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Weekly Update 7/18/2016

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The update for the week of 7/17/2016

Well we had another just killer week here in the Humble Leesburg Zone. I love this zone and it's so fun to be serving here. There are lots of cows and funny people to go teach! We had another super effective week and the Lord is blessing us with success. We also had some super funny fetching stuff happen this week! I'm pretty excited to share those stories. LOL. Anyways, I'll head right into this stuff!

So first a spiritual experience. On Sunday we were asked to do a baptismal interview for the Sumpterville Elders. We do baptismal interviews before baptisms for a couple of reasons. One, to ensure worthiness and two, to make sure they are ready to make that covenant. I was asked to do the interview with a woman whom I knew. These interviews are always a spiritual experience but this one was special. We went through the questions and she answered brilliantly. She shared with me stories about how she had left her boyfriend whom she was living with and given up coffee and smoking to join this church. She finished her testimony with "I know through experience that this
church is true, and I've shown that through my efforts to live it's commandments." I felt the spirit and so did she. I felt impressed to share how God will more than make amends for our losses. How he will a hundred fold. I also mentioned through inspiration of the spirit about how he'd make up for losing family members. She then shared that she had lost a son! I felt the spirit very strongly, and so did she! It was dope and I'm grateful for the experience giving that interview.

So this week we went on two exchanges. On Saturday I went on exchanges with my boy Elder Isaacson. He's such a great man, and we had a ton of fun together. Only about four weeks before we went on another exchange and got to talk about things. The other exchange I went on was one to
Sumpterville. I got to go with one of my old companions Elder Lavin! He's such a funny guy and it was tons of fun! He was my first companion in Buena Vista YSA. We had a lot of fun traveling around the fandom place called sumpter county. We yelled at cows and threw down with just about everyone we came into contact with. The area he is in is a massive area. Like literally their area is the size of the Salt Lake Valley. It's huge, but there isn't a ton of people there! It's pretty cool though cause there is a branch there. They are building a new church building for them and making them a Ward! So the work is moving forward! On Sunday we went to his area to give that interview. It was an hour drive for us. It's like driving from Sandy to Provo, and then driving back like 30 minutes later. Hahaha it's fun to go in car rides like that though!

We had a super funny thing happen to us this week. So on Sunday we were out trying to go teach some sinners as we usually do. We stopped by an investigator and his crazy less active friend. He's familiar with our church and he's been once before a long long time ago. His less active friend actually brought him to it! It was a dance and they were kicked out for not wearing a tie with their white shirt. Which wasn't the right thing to do, I agree there. These fellows though are still super salty about it like 40 years later! So we were talking about that having them come again! They said some funny stuff. Now these guys cut down trees for a living and I guess here in Florida that pays fairly well. So they had both had a couple of beers and boy was this probably one of the funniest things I've ever heard. So first off the less active wanted us to bring the investigator 4 cans of peaches. We then asked him if he had any and he said "yes... But I hate him.... F*** Him!" Hahahahahahhahahahaha it was so funny. He then went off about how the Mormons at the dance 40 years ago cussed him out, and told him if they didn't leave they would kill everyone at the dance.... Good heavens! LOL probably the funniest thing I've ever heard. Yeah cause that happened at a Mormon dance!

Well that was my week in a nut shell. I've learned so much this week. One thing that is on my mind is the importance of being obedient and following the missionary rules. Breaking the rules makes absolutely no sense to me. I mean why would you sacrifice two years (or 18 months) of your life to go on a mission and then do nothing of what you are asked. Then because of that you hate your mission. I mean good heavens folks! The first law of heaven is obedience. So how can you expect to get into the celestial kingdom of God if you can't follow the mission rules? Well I'm glad I got that off my chest. I feel a lot better about things now. I just remember the quote by Alma to his son Corianton "Wickedness never was happiness" so it is with breaking the mission rules. Anyways I love my mission and I love Jesus Christ. He is real and he atoned for the sins of all mankind. Because of him we will all be resurrected with perfect bodies (Not sure if that means we'll all be models, but still cool) and by obedience to the laws and ordinances of this gospel we can become like him and our father who is heaven. I know this church is true and I testify of it with all of my heart. I hope you all have a stellar week! I hope to hear from some of you real soon! LOVES!!!

Love, Elder Carter Crismon

P.s. I don't really have any pictures this week sadly. But I will get
some next week! Don't let this stop you from sending me some....

Actually I do have ONE!!

 Me and Elder Corey Ballard- great nephew of the apostle!

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