Monday, July 11, 2016

Weekly Update 7/11/2016

Weekly update fellers

Well we had a good week here in Eustis. Again.....

The week here was good! We saw lots of cool miracles, watched some fireworks from a small mountain hill thing. We also had two exchanges and lots of funny moments that's for sure. We also had interviews with the new mission president, and a meeting with the stake president over
missionary work! The time seems to be going by quicker and quicker, it kinda sucks cause I don't want it to be done. We also had an MLC where I gave my departing testimony in front of all the leaders. Kind of a weird experience, but one I enjoyed none the less! I'll jump into this

So first was the Fourth of July. On Monday night we had to head down to Clermont for an exchange. They are just about 45 minutes south of us. Because it was the Fourth of July we were having a heck of a time finding a member ride. So instead we decided to meet them half way. The half way point was a place called Sugarloaf mountain. It's the highest natural point south of the panhandle here in Florida! We were pretty pumped because this was a great place to witness fireworks all over Orlando! As we ascended that "Mountain", all 303 feet of it, we were filled with excitement! It was a dope sight as we watched the fireworks go off over Orlando. It was also cool because we saw a large
lightning storm over Lake Apopka. So it was like God was lighting off fireworks as well! Pretty dope! It was a good way to start off the exchange!

So miracle time. On Thursday was our MLC, afterwords we got a call from a woman named Jana. She left a voicemail on our phone, in the voicemail she proceeded to tell us that she wanted to be baptized. I mean that's cool I guess. So we talked with her and we set up an appointment! It was a cool lesson that we had with her, we actually brought the stake president with us. It was dope to teach and testify with him. We invited her to come to church AND SHE DID COME!!!!!! Wahoooo! The Lord is blessing us with some cool people to teach here in Eustis. I just love it. It's weird to think we'll set her baptismal date for after August 17th....

The interviews with President Clarke were way fun. He's a great man and we talked about me going home and my plans. Shocker I know. We had fun talking about it though. He's an inspired man and God will bless him and this mission because of him. Later on, on Friday we had a meeting with president Ingalls. He's the stake president and the meeting was about missionary work. It was a cool meeting. His daughter is married to the son of Elder Rasband. Elder Rasband's son is the first counselor in our bishopric. So in this Ward we have connections. But we get to meet with the stake president once a month and learn from him.

So funny story time. So while we were at this lesson with the stake president something wild happened. The lady, Jana had three dogs. All of which smelt horrendous. Plus the house she was living in didn't have air conditioning... One of the dogs, a weiner dog actually, was getting pretty crazy. We were sitting on an L shaped couch. I was on the right, Elder Bone (I was on Exchanges with) was in the middle. Then president Ingalls was sitting on the left front end of the couch.
There was space behind him, where this dog jumped up. He then proceeded to just jump the crap out of this pillow right behind the stake president..... Oohhhhhh myyyyy goodness.... It was the funniest
thing I've ever seen. Later on he noticed it, and it stopped. Then the dog tried to attack Elder Bone. Hahaha pretty funny.

Thursday we had Mission Leadership Council. I mean it's cool, I got to go see all of my buddies. Only this one was different. It was to be my last MLC. As part of the program in every one of these meetings the departing missionaries give a departing testimony. This was my assignment going into the meeting, I was one of 5 missionaries who needed to do this. I was to go last, a tender mercy from my boy Elder Johnson. Thanks bruhhh. What an experience, to give your final testimony in front of your closest friends on the mission. In a way it broke my heart. I have given my heart and soul into that council and this work. I want so desperately to stay longer and to continue to be a part and bless the missionaries here. I love it, and it kills me to know it's almost over. Never the less all good things seem to end in this mortal journey! They say there are bigger and better things waiting. I guess we'll just have to see if that's true or not.

Well fellers I just know this work is true. I have seen so many miracles in it and just love every second of it here. I'm boarder line depressed it's almost over, but time moves forward and so does the
kingdom of God. The things I've learned and people I've met I'll take with me forever. This is starting to sound like my last email. I've got 5 of these left. So I'll finish strong.... #Promise ;) This week
we saw the Lord soften the hearts of some cold less active members. We've been trying to get them going to no success, but finally their hearts softened. We are having dinner with them in two weeks
#SoulFood. They are on that road back to church. It's a cool blessing to be a part of it! I hope all is well back there in Utah or where ever you are now a days. This work is true and God is at the helm. In the words of old Tommy S Monson "May we ever stay at his side..." Is my prayer! LOVES!!!!!

Loves, Elder Carter S Crismon
Florida Orlando Mission(FOM)[thebestmission]
#TheChurchIsOnlyTrueHere #OrAtLeastThatsWhatTheyTellMe
#Last14DaysInHuntersCreekEast? #FetchYouGuysLoves

 Trying to baptize a duck
 Protestors along the roadway.... crazy

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