Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Weeekly Update 7/25/2016- T.I.M.E

T.I.M.E= Things I Must Earn.

Weekly Update,

Well what a week fellers

We had a great week here in Eustis. We saw lots of cool miracles and we worked extra hard. We had three exchanges, one with the assistants, one with the Clermont Elders, and finally one all the way up to Belleview. We also had a huge meeting with all of the stake leadership. We were assigned by the stake president to give a training about member referrals so that was super fun. Also on Sunday I had
part 1 of my departing interview with President Wood of the Mission Presidency. We also had a chance to go to the temple with my boy Glen! Who'll be getting baptized in August after I'm home... LOL. All in all it was a good week! Here are some of the highlights:

"BFFs, but like for real"
Tuesday was a day to remember. The last exchange with my good friend Elder Jaden T Johnson. We first got Swoll in the morning. I benched 225 pounds 20 times and then we took some #Tool shots. I'll send them here in a little. We had a stellar day and taught tons of people. We teach so well together. We have a natural chemistry that would give Alma and Amulek a run for their money. We decided that the reason we weren't comps is because it wouldn't be fair to Satan.... We stayed up till 3 or so in the morning talking and had an amazing day. Tears we almost shed as the day came to a close. We took a picture with an old tote he found with our friend Elder Jeppson's names on it. I'll send that as
well! What a blessing/ privilege it has been to be able to serve with him in same mission. From doing conference training together to figuring out the mission's issues together it's been a blast! I'll never ever forget it! God loves us ladies and gentleman and this here is definitely proof of that.

"Wing it"
From the title of this you'd think we just didn't prepare. Well in actuality we did prepare. We prepared for the huge training we'd be giving to the stake leadership on Thursday night. We had an exchange
the day of Thursday so we didn't have tons of time to really practice together. Wednesday we practiced a little and prepared. The day off we got a call from the stake president informing us take a little different direction on the training. So we basically had to wing it. It was cool though caused the spirit was really able to help us. We killed it and got everyone pumped to do missionary work. Our stake is doing really well right now and we are pumped about that. So is the leadership. They said our training was great and president Ingalls (the stake president) was very happy with it! So wahoooooooo! Thank heavens for that.

"Temple or die dawg."
So on Fridays and Wednesday's here in the Florida Orlando mission they do Temple tours. Where a member of the mission presidency teaches our investigators, or less actives or whomever, about the temple. Then afterwards they get to walk the grounds. It's always just a blast. We brought our investigator named Glen. He's the man and I'm good friends with him. He's from Holland. He really enjoyed the temple and the special feeling that is there. He even pointed it out himself. I love the temple. It's so fun to go there. It'll be the second to last time I get to go to the temple here in Orlando. My next time going is in two weeks for my departing temple trip. That'll be a blast! But sad at the same time. The temple had a good effect on Glen and now he's more solidified for his baptism in August after he returns from a vacation!

"Three Exchanges Suck"
So every now and then as Zone Leaders we have to have weeks where we go on three exchanges through out the week. That means for half the week I'm not even with my companion. It's crazy. Every exchange is always a good time. I got to stay here in Eusits with Elder Johnson. Then the other two I got to leave the area. I went to Clermont with Elder Goff and got to hang out on the hills. Then on Saturday I went all the way out to the boonies with Elder Anderson. At the end of the week we are just exhausted. It's so draining spiritually and mentally. Like good heavens. Then on Sunday we had to be up early to go to meetings. They made me give my departing testimony in Ward council. Life's tough. But that's just the way it is! The sacrifice of going on exchanges is totally worth it!

Well that was my week in a Nutshell. It was a very good and rewarding week. A cool thing that Elder Dickson and I have noticed. Is every week we've been together we've seen some cool miracles. Heavenly Father is blessing us with so much and it's all thanks to him. I'm just a little feller trying to get through life. It's becoming surreal, the amount of time I have left. This is my last official week
here in Eustis. Till I get transferred to camp somewhere for 14 days till I go home. We are gonna go so hard this week and leave nothing behind. Then I'll go hard for those 14 days where ever God decides to send me. I love this work and I'm sad that's it's almost over. It's literally the best thing that's ever happened to me. God has more then blessed me, and for that I'll be forever grateful. I hope y'all have a great week out there, where ever you will be! Hopefully I'll hear from some of you soon! Loves!

Love, Elder C. Swensen Crismon

 Tote with Elder Jeppson's name on it!
 Best Friends
 Same outfits!
 #Tool Shots

 Out doing the work!

 Temple Trip with Glen
 That awkward moment when you think you find weed.... not sure, but it smelt like it!

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