Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Weekly Update 6/27/2016

Well what a week.

It's been a stellar one here in the old Leesburg Zone/Eustis Area. We saw a cool miracle or two and we are pretty happy with everything this week. It was transfers and we both stayed and we are super pumped about that. We have another transfer here to bring about some good in Eustis! I'll hop right into it.

First, I'll share a cool miracle that happened. A couple of weeks ago we got a referral from our ward council. They told us to go visit a recent convert lady who moved in with her non-Member sister! #GoldMine hahaha Well as it turns out the sister is very ill and on her death bed. She's old too. LOL, but the convert is awesome. She's from Idaho, and is originally from Florida as well. She's African American and one of my favorite people now. We felt prompted to go visit her on Friday evening. So we followed and had a cool experience. She's been really struggling and her sister had not been treating her the right way. She was getting down and distraught. We were an answer to her prayers. She told us that she strengthened her faith. She had a couple other issues, the biggest being she had high blood pressure. Her medication that she takes for it ran out that morning. She had no way to get it. She couldn't leave her sister. With her head throbbing we laid our hands on her and gave her a blessing. Right afterwords her ailments subsided and she felt good. Two days later we received a call from her. She then proceeded to tell us of how the next morning her Niece came and took her to the Walgreens to get her prescription renewed. As part of it they made it bigger! She was so pumped and I was in awe at the goodness of God! He truly does love us!

Yano never in my life have I been so tired. Literally I am exhausted physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It's been quite the roller coaster to be serving here in Florida. Elder Dickson and I find our
selves staying up late at night discussing the work we are doing. We just love it. I just love it! Everything we do is worth it! That doesn't mean it's easy- it's the hardest thing I've ever done actually! Haha But that's the thing, that's how life is! Anything that's good or great requires a sacrifice. This week we had to find out how we could best help out our zone. We are doing well, but struggling in some areas. We have great potential and we are confident we can reach it! So we think we've found the solution and we are excited to put it to work here in the coming weeks. Wahooooooo

Funny story time. So while we were conversing with our good friend mentioned in the story above, she said something hilarious! I guess her sister doesn't like it when we come over cause we distract her from helping her sister. Hahaha So she try's to stop it, to really no effect. But on the phone our friend was complaining as people do! When she started to scream out "I'll just tell her to Get Behind Me Satan!!!" I was dying, and so was Elder Dickson! Which is not good because I was driving, but we made it back alive. Hahaha

Cool miracle #2 and we'll be done with today's email. So Monday night we had a couple of appointments. Two with new people we are gonna start teaching. The first was with a man named Chino. He's half Puerto Rican and half Chinese. Which is funny cause his name means Chinese.
Hahaha He's dope. We had a killer lesson with him. One of the first things he's said was, I believe that God has to talk to man through revelation. And we get it by praying. #HolyCow. We had a sick lesson
with him and we are looking forward to teaching him more. Then afterwords we saw a part member family. We taught a young lady named Bay. She's dope too! We had a sick lesson and invited her to be baptized! Both her and Chino accepted. The craziest part about all of this is that it was on a Monday night! Which usually are a little slower! Hahaha dopest P-Day yet. So we have some good things coming this week!

So we are really happy with all the good things that happened this week! I had a cool experience this week! I got to have an interview with President Berry before he leaves this week! I needed a new temple recommend and so we got to chat. It was so cool. He told me of my strengths and weaknesses, and gave me great life advice. I love him a lot and will miss him! Although he's from Draper and I'm sure I will see him again soon! That was my week in a nut shell! Hopefully I hear from some of you here real soon! Wahooo! You're never to busy to email right? LOL! Loves!

Love, Elder Crismon!

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