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Weekly Update 7/4/2016

Weekly Update

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So we had a pretty good week here in the Eustis area. We were super pumped with how everything went! We saw some cool miracles and we went on two exchanges! It was loads of fun and we really saw the hand of the Lord in our work. For that we are very grateful. I got to go see Minneola, and go see what the Belleview areas are like! They are both pretty fun! We also were able to meet our new mission president. He's a great man and I'm excited to continue working with him! It's always good to learn from the best the Lord has to offer! Here's the week...

First the two exchanges. The first one was all the way down to Minneola. It's the most southern area in our zone! I haven't been there yet and I was excited to go there. The highest natural point in Florida is there. It's super hilly and I love it! It almost reminded me of the mountains. Except for those are like 20x taller! Hahaha It was fun to be there though. The area had been struggling due to some
disobedience that had lingered there from previous missionaries. Luckily the two that are there now work hard and follow the rules. We had a dope exchange and helped some cool people. The rest of their week was dope too! It was cool to be able to go and make a difference in their area in only one day!

The other exchange! I went to a place called Belleview! Which is the opposite end of the zone at the very top. They actually border the other mission! We had a killer exchange, I was with a missionary named Elder Harris, we had been on other exchanges and we had a great time. He's a young missionary and it was his first time being a DL. So we talked a lot about leadership especially since I've been one for over a year now. Pretty wild. We had a killer time. We were wayyyyyy out in the country and drove all over dirt roads! Haha We even saw a horse poop, which was weird. Hahaha I also was able to help those fellers improve their area.

The miracle of the week. So on Sunday we were wandering around and trying to find people to teach. We were in the south part of our area. We felt inspired to go all the way up to a place called Umatilla.
Which is forever away from where we were. Literally the opposite direction. We decided to go. We tried two different people with no luck. We then tried another potential that we had to no effect. We
knocked the next door and a guy named Peter answered, he immediately let us in. We sat down and began to teach him and his friend Tammy. The first question they laser was "what's the state of the world between death and the resurrection?" We were freaking out. We used the scriptures to teach the answer and then linked it to the restoration and Joseph smith. It was dope lesson. We left them with a chapter to read. Tammy pulled out her notebook and wrote it down and marked all of the scriptures we used. Peter is dying and will die soon because of an illness. So it was totally inspired that we were lead there, I'm excited to keep working with them!

Funny story time... So we did some service in the Minneola for a less active. We had to move some freaking heavy furniture up the stairs.  The guy I was with his name was Elder Satchwell. He's a great
guy. He's a small little buddy though and this stuff was seriously heavy. The less active had a plate in his back and so he could only help a little bit. So here we are moving this freaking heavy couch up
the stairs hahaha. I'm at the bottom and Elder Satchwell almost drops this thing on me.... Hahaha the less active had to hop in to help. I was holding it fine, but just couldn't move it. Finally we got this
thing to the top. The less active then named me the Head of the amebas. Haha The reason is cause all three of us were amebas but I was the strongest. Hahahaha Pretty funny. This guy was wild and then he taught us how to make sweet and sour chicken. Pretty cool.

So it was a pretty good week and we are happy with everything. I seriously love my mission. Lately the mission has been making me do this thing called my plan. It's where they make me plan out what I'm going to be doing when I get home. So that makes me feel weird. Hahaha But with all that I'm continuing to push forward. This seriously is the best work that you could ever be a part of. I love it so much because it's true and I know it! I hope everyone is doing well! I hope to hear from some of you here real soon! Loves!!!!

Elder Crismon

 4th of July hoops :)

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