismon!!

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